prayer to my mother

Hi guys! If it is not too much to ask, can you please include my mother sa prayers niyo tonight? Bukas na kasi nakasched operation niya sa ulo so yun; let’s pray na walang maging problema before, during and after the operation, maging successful ang operation, and makarecover siya agad. Yaaay. Thank you so muchhh :)

I grew up in god’s back pocket.
To me, he was less Almighty and more
like the grown up friend who didn’t know
how to talk to children. Our conversations were always—
Barely ten, I watched the church chisel my father
into a pillar of brimstone. Or salt.
Watched him swallow scripture and
spit up salvation.
Standing on the sidelines, or the pews,
I saw sickness butcher him into buckle
and cracked leather. Each diagnosis
pulled the east Texas outta him somethin’ fierce.
He got worse: pill bottles and albuterol
piled up like unanswered prayers
on the kitchen counter, returned to sender,
until I ask my mother if maybe god just—
moved away.

excerpt from PREACHER’S KID, by Ashe Vernon

(from the book Wrong Side of a Fistfight)

Prayers for my mother

She has been having some breathing problems and yeah we’re not too sure what’s going on she will be going to the ER mother is only 45 and has never had any major health issues so this is becoming increasingly worry some.and yeah she is a mother to 3 and 2 grandchildren and it would be like really bad if something were to happen to her.I pray that my grandma and uncle up in heaven are not trying to call her.again prayers and any wishes would be great

Money Spell

This is the first spell I cast after claiming the title Witch. It’s rough and no longer is how I do my spells, but it was fun and proved profitable. It was performed on a full moon and I saw results the following afternoon in the form of a $150 gift.


- Bloodstone (grounding + attract wealth)
- Carnelian (Courage + wealth)
- Fluorite (Abundance)
- Tigers Eye (protection + grounding)
- Leaves From Jade Plant “Money Tree”
- Mint from the woods (prosperity)
- Thyme (attract money)
- Ground Ginger Root (protect from evil, attract money)
- Cloves (luck)
- Cinnamon (prosperity and wealth)
- Green Sachet with Golden Thread
- Silver Coins - 2 ¢50 coins (one to represent me, and one for my husband)
- White, Red, and Green Candle(s)

Prior to the Spell:

Cleanse the coins of any sort of negative energy that has been left on them from others with black salt.
Place your herbs and stones all together. Allow all of the energies from these items to feed off of each other.


Meditate and ground self with Tigers Eye and/or clear quartz. I used the tree visualization in honor of the symbolism of a money tree. It makes sense to me. The branches grow leaves, symbolic of health, growth, and wealth. Flowers that bloom from you, the tree, represent prosperity.
Once properly grounded and centered, focus intent on your collection of elements for the spell and place your intent on the whole thing. My intent was for money, prosperity, and success. Once the energy of your intent is to your liking, put all of the items into the green sachet and go under the light of a Full Moon.

Take your sachet, and your candle(s). Light your candle(s) and recite a prayer that brings forth your intention. This was my prayer:
      Mother Moon
      I ask for you
      To aide me and my spouse.
      Money is tight, love is full
      but we must pay for our house.
      Our hearts are full
      Pockets empty, and we wish for your guidance.
      Provide prosperity and help with wealth
      is what we ask from thee.
      Thank you, Moon, for hearing our prayer.
      Good night, and blessed be.

I let the wax from the candle(s) pour onto my BOS and around the sachet. When I went back in my home, I noticed the ginger root coming out of the sachet. I sprinkled it in our doorways, on our work shoes, and around our home.

REMINDER: Just because it worked for me doesn’t mean you’ll see the same results. Every spell is different, as is every caster.

The TriSophian Creed

I believe in the Heavenly Mother; Barbelo Sophia,
All-Manifest, All-seen, Ageless and Eternal.
The Virginal and Ineffable Womb of the Universe,
Our Queen of Heaven and Mother of the Aeons,
Who proceeded Herself from the reflection of the Unknown God,
And brought forth with Her Grace; the Child of the Light.

I believe in the Holy Daughter; Zoe Sophia,
The Mother’s gift of Life to all Creation,
The Saviour of Wisdom who was made incarnate; the Magdalene,
Who in the world of the great invisible God,
Arose to break the chains of ignorance and corruption,
And restore us to the fullness of the Perfect One.

I believe in the Holy Spirit; Pistis Sophia,
The essence of the Mother and the soul of the Daughter,
Our ever-present Comforter and Consoler,
She who unites all souls of matter and guides them to the truth,
Who whispers the law of love and peace into our hearts,
And has promised to remain as our companion until the end.

I seek to honour My Lady through works of faith and devotion,
By sharing the teachings of the blessed and holy teacher,
And above all, through love and compassion to all Her children.


So my sister just accepted Jesus as her Lord, became a Christian!

I live in a muslim country, with a muslim family. I’m the only Christian in my family. And my parents are not really open minded about religion and they are so sure that islam is true. So I cannot do anything besides praying for them. But this evening, I told my little sister about my faith, and tried to tell her about the wrong things in islam, and told her about Jesus and how much He loves her, the Gospel etc. She started crying and told me that she felt like her eyes, her heart opened and she filled with joy and peace. I just feel so happy, like, i cannot even explain how happy I am, because ahh i’m just so happy. I’m so, so thankful. So grateful. He heard my prayers and answered them. And I’m praying, one day my father and my mother will see the truth and accept Christ too.

I don’t really have anyone to tell this amazing thing that happened to me. I really needed to let it out. I’m soooo happy.


My 95-year-old mother is in the hospital after a stroke and massive bleeding in the brain. She’s on a morphine drip. Our whole family could use your prayers. I’m not sure when I’ll be able to blog again, but I take comfort knowing many of you will be sending your support.

Thank you. Denise

anonymous asked:

Can you please pray for me. I may have cancer and I'm really scared. Thank you and may God bless you.


You are in my prayers. Ask the Blessed Mother and St. Peregrine to intercede for you. “Cast all your anxieties on him, for he cares about you” (1 Peter 5:7 RSVCE). 

May God bless you and strengthen you and Mother Mary keep you under her mantle!

Ad Jesum per Mariam,

María de Fátima

DAY 3368(i)

Malta                          June 17,  2017                   Sat 10:37 PM

Sudhir Ef with whom I exchange several thoughts and conversations had a telling remark on the Blog post of Navrang Ji :

“ What a pity .. We still have a mass which believes that ordinary life is a bench mark for virtues, ethics and value “ …

It came about as I said, from the remark of Mr Navrang ji on FB, who questioned whether I was ever one that played marbles like ordinary people, rode bicycles, ran an empty rejected tyre with a stick, played ‘gulli danda’ .. instead of just being interested in making money ..

The assumption or rather the consternation was that people like me are only interested in making money and not ever been associated with the ordinary traits of the common man .. 

My response in Hindi, which must have been translated, ran into many words. Words that gave him the lives of us .. that yes we did play marbles, and spun tops, cycled to school at times mostly walking it .. lived in homes that had no fans at times, no air conditioning .. my first came after the release of Zanjeer .. at Allahabad in summer we placed a block of ice on the floor, poured water and cooled the room .. and many other such quite ordinary acts ..

The accusation seemed to be addressed to the fact that people like me and us are far removed from the reality of the common man, and live in a world of our own filled with all the possible luxuries of life .. and therefore insinuating that those that do not or have not lived that ordinary life, are not virtuous, ethical or have any values .. money is all that interests us .. 

I am a person of the rags of humble and lower middle class bearing .. what has come to me is the blessings of the Almighty, the prayers and blessings of my Mother and Father .. and the love affection and consideration of my well wishers .. all that is perceived to be in abundance with me in its opulence is a myth .. but even if it was not .. SO WHAT .. !! So just because my financial condition could be better than a few others, my ethics and morals are wrong, or despicable .. ??!!!

High net worth individuals shall always be looked upon in this manner .. wealth is something that is despised, because perhaps it is not as universal in its bearing and worth with the rest of the populace .. the percentages are abominable .. but is that a fault .. is that one that needs to be reprimanded and questioned at all times .. the guy with the car is the superior negative .. the road does not belong to him .. if due to the fault of a passer by, the car hits him, the driver of the car is lynched first .. always .. 

Because the rich are at fault always ..

Commercial substantial gaps in society, with regard to wealth, shall always bring discomfort and disillusionment and anger  .. if I do not have it then I have reason to be angry .. a normal human trait .. and one that became the inspirational theology behind many socialist communist movements and still do .. some worked some did not .. so ?? 

How does he have what I do not .. ? Must have gained it in illegal manner ! these high net worth individuals have most definitely been involved in some illegal act .. wealth creation has always been equated with illegality .. a pity really, for those that do put in work and worth shall ever be question marked ..

Solution .. 

Yes there are many .. enumerating them here would tantamount to arrogance .. a quietude and simplistic demeanor is what is prudent and advised ..

The tale of the exampled business man is one that has been narrated to me by my Father  ..

A successful businessman earns lakhs and lakhs in a day, yet prefers to stay in a small hole of a room, barely able to contain his height, and without any fan, air conditioning, nothing   .. he is happy but .. when asked how, he said :

When I come back to my little abode for the night, I lie down to rest, and place the lakhs that I have earned for the day on my chest and go to sleep .. that is my air conditioner and my sleeping tablet .. I need nothing more .. !!!

Those famous words of Sarojini Naidu, that great Freedom fighter of the nation .. a compatriot of Mahatma Gandhi and Nehru .. ring well ..

She addressed the Mahatma once, seeing and knowing that he always travelled the way of the common man in the 3rd class of a train ..

“Gandhi ji” she said .. “it is very expensive to keep you poor ..”

My love 

Amitabh Bachchan

ps :  I have an interesting episode to narrate on the rich poor syndrome and in particular with them that seek representation from the masses .. I shall narrate it later some time ..

I really need prayer. I’m suffering a lot right now due to the way my mother behaves toward me. I don’t wish to go into details but this has been going on many years and I’m tired of her mistreatment of me. My head is splitting right now from arguing with her and dealing with her gaslighting and manipulating. I don’t know what to do anymore. I’m tired and I just want to have peace in my life.

If you are a praying person, my family could use your prayers added to ours, please. My mother-in-law has been diagnosed with uterine cancer. It’s stage one and there’s a 90 percent survival rate, but it’s still not good news. The barrage of tests has begun. Please pray for a swift and full recovery. <3

Just a Random Thought

I still remember the day when I barely knew how to pray, I used to watch my mother (Allah yer7ama) praying and I used to copy her gestures until one day, I felt in my heart that I want to know what it truly meant bowing to Allah, worshipping Him.

So I gathered up my guts and told my mother to teach me every single meaning of what she does during prayer. We are not Arabs and we are not fluent with reading and speaking Arabic but when my mother taught me the words, Allah placed in my heart to understand it and so it comes naturally when I go and do the gestures in prayer.

Today, a thought came into my mind.

For those who visit the masjid frequently, I ask you to observe the people around you because I know someone who may be a new practising Muslim (born or revert) is there observing you guys how to pray but in their hearts, they feel this fear of being shamed because they do not know how to pray. - I personally felt this in my own family and community.

It is not new that those who we think “should” know these and turn up that they do not know, they are shamed for it rather than being helped out genuinely.

All I am asking is that, if someone comes to you and asks you an issue regarding the deen, please do not shame that brother or sister or give them the “You don’t know and you are a Muslim?” look or gesture.

You may know something that others may not know and others may know something that you may not know.

This Ramadhan, seek and help those who are turning to Allah for the first time in their lives, those who seek the pleasure of worshipping Allah.

And for those who want to learn, please gather up the strength and ask. Those who want to help may not help you when you don’t try to even help yourself.

Whatever and how I knew about prayer, I thank Allah for enlightening my mother to be a pious servant of His and enabling her to teach me the foundation of this beautiful deen.

Spread the love and make use of Ramadhan in bagging the rewards that will truly help you in the Yawm ul Qiyammah. Invest in your akhirah, and this is the best time, Ramadhan!

Believers should be empathetic people.
It’s really sad to hear and see situations where people seemingly disregard the feelings of others. This isn’t what Islam came with. Not only is it a human trait, but it’s greatly emphasised in our religion.
Ponder over this āyah: “A Messenger has come to you from among yourselves. Your suffering distresses him: he is deeply concerned for you and full of kindness and mercy towards the believers.” [Tawbah (9):128]
Allāh praises our Prophet ﷺ for his empathetic nature. He would say ﷺ, “I start prayer and I want to make it long, but then I hear an infant crying, so I make my prayer short, because I know the distress caused to the mother by his crying.” What rahmah!
Try to understand people and reflect on their feelings, and help inculcate this trait in those you have influence over; your siblings, children, parents, friends etc.
“The heart has its reasons which reason knows not of.”