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Page of Swords. Temperance. The Empress.

You stand upon the threshold of something new. Something unexpected. Embrace that which is to come. Feel yourself becoming better, healing energy engulfs your aura. Move beyond your pain. Know only light. Exhale insecurity. Inhale confidence.

maybe this hurts so much
because we have always written our prayer into stone.
in Jerusalem arched backs sway
like palm branches in hot summer winds,
as they whisper holy words into ash and brick
their sorrow becomes sacred,
even the crevices begin to weep with them.

when we say goodbye to our dead
a crown of pebbles, not petals, lays gently
at the foot of every tomb. this is to say
their memory will not be fleeting.


170 headstones toppled. then 100 more.
each crack a reminder:
even in death
jewish bodies do not get to know peace.

maybe this hurts so much
because we have always put our pain into stone.
it is easier this way.
boulders are lighter to carry
than the weight of our dead.
we have grown weary of mourning.

—  a reflection on the recent desecrations of two Jewish cemeteries in Missouri and Philadelphia

Prayers for Sacred Stone today, and all the Water Protectors that have taken a stand for Mother Earth, and sovereign rights. Sacred Stone was the first camp, and the last camp to stand.

Today I pray all ends in a good way, and all are able to leave with dignity, respect, and with the knowledge that SS was the spark that lit the friction of change across this planet.

Thank you to LaDonna, Joye, Wiyaka, Linda, and countless others for waking us up. We are eternally grateful.


I don’t care if I offend anyone with my atheism, but this makes a pretty good point, even though the list could be much, much longer.

anonymous asked:

Hi! I just wanted to say I love your blog! Do you have any fic recs?

oh gosh thanks! i do have a few fic recs. these are just ones i have read or are currently reading.

(sorry they aren’t categorized)

The Inevitable Love Story Between Two Oblivious Idiots by Bgtea (this is the first bagginshield fic i’ve read and it’s one of my favorites!)

Burned To A Cinder by ferretbaby

Prayers To Broken Stone by Avelera

Discovering Mr. Baggins by Eareniel

Sansûhk by determamfidd

Nothing Gold Can Stay by perkynurples

See The Stars by FeathersInTheBasement

Watch Me Grow by RainiDayz

Far From Home by Tristripe

To Everything There is a Season by badskippy

An Expected Journey by MarieJacquelyn

Clarity of Vision by mithen

The Road Delivered Us Home by keelywolfe

Thorin Oakenshield’s Majestic Diary by Fruitsie

A Home for my Heart by Moonrose91

A Shot in the Dark by Silver_pup

edit: i realize that most of these are widely known in the fandom, but i just took these from the bookmarks i have on AO3. i will make a proper fic rec post in the near future.


Good morning.

Today is a good day to focus on self-care. I don’t mean manicures and massages, I mean emotional self-care. Sometimes we let ourselves go too long without checking in to see how we are doing. I’m guilty of that. I’ve been squashing the voice inside me that has been asking for a break, a pause or a change in my emotional environment for a while now.

So, here’s my morning thought: I woke up thinking about acceptance. (Accepting what is and what isn’t) Having the strength to change what you can, accept what you can’t and having the wisdom to know the difference means everything in the pursuit of happiness. (Hello, Serenity Prayer!)

Today I will remember who I am and how hard I’ve worked to accept myself… flaws and all.
I will remember that no one sets my value but me, and not accept the unkind words of another as truth.

There it is. My self-care pep talk from me to me☺️

Happy Saturday!

Ace of Swords.

Do not be misguided. Open your mind to a new level of self awareness and intellect. Abandon your feelings of timidity. Do not give any thought to the whispers of the blind. Project an image of confidence and self assurance.

some poems i associate with judas

“the hollow men,” t.s. eliot

there, is a tree swinging
and voices are
in the wind’s singing
more distant and more solemn
than a fading star. …

is it like this
in death’s other kingdom
waking alone
at the hour when we are
trembling with tenderness
lips that would kiss
form prayers to broken stone. …

between the idea
and the reality
between the motion
and the act
falls the shadow

“ah moon! - and star,” emily dickinson

but, moon, and star,
though you’re very far—
there is one—farther than you—
he—is more than a firmament—from me—
so i can never go!

“adonais,” percy bysshe shelley

why linger, why turn back, why shrink, my heart?
thy hopes are gone before: from all things here
they have departed; thou shouldst now depart! …

i am borne darkly, fearfully, afar;
whilst, burning through the inmost veil of heaven,
the soul of adonais, like a star,
beacons from the abode where the eternal are.

“the ballad of reading gaol,” oscar wilde 

and alien tears will fill for him
pity’s long-broken urn,
for his mourners will be outcast men,
and outcasts always mourn. 

Freehand Calligraphy Practice
Calligraphy Fountain Pen

Lamy Joy 1.1mm Italic Nib Fountain Pen
J. Herbin Bleu Nuit
Tomoe River Paper (cream)

Freehand calligraphy means I am not carefully going over each letter, word, and sentence of the text. I just grab my pen and start writing at normal to fast speed.

Honestly this was supposed to be a finished piece. I was doing this one for fun. It is usually always fun; however, it is not always enjoyable. It does depend on how everything is working out, and when I did make that one mistake. I was for a brief moment upset. I then decided to push forward.

The medal/stone (it was advertised as a prayer stone) a medal incased in plastic is something I got when I worked at a catholic bookstore. That was a good job for as long as my spine could stand it. Anyway, it is a Saint Dymphna medal. She is the patron saint of anxiety & emotional distress, plus mental illness. I have more anxiety then I should have, which comes from being handicapped by chronic pain. I am not free to care for myself. I have to depend upon others, and take medications I dislike for pain management. The future scares me to no end since my problem will only become worse. So I like Saint Dymphna to help quell my anxiety.

Bagginshield - fanfic -Masterpost (Nr.1?)

For my dear friend shippingagenda and all my fellow bagginshield shippers a list of fanfic recommendations, because I love you allburnwithmeand want you to be happy (◡‿◡✿)

Read the tags and ratings on A03 if you don’t want unwanted surprises, just in case you’re uncomfortable with some stuff (No incest, though, that’s what I’m not comfortable with, mostly mature rating or body harm, so don’t worry). Should be mostly safe, but eeeeeh….?

Modern AU

Nothing Gold Can Stay by perkynurples

Best.Thing.Ever. It is well written, the characters fleshed out, the plot is thrilling and interesting and you need to read it. seriously. Also small Fili and Kili. now go read.

summary from A03

“Bilbo Baggins led a rather peaceful life, thank you very much, until an old acquaintance decided to turn it upside down, and he found himself agreeing to take a job that’s… let’s say not exactly up his alley, and might eventually cost him a little more than his treasured cozy lifestyle.

Who would have thought tutoring a slightly menacing monarch’s more than slightly overbearing nephew could prove to be such an… adventure?”

One-Sided Conversations by northerntrash

Another great fic. A LOT of Durin feels - mostly in a good way :> and fluff. and a bit of other stuff  ;D

summary from A03

“"Thank you for listening,” Thorin said, getting to his feet. “I hope to be able to return the favour, one day.”

The man on the bed didn’t respond, but since he’d been in a coma for longer than Thorin had known him, that wasn’t entirely surprising.“

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This is by no means every fic I’ve ever enjoyed - that list would probably stretch to the end of time. These are a handful of the ones that I’ve enjoyed the most and were written by truly masterful wordsmiths, so I hope that you and your friend can enjoy them as much as I did. No doubt this list will grow as I find more lovely things.

It gets a bit long, so I’ll put it under a cut.

MarieJacquelyn’s Big Fat Hobbit Fic Recommendation List

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