Father Angel Sotelo appreciation post.

Hi all.
I was just thinking. We in the Catholic Tumblr community are always asking questions to Fr. Angel Sotelo, and he doesn’t ask for anything in return. So I’d just like to say a massive thank you to Fr. Angel, for all the work he does for us here on Tumblr, he is our online Chaplin, always there for us and willing to answer our questions and to help defend the faith. So thank you Father for all the work you do. If you are reading this please say a Hail Mary, Our Father and a Glory be for Fr. Angel. God bless

Prayer Request

One of my really good friends fell down a flight of stairs recently after passing out from not eating for three days and sleep deprivation. She now has a sprained wrist and a concussion. Slightly worried to find out why she hasn’t been eating or sleeping. Thank you ❤️

- please read this -

you guys, my heart is aching right now. my cousin’s precious baby girl, Valeria, has been in a coma-like sleep and in the hospital for almost a week now. the doctor’s are saying she has a 5% chance of waking up. everyone in the family is praying and has faith and there is a God-given sense of peace coming from all directions within my family, but i would appreciate your prayers to be united with ours as well. even if it’s one, short prayer…my cousin and her family need the Lord’s wisdom, joy, and peace. pray for them. 

thank you, from the bottom of my heart. 

Prayer request

My parents recently got divorced, and tomorrow my mom is moving out of my dad’s house. It is going to be a very emotional day for both of them. Please pray that everything goes smoothly, that they deal with their emotions in a positive and healthy manner (especially for my mother who struggles with depression and anxiety), and that they can end things on a positive note between each other. Thank you. Have a blessed Holy Week!

prayer request

I want to ask for some prayer, specific prayer, because I need a game changer.

I just submitted my application for the summer internship program at Leo Burnett Advertising Agency. Today was the deadline, and I’ve been polishing my credentials while waiting on a letter of recommendation. I think this will be an important step towards a successful career, and the beginning of a new season of life for me.

I know God has told us to pray for things specifically, and usually that’s hard for me, because it makes me feel ungrateful for what I do have.

So please pray that this internship is in God’s plan for me. They will announce who they’ve chosen sometime in April, and I’ll be sure to keep you all updated when I have information.

My baby girl has 40% chance of beating this cancer. Please pray for my heart as she is my kindred soul and I couldn’t bear to have her leave. I know Jesus could take away all the cancer, but he has a plan and he is in control and he works all this together for good and to glorify his name and we will praise him no matter what, but please just pray. Also for her mom and dad and family and everyone.

Prayer for those facing the temptation of suicide

"Oh Lord, tonight people will stay awake in the cold hands of despair. Tonight many profligate souls, victims of desperation will mourn, will cry loudly, or alas! they will curse their lives…

My sweet Jesus, I shiver, when I think that tonight, maybe this moment, despair will bring people close to death. The thought of suicide will besiege many creatures of Υours around the world.

Oh, Giver of Life, don’t let it happen! You came in our world to give in our lives the dimension of eternity.

How will Your heart stand the pain to see them suicide, to take away their lives in a violent way?

Cancel, oh Lord, the plans of the emperror of the darkness and the death. Set people free from the temptation of suicide. Dissolve the mist of despair.

Jesus, if you want, you can overflow the exhausted souls with the song of life, by covering the lament of death. May the song of the nightingale resounds where the singing of the barn owl exists.

Oh Lord, fill their chests with the desire of life, with strength and the decision to live, such a decision that will beat the desire of death. Show to my brothers that suicide is an enormous, irreparable mistake

Whisper to their hearts that never, for nothing is late. That no pain is bigger than our strength. That there is no wound that can’t be healed by Your merciful hand.

My God, sow hope and faith to You. Open the roads of life and close the paths of death forever….

Portia could use some prayers. Tomorrow she has therapy, and she’ll be seeing her doctor this week about her muscle weakness in her right leg. She “drags” it, and it is also smaller in size to her left, it seems stiffer then the left as well.

You know, each of my children are very gifted, very precious to me, but in Portia’s eyes there is something very different about her I can’t explain. Her leg problem has me really worried I’ll admit, and I know ultimately that whatever God wills, is just as it is, but at the same time the last thing any mother wants is her child suffering. I don’t talk about it at all, but Portia has really suffered a lot.

The way she holds on to me, attaches herself, refuses to be put down, I’ll admit I get exhausted, I’ve never had a baby who wants to be with me only, held only, every moment, but at the same time I just feel this wave of love from her. When I look at her it’s like she’s halfway in the world, halfway out. When I look at her I see God so much.

I think about all the things her and I have been through together, since I was pregnant with her. There were a lot of times during my pregnancy, in the hospital, I felt very alone. Many times it was just Portia and me.

Sometimes she stares out the window, at a glimpse of light that peeks in through, and her face lights up. I took a photo of her playing with a bit of light coming in from the window, and I caught her in the moment of awe. I’m really hoping that her leg issue, her cognitive delays, are nothing serious. If you could keep her in your prayers this week, that would be wonderful.

May I humbly ask for your prayers?  I know a lot is happening in the world and I would rather we pray for the huge tragedies.  But over the weekend I got food poisoning, and because of my severe allergies, my throat closed up and I nearly went into anaphylactic shock.  My face was distended and my eyes were nearly swollen shut.  I just about went to the hospital.  I’m much better today but I’m still fighting nausea, dizziness, and fatigue, and my wedding is this Saturday.  There are also a lot of other rough things going on, including: a family member on my fiance’s side has stage four cancer, my dad is sick and he’s over seventy so we’re worried, and my mom just totaled her car and she’s limping on an injured leg.  May you please send even a five second prayer?  Thank you and love you guys.

— J.S.

prayer request

This is really late in coming.
Can you all please pray for the physical and spiritual welfare of my grandmother? Her name is Angelica and she has had cancer for nearly two years now. I’m very close with her and I have been so since I was a little girl. I’d really like it if she could survive to see my brother and I graduate high school, even if that’s a long shot.
Signal boosts are greatly appreciated.

Please reblog and pray for me and my family. my aunt has cancer and has recently started chemo and radiation.. I think she has two tumours. And her husband, my uncle, died yesterday. Please pray for our comfort and the repose of his soul.

I’m going to be baptized two weeks from tomorrow

And I could really use your prayers. 

I am afraid, even when I know I shouldn’t be. I’m afraid I won’t be able to be who God has willed me to be even before my first birth. I’m afraid I will fail him again and again, after I have already done so much harm to the Heart of Jesus. 

I want to be holy but I’m not sure how. I’m weak to this evil doubt. 

I will pray to God for strength and humility.