prayer object

The group who was praying to Cthulhu before meals was banned from doing so, because administration believed it was mocking real prayer. I heard that some people are going to start doing it tomorrow anyway, but replacing ‘Cthulhu’ with my name. I don’t understand how that makes it better? I am not a more legitimate object of prayer than Cthulhu?! What is happening. The summer is ending in a whirlwind of madness.

@adamyoungofficial Adam Young’s new score, The Ascent of Everest, is about Tenzing Norgay (not Norway) and Sir Edmund Hillary’s successful climb up the roof of the world. Often overlooked, Tenzing always insisted, when asked about who it was who reached the summit first, that they climbed as a team – the complete opposite of Edmund who bragged that he alone was the first to the top. 

Edmund considered Everest as an object of conquest, Tenzing, however, saw it as a sacred place, a place to be revered. When Tenzing Norgay reached the top he offered gifts to the mountain as a prayer – objects from him and his family, a humble blue pen from his daughter among them, now left at the bosom of the Earth’s roof.