prayer for my team

Our Arsenal who art in London
Hallowed be thy name
Thy trophy come
Thy victory be done
In Wembley as it is in the Emirates
Give us this day our FA Cup
And forgive us our anger over this season                                                       As we forgive those who made it happen
And lead us not into loss
But deliver us from the evil of an inglorious season
For thine is the kingdom
and the power, and the glory,
for ever and ever

Me right now though. (I’m singing up front on stage in church this week. Went up to talk to our choir director after practice about praise team in general and she was like, “It’s funny you’re asking me about this right now because our alto just told me she has to take a break for a while…want to sing this Sunday?”)

anonymous asked:

Hi! I'm going on a summer mission to Japan in about two weeks and would love some prayers for my team and I as we head out! We have to raise our support so prayers that we get the finances we need would be great. Also, I would love prayers that God would work though us as we share the gospel and that people would be responsive and have their lives changed by Jesus. And I just pray that He changes and grows my team and I more as well. Thank you!!

Yes! Lifting you up. ❤


Someone from the LoveHacks writing team heard my prayers!! BEN AND MARK CHAPTER NEXT WEEK AHAHAHAHAHA YOU CAN’T POSSIBLY IMAGINE HOW HAPPY I AM!!!! It’s probably not going to be shippy but honestly, I just really adore their interaction and hope to see more of it!

Now I can’t stop smiling because I’m so excited! Definitely looking forward to their sweet little man-date!!


Look at their faces. Who would’ve thought the world will never see them again. The team was on their way to the Copa Sudamericana Final. I may have not known them by heart but as a football fan, it truly saddens me. My thoughts and prayers go out to the whole team and their families. May their souls rest in peace.


Today Ethan Rutledge, a Loganville High School graduate, Future Extreme Allstars alumni, and cheerleader at Columbus State University, passed away after being in a tragic car accident. I didn’t know him personally, but a lot of my friends were close friends with him and even cheered with him. My thoughts and prayers go out to his team, friends, family, and girlfriend. It’s crazy to think just 2 weeks ago, I watched him perform at the GHSA Cheerleading State Championships. In remembrance his team has asked if we all wear red tomorrow and write #EthanStrong somewhere on us. Life is too short, but he sure is somebody to remember. Rest in paradise Ethan❤️

please be respectful to all of the brazilian families related to the horrifying plane crash involving chapecoense. this is a time of grieving and loss for each and every single one of them. atlético nacional has also requested for chapecoense to have the default win, alongside with having the team not be relegated for the next 3 years and have been offered loanings of members from other teams. my thoughts and prayers go out to everyone involved.

What just happened in the Montenegro vs Russia game is more then disgusting.. There is no place in football for violence. My prayers go out to Igor Akinfeev and both teams.

just got back from the first two (of five) weeks of training for missionary work. i was asked to be a team leader for a travel team (route not yet known), and have the chance to serve with some really freaking great men and women… :] i know not what the Lord has in store for me, but i do know that all things are possible through and with Him.

{ photo was taken by netministries of this morning’s first team prayer with my brothers and sisters in Christ. }