prayer box pendant


Photograph 1: blue apatite crystal bullet necklace, shiny sand dollars (probably covered in acrylic), oddly shaped hag stone that I found, rose quartz beads and three hearts, bunch of polished stones, hamsa necklace, heart necklace, watch necklace (probably needs battery), bag of green chip beads

Photograph 2: sun and moon necklace, “L” Italian link charm, pewter triquetra pendants, pewter Buddha pendants, pewter scale pendants, hamsa necklace and matching earrings, sand colored necklace (I don’t know what it is), black round pendant, pearl necklace, green pendant (probably glass)

Photograph 3: yellow bead earrings, heart pendant with flowers, strange bird and clay looking beads on leather cord, hematite sun necklace, hematite heart necklace

Photograph 4: chip necklaces, another bunch of polished stones (I was that kid… the one that had to have all the rocks), beach glass of the pacific

Photograph 5: ceramic chunks from the pacific, night vale bracelet, superwholock bracelet, horse hair bracelet, metal hair pin, coconut shell bangle, shark tooth bracelet, fang earrings, antique silver cologne bottle, four leaf clover charm thingy

Photograph 6: little elephant, silver link ring (size 7.25), silver rose ring (around size 6), silver heart ring (also around size 6), handmade silver rose ring (probably size 8), wooden flower ring (probably size 7), wire wrapped ring I made last summer from a bead, crystal flower ring (probably size 7)

Photograph 8: bag of dried rose petals, patchouli and opium blossom incense (9 sticks each), camphor incense (19 sticks)

Looking for:
•Anything black bear related (possibly bones and claws)
•cat skull
•goat skull
•essential oils (vanilla, rose, and orange but other welcome)
•bones in general
•things you found
•old things
•odd things
•cool bottles
•one of those silver cylinder prayer/mantra amulet box pendants called ghau/gau
•old prosthetic eyes (preferably antique)
•cool crystals
•anything interesting

Listed by:  lost8at8sea