prayer beads

I remember reading somewhere that the rosary originated from a 50-beaded prayer where the person would pray the Our Father on each bead. I can’t remember where I read it or if it was accurate so even though I would love to recreate this idk how historically significant, if at all, it is, lol.


Torch-lit city; frost-grown city; city of gems and pale gold; sunken city: Prayer beads for the Faery and the Tuatha. 

A prayer bead set inspired by the four holy cities and their treasures: spear, sword, stone, cauldron. Charms and a quartz crystal represent the treasures, while blue aventurine, snow quartz, pyrite and fire agate represent the cities. Wood represents the Tuatha, steadfast ones who remain.

These were a custom commission through my shop, Sister Wednesday.

Persephone Prayer Beads: $24.99 + shipping

I never get tired of making beads for Persephone. I love it. They always end up so lovely and bold. I just love it. These beads include all natural amethyst and aventurine beads, Czech crystal beads, gold and silver plated spacer beads, glass beads, gold plated flower charms, and adorable purple clay skull charms ♡ Message me if you’re interested in purchasing ♡♡

Didn’t feel right using my rosary for witchcraft related things, so i made a witchy rosary to use for mantras and general Craft meditations and prayers.

I simply bought a cheap rosary, replaced the Mary centrepiece with a lil swirly one, and the cross with a key, which has deep hedgecraft/gnosis/magick related symbolism for me.

- Brigitte

Holy water and rosaries and smudging...

Just had a long discussion about this with someone.
If you’re not getting it from a priest/holy water site (like Lourdes) and are making it yourself, it’s Blessed Water, not Holy Water.
If you’re not praying a Marian devotional/Novenna, it’s prayer beads not a Rosary.
If you are not Native American, it’s Smoke Cleansing, not Smudging.
Knowledge, Reverence, and Respect please.

I’m not saying that one is any less effective than another or anything else like that. They are just not the exact same thing.

Winged sandals fast as lightning. Prayer beads for Hermes. Purple magnesite, silver crystal pearls, silver wings and caduceus.

Something I like about making prayer beads is that I never make the same set twice, even for the same spirit. It’s amazing to see how the spirits show themselves in such unique ways to each devotee, and how something of that unique relationship comes through in the crafting process each time. Since no two devotees are the same, and the spirits have infinite faces and facets, no two prayer bead sets are the same.

These were a custom commission through my shop, Sister Wednesday.