Path of Light by 5oulscape
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Prayer lanterns at the Bongeunsa Buddhist Temple in Seoul. Each one has a card with prayers attached to it.
Pray for Normandy Church and Hostages

Please uplift our brothers and sisters in Christ who were taken hostage. Please pray for their congregation, their family, their friends, and for France. Please pray for the church around the world, especially in areas where persecution occurs daily. Please pray that God’s love and mercy shine through, with grace demonstrating its amazing power yet again.

C O N T E N T M E N T ••• Philippians 4v11-12

A #contented mind is an invaluable #blessing! Why should we be impatient, restless or discontented?! What evil will be remedied by it?!

I #pray for patient submission and #hope when I’m abased; for #humility and a heavenly mind when I’m exalted. To not lose comfort in God nor distrust his #providence, nor to take any wrong course for my own supply in trying times. To not be #proud or worldly in prosperous times.

I’m choosing to accept the waves of #life with #equanimity, so I’ll be at #peace with whatever portion I receive… #MorningAffirmation #NoStressZone

#bible #bibleverse #biblestudy #scripture #Philippians #SaintPaul #prayer #content #contentment #happiness #blessed #grace #faith #satisfied  #TrustTheTimingOfYourLife

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Let us come together and pray.

Our fathers who art in england hallowed by thy names, thy johnlock come, thy will be done, on PBS as it is on BBC. Give us our bi annual Sherlock and forgive our obtrusive fanbase. and lead us not into queerbaiting but deliver us from heteronormative media for Thine is the queerdom the power and the glory 5ever amen amen amen.

- @johndaddywatson


Today, let's behave, act, love, react, intercede, forgive as though we are what we claim to be: followers of Jesus Christ.

anonymous asked:

I've really wanted my close friend to get to know Christ, but he's one of those people who knows about Christianity but isn't actually one, you know? And I don't know how to explain it to him so it'll really dig deep into his heart...I also don't know how to talk about it without seeming like I'm trying to force him to be a Christian. In reality, I myself don't think I'm a very mature Christian because I've been praying to God about him for a long time but I'm not sure what God has answered...

Hi Anon ❤️

Thanks for your message.

I’d like to ask my fellow bloggers what they think - it’s always good to hear from a few people 😊 Guys, do you have any advice for Anon? Please help ❤️

I will be praying with you, for your friend ❤️