Okay it’s becoming ridiculously real. I first said I want oboro’s past right after the yato, BAM oboro’s past. Then I said I want madao to appear and guess who showed right before my eyes, MADAO. leave your requests of what you wanna see next in gintama and I’ll deliver it to the heavens -aka sorachi-.

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I am really curious about the poem and why Ishida associated Kaneki's thoughts to the image of the Kirishimas. Also I think it makes sense in-universe since the three of them aren't the types to write poems.

So am I tbh. I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that Kaneki and Arata are so similar? Or whether those feelings can be applied to the Kirishimas too? 

and that’s actually a very good observation, they would probably be too embarrassed to sit down and write a poem ;D

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One time I was Mafia in a 5-Man Mafia, the limit. We didn't have great luck, my fellow members died a lot. Luckily, after one death, an Amne joined us. Well, another died. And another Amne joined us. And another died, and another Amne joined us. This continued to the point where I am the ONLY original member of a 5-man Mafia. FOUR Amnes, all four joined as soon as an opening was available. Town was panicking and the Mafia was cheering. Best All-Any game.

Amnesiacs can really change the game if there are a few of them choosing the same kind of roles(just like in that situation). I love Amnesiac.

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i sent my 3ds to get fixed and it didnt have a stylus but they ended up having to just replace it and when i got it today they took the damn stylus out…. the pettiness. you bastards

Hello, peeps, yes, can I get your attention for a second? 

I have said what I need to say about this and I have made my point with the help of some awesome people. And therefore I feel compelled, for the sake of my sanity, to close this discussion. The asks are still coming, but I simply cannot discuss this when I am being attacked and called…unflattering things. I will not engage in such behavior. My point is clear: Cliched, stereotypical portrayals of females in any writing is extremely problematic when it perpetuates and reinforces harmful norms. And fanfiction writing should not be exempt from such criticism.