my cousin called me n said another missile was dropped in uni he said don’t come for ur exam and that him & other students are taking shelter under the staircase(?) don’t worry abt me & don’t tell my family.
This is all the regime’s doing yet they dare to claim to open a park in the capital to create a delusion that Syrians are living just fine Syrians have to deal with missiles bombs gunshots explosions on a daily basis
Don’t u dare to ridicule the struggle of my brave brave people
& please pray for my cousin & the students

[EDIT]: Alhamdulilah he had called and said he’s safe and on his way home, but two students died (one was almost graduating) and fourteen are injured T_T :’’(


Here was a teacher and her students .. !

#Of massacre committed by Russia in two primary schools for children yesterday 

If this is not terrorism, what is?

من المجزرة التي شنتها روسيا على مدرستين للإبتدائية أمس .. 

هنا سوريا يا سادة ! 


لا أزال صغيـــر .. أنتمي للحنــان

more than 400 children have been killed in Syria’s crackdown on anti-government unrest - some of them deliberately.

Pray for my beloved SYRIA

The family of Mammon Khalid al-Nasser arrived to the Turkish city of Reyhanli two months ago after they had fled the bombardment and shelling on the city of Idlib where Mammon a 27-year-old father lost parts of his right hand along with his eyesight and hearing senses after he was injured in a barrel bomb attack on his building in Idlib.

Mammon’s mother who came with his family to Turkey said: “My son was an ordinary man. He was like normal people. He could walk on his feet and could hear and see very well. But now, he lies on bed all the time. He can’t work.”

The old lady continued: “We are facing many difficulties in providing the needs of my five grandchildren. However, we are receiving some help and relief from some neighbors and other charitable people here. We didn’t want to stay in Syria because life has become very dangerous there. We wanted to live away from danger and death.”

Mammon’s daughter aged 5 years implored the Turkish doctors to help her father. She said: “I love my father very much. I feel sad whenever I see him lying on bed. He can’t see me or hear me. Please, listen to my call: “Take my eyes and give them to my father so that he can see me again and hug me as he used to do when he could see. I pray for Allah to give my dad a long and healthy life because I love him very much.”
#ChildrenOfSyria #speakup4syrianchildren #PutinWarCrimes #Syria #SaveSyria #AssadWarCrimes #isis_is_not_islam #pray4syria

“Or do you think that you will enter Paradise while such [trial] has not yet come to you as came to those who passed on before you? They were touched by poverty and hardship and were shaken until [even their] messenger and those who believed with him said,"When is the help of Allah ?” Unquestionably, the help of Allah is near.“

Quran 2:214



Incase the media didn’t inform you, a couple of hours ago more than 80 Syrians were killed and over 200 injured from a Syrian Government’s airstrike to a marketplace in Douma.

“A Syrian military source said the air force had carried out air strikes in Douma and nearby Harasta, targeting the headquarters of the rebel group Islam Army. The Observatory said at least 10 rockets were fired during the attack, and accused the warplanes of bombing again after rescue workers had arrived at the scene.

"This is a documented massacre,” said Rami Abdulrahman, who runs the Observatory.” - Huffingtonpost

___Such a shame for mankind ! 💔

After any attack, I think Arabs and south Asians, Muslim or non-Muslim, all think “please don’t be Muslim, please don’t be Muslim” white terrorists will be labelled every euphemism in the dictionary before the world drops the “t word” on them. As south Asians and Arabs anyone who fulfills the stereotypical “Muslim” profile, we exist with this double consciousness. We don’t get the insurance of mental illnesses. We don’t get the privilege of our individual identity and psyche. Instead we are, somehow responsible for both our actions and the actions of radicals who terrorise us equally as much.

All muslim are not terrorists
All white people are not racist
All Black People are not animals
#Pray4Paris but don’t forget to # #PrayforBurundi #pray4Syria Pray for everyone because this is not a trend. Innocent people are dying because of groups of evil people.
Those people don’t choose who to kill.
They have no race or target. They are just killing for their own evil beliefs and gain.
In these moment of sorrow…Pray for your hearts to stay clean and do not let Shetan / the devil enter your soul.
Pray for the French victims families, Pray for the Burundians victims families…. Pray as if it was your own family cos in front of God. We are all equal.
Spread messages of Love and Peace and not Anger.
Nothing is permanent…Not even us.
Good night


Part Final (15) #SRLW
Hasnaa’s story is like thousands of stories carried in the hearts of our kids…
Hasnaa is one of the thousands of displaced people in our country after the criminal regime of Al-Assad destroyed their lives!
Her dearest wish is to grow up, learn, and live safely away from wars, missiles, and destruction.
Protect #Syrian #children!
Idlib | Marrat Al-Nou'man 01.06.2016

#ChildrenOfSyria #SpeakUp4SyrianChildren #AssadWarCrimes #PutinWarCrimes #isis_is_not_islam #pray4syria #SaveSyria #WithSyria #syrian_revolution #Syria


#madaya_is_starving #AssadWarCrimes #PutinOutOfSyria #PutinWarCrimes #ChildrenOfSyria #syrian_revolution #SaveSyria #WithSyria #isis_is_not_islam #pray4syria #khameneiWarCrimes #putinhuilo


To all the people going off about rants regarding how people in Palestine and Syria are dying, so the tragedy that occurred in Boston doesn’t deserve recognition, you need to get out of your ignorant bubble and enter the real world. It’s as simple as Humans are Humans. How do you expect the rest of the world to empathize with you if you are refusing to offer them the same understanding. To them this is as bad as it gets, and just because we have it worst off, does not give you the right to undermine their situation and neglect their sufferings. Open your eyes, look at the world from all spectrums and allow yourself to comprehend it as a single entity. To all those effected by the Boston explosions, you have my deepest condolences and I do hope that this catastrophe helps you assimilate and fathom that this is what Palestinians and Syrians go through on a daily basis and on a much larger scale.

One day we may be able to end the tyranny in Syria and the genocide in Palestine. 

- PROUD Muslim and Arab