To all the girls who are here just because Dzhokhar is cute...

I just have some things to say…

1.) Dzhokhar is in bad shape. The next time we see his face, it’s not gonna be so “Cute” anymore.

2.) If a miracle gets pulled off and he gets out. (which might take years) his mother has said that he is going straight to Russia. He’s not going to linger around to meet any of the supporters or fans.

3.) Stop fantasizing about him and/or saying you love him. He doesn’t know you exist, and frankly I don’t think he cares. He has so much on his mind right now and you are NOT one of them. He will never date you.

4.) Dzhokhar will probably never be the same Dzhokhar we have been told about. He has gone through a traumatic experience that has changed his life forever. He will be the same in some ways, but in many others the boy will be completely different.

Not trying to be rude. But seriously, support him because you truly think he’s innocent. Not because of his looks.


It sickens me how so many get pleasure out of looking at the capture photos of Dzhokhar.

He is a son

He is a grandson

He is a brother

He is a nephew

He is a cousin

He is a Uncle

He is a friend

He is a best friend

He means the world to someone

He is a human being

No matter how much you hate him and want the worse to happen to him, you need to remember that he is loved so much from someone and is special to someone in this world. Imagine being in their shoes. They have no control over what happened and is what happening. He is a human being just like the rest of us.


Solitary Confinement is not the answer.

Torture and cruelty is what it is

Enough Said

Seriously, quit asking me if I have proof that he is innocent. Do you have proof that he is guilty?? NO you DO NOT. All you have to back up your little theory on why you think he is guilty is “why did he run?” Do you have actual true, visual evidence proving that he is guilty?

Wam bam NO you DO NOT. You let the media, the radio, every article you read, your loved ones and friends, make the decision for you.

I believe the reason why every single supporter is called a fangirl, is because people just cannot accept it in their minds that in reality there are real actual supporters that do exist (which many of them are not even on social media.) Psychologically they just cannot come to terms with it. Pretty childish to just start naming every single one of them a fangirl.

I am a United States Military Widow in my thirties, who should have many reasons to be a hater, but I choose not to go down that path. Seriously, with everything I have seen and have read about Tsarnaev, all of the sick twisted hate just makes me more proud to support the kid.

The nasty hate is just as sick as the crime itself. I do believe there are many young fangirls that exist, but let them be. It won’t be long until they move on to someone else to crush on, which a lot of them already have. Many of them are too young to even be talked to in such a nasty way from such hateful people. Many people complain about how such a young aged kid doesn’t know any better and that they are too young to make well based mature decisions. I do agree with that, but then if they don’t know any better, why throw such cruel evil words at them? You should be more understandable on why you disagree with them rather than act childish with bullying words.

I know many grown men, and some of them are in the United Stated Military who feel for Tsarnaev. So go ahead and call them fangirls also, because in reality, if that is the only way you can handle it then so be it.

I truly understand the anger and hurt so many have about the Boston Bombings, but there is no reason to be so evil with words.

Another thing, maybe the reason why a lot of social media supporters are posting more pictures and not a lot about the case right now is because there really isn’t much to post about the case at the moment. It’s best to sit it out and wait on new news as time gets closer to trial.

He deserves a fair trial, and not judged by emotions.

I pray for you Dzhokhar

I pray everyday that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev will be able to stay mentally strong and keep his head up every single day where he is at. I pray that he does not choose to take his own life. I do not have the right to even mention that since I do not know him personally, but it is so bothersome to me and worries me too death.

I will continue to pray for him and continue to believe that he is a very positive, strong minded young man….stronger minded than we know.

Please Dzhokhar keep your chin up. Have faith and hope. You are loved by many.

Stop the hate

If I see anymore hate thrown upon the Tsarnaev family I’m going to scream. It’s not right to throw hate upon them. Even if Tamerlan and Dzhokhar are guilty, it still does not give you the right to wish their family harm and such hate. My brother is serving a life sentence and has been in prison for 17 yrs and is going on his third year in solitary confinement and it hurts my family and I. (He was also arrested at 19 and went to trial at 20.) We have nothing to do with what he did, so does that make it right to throw hate upon my family and I? I had to see the pain my parents had to go threw along with my sister and I, and it is cruel and unfair to not only be put into that situation, but also having to get tormented with hate everyday for it.

Please by all means, please just stop the hate and harmful wishes to the family.

It has crossed my mind, but I’m just wondering if…..out of all the thousand of letters that have been sent to Jahar, there is a possibility that maybe someone or more than one sent in a letter stating that they agree with the Boston bombings, and look up to him. Maybe someone wanting to follow Jihad, and the authorities caught this while screening his mail and now they are worried.

I’m sure this probably didn’t even happen, but what our world is facing during these times of war and thousands of letters are being sent to him from all over, I would not be shocked if a few scary letters have arrived at Devens. If this did happen, I understand they need to be cautious, but I do not agree with putting Dzhokhar on heavy restrictions. Dzhokhar has no control over what people send him, and I find it wrong for him to have to be severely punished for these letters. I can understand if he himself wrote a suspicious letter, but I find it very poor treatment on Devens part. This whole situation is just saddening for me.

Where Dzhokhar could get sent

Wow, I just read a post on here that if Dzhokhar gets the death penalty, then he’d probably get sent to Terre Haute, Indiana which is only an hour away from me, not even that. That’s crazy to have him that close, but I pray to God he is not sent there. I also do not want him sent to ADX. This whole situation just sucks.