Last Massage From Filipino E.L.F Before She Died

To Super Junior:

This morning Super Junior’s ELF Azaleah Died at the age of 13 because of Lung Cancer.

and just this afternoon her mother found Leah’s diary below her pillows and there is a Special Message for our Oppa at the back of her diary. It says:

“I love Super Junior and I will continue loving them!, Super Junior are one of the people who gives me strength fighting this illness of mine.

Last Super Show 3 Manila was the best..

I wasnt able to hug or hold them but I was really happy back then…

and I really want to watch Super Show again…

even though im really tired I gave my best waving my lightstick and shouting and clapping when oppa starts to sing and I really enjoy it!

Sapphire Blue Sea is the best sea around the world .

Super Junior always makes me feel happy specially when I watch their videos on YouTube they make me strong when they are also strong .

The day I become ELF is the day I gain strength…


I want to live for my family for my friends and for SUPER JUNIOR I want to support them always and give them the strength they gave to me…

I always listen to their songs and it really makes me feel happy…

I always listen to Sukira Kiss The Radio and Youngstreet and I am happy listening and watching them .

When Super Junior oppa smile I smile too cause I know that they have problems too but they can smile on it so I should do that too…

I will try my best to fight against this illness and continue support Super Junior even in Heaven I promise!

I always want to be called as ELF not only always but FOREVER

Super Junior gave me new friends and family. thank you!” 


I want to cry naoo TT
Prayer Blog for Leah

Leah is an 18 year-old freshman on the Indiana Wesleyan University (IWU) women’s basketball team. She was diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer on December 7th 2010. The cancer has spread from her colon to her liver and the surrounding lymph system; she is currently undergoing chemo treatments from the Mayo Clinic.

Please visit Leah’s prayer blog and join us in support and prayers of great faith for this beautiful, blessing of a girl (: