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They didn’t understand it, but like so many unfortunate events in life, just because you don’t understand it doesn’t mean it isn’t so.

Impossible Year
Panic! At The Disco
Impossible Year

There’s no sunshine
This impossible year
Only black days and sky grey
And clouds full of fear
And storms full of sorrow
That won’t disappear
Just typhoons and monsoons
This impossible year

There’s no good times
This impossible year
Just a beachfront of bad blood
And a coast that’s unclear
All the guests at the party
They’re so insincere
They just intrude and exclude
This impossible year

Goodbye and good riddance, 2016.

You know when you watch one of those really tragic MTV shows like Are You the One or Real World? No shame, cause same, but have you ever thought about how crappy it must be to work on that show? There is some poor person who sits in an editing room, watching drunk 20-somethings sloppily grope each other, searching through indie songs trying to find one that makes this mess look romantic, wondering why they even had to go to school for this gig. Her friend comes in and she’s like “ayo, Betty, you finished with the music yet? Let’s go get drinks.” And Betty looks up from her cup of coffee, pauses her “Bon Iver” Pandora station, and says “Not yet, I still have to find the right song for when Hannah is giving Trey a handjob in the back of the drunk bus. Next time, guys.”

Praying for you, Betty.

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Jon Snow

**images are zoomed in for clarity**

Top: Jon Snow turning his head to face someone - as shown in the earliest GoT trailer (we all know it’s Sansa, you can see bits of red hair in the actual screen cap, on the extreme right)

Bottom: Newest pic of Jon Snow leaving/returning from/to Winterfell, looking at someone and making a slight tentative and shy wave.

Quiz time! Do you see the similarities?? (hint: it’s in the eyes)