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Oh my god sans, doesn’t mean the human’s been through this multiple times that they would remember any of the solutions!

His salt is showing, and it’s ruining everything .

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Project #PrayForCraigAndJay

Hello internet!!

So I thought, what a better way to show our appreciation for Mini and Jay, through a YouTube video!!

So, what’s going to happen is, anyone can participate. You have two options:

1. Take a photo of yourself with a piece of paper with whatever message you want on it! It can say get well soon, praying for a fast recovery, etc. (If it is not appropriate, it won’t be included)

2. You can take a quick video of yourself saying what you want to say to Craig and Jay. The max time is 15 seconds, but please try to keep it below that. (Once again if it isn’t appropriate, it won’t be included.)

If you want to be apart of this, you send your pictures to this email: