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Mystic Messenger  Coven AU

my roommate and i have been long-term developing a witch coven au for mystic messenger. this is gonna be a long post so here we go


  • power: mind reading
  • Rika finds out Yoosung is a witch shortly after V reveals his own powers, and he is the first one they recruit into their coven
  • at first, Yoosung cannot control what thoughts he hears
  • on top of that, when Yoosung hears a persons thoughts he is also subject to feeling the emotions that go with them
  • hearing/feeling constant voices, which are mostly negative, causes him to be very jumpy, nervous, or even depressed
  • because he hears thoughts so often, he’s mostly very reserved
  • as his powers grow, he is able to control hearing thoughts as opposed to hearing them sporadically, and he even learns to manipulate thoughts and emotions
  • Yoosungs ability to read thoughts causes him to have a very strong connection to Seven, who is famous for putting up that facade to fool everyone
  • since Yoosung can feel emotions, he senses deep sadness from Seven even though all he does is spew nonsense jokes
  • because of this Yoosung and Seven develop a deeper connection more quickly (not paired romantically, tho!!) 


  • power: fire
  • at first, he can do little things like make little flames to light a candle, or his cigarette
  • he also does not have very good control over his power, there is a chance of him setting something on fire if he’s startled or very angry
  • as his powers grow he starts to gain the ability to manipulate heat in more specific ways, like controlling the heat on the stove top or making the microwave set Jumins food on fire
  • eventually he’s able to create large-scale fires 
  • acts cold and aloof as a way to avoid getting close to people
  • since his power is fire, he views himself as a tool of destruction and something that can only cause damage and pain
  • for that reason he’s really stand-offish in the beginning
  • if you dont get close to anyone you can accidentally set them on fire, right?
  • V helps him understand how to use his fire in a positive way


  • power: telekinesis
  • at first, she can only move small objects
  • as her powers grow she is able to manipulate bones and eventually entire human bodies
  • very shy, but has a tendency to be violent
  • after being ignored for years and years as a child, she found that the only way she could make people pay attention to her was by hurting them
  • so she just…stuck with it
  • if she’s having an argument with someone in the house she’ll do something simple like bend their finger backwards too far
  • she doesnt do it because she likes making people feel pain, she doesnt it because she so desperately wants someone to listen to her
  • and for some reason, people only pay attention when they’re in pain
  • its a bad habit that takes her a long time to get rid of
  • once broke Zen’s toe
  • the whole house has to constantly remind her that she matters and that they will value and listen to her opinion
  • has a habit of levitating when she reads


  • power: vessel
  • essentially, Jumin acts as a vessel for the spirit world
  • he cant control it at first, and spirits, ghosts, or demons can possess him at will, without him having any say in it
  • it is extremely taxing emotionally and physically for him, but of course he pretends it isnt
  • sometimes if a demon possesses him things will get really bad and he’ll wake up with cuts on his body
  • he usually tries to hide it or pretend the cuts were caused by an accident
  • he’s had years of practice having to hide this scary and weird thing from his father, who is the picture of a perfect, normal citizen
  • things are so bad with him that the rest of the coven has to take turns staying awake at night to make sure “Jumin” doesnt kill someone else or himself
  • his power development is very gradual
  • he learns to communicate with nearby spiritual beings
  • he learns to reject certain spirits from entering his body, and learns how to still be partial in control while being possessed
  • the height of his power is being able to summon certain spirits on demand
  • Seven nicknames him the human ouija board


  • power: foresight
  • when the coven first begins, Seven is the most powerful witch
  • he didnt know he was a witch per se, but he knew he had powers and taught himself how to develop them
  • at first he cant control when he will see the future, or how much of it he will see
  • when he joins the coven, he’s already taught himself to look at a specific point in the future, although it takes a lot of work and is very vague and hard to interpret
  • Seven will spend hours and hours each day locked in his room, training himself
  • eventually he learns to manipulate the future
  • this task is very, very difficult for him. it takes almost an entire day of focused and exhausting meditation to change something very insignificant about the future
  • for example, Seven will spend all day locked in his room, straining himself mentally, just so that the next day he can make Yoosung high-five him without even knowing he was going to do it
  • Seven has an intense internal struggle, because of his religious connection to God
  • he looks at his situation, surrounded by witches, even one that is possessed be demons regularly, and wonders if God views him as a demon, too
  • he doesnt know what he is, and sometimes believes that he really is a demon but he still wears his cross and prays the rosary daily, asking for forgiveness
  • he also finds that he has very violent tendencies, he often wants to hurt himself or others, and tries to hurt himself on multiple occasions
  • thats why he trains so much, because believes that training will keep him from being able to hurt others


  • um, seven ate him in the womb and then he comes back and possesses jumin

i have more but i’ll put a cut here! thanks for reading ^^

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Daily Consecration Prayer: 

 I consencrate myself and my family To Jesus through Mary ,With my Lord and my God, By body and blood, soul and divinity, with the Holy Spirit, Together with all the saints and Angels in Heaven. And my guardian angels here on earth, To become a Saint, as Mary’s instrument of Grace , for the Salvation of souls Amen

 Consecration to Mary: 

 My Queen and my Mother, I give myself entirely to you; and to show my devotion to you, I consecrate to you this day my eyes, my ears, my mouth, my heart, my whole being without reserve. Wherefore, good Mother, as I am your own, keep me, guard me, as your property and possession. Amen.

 “Oh Mary , My Mother conceived without sin, pray for us, who have recourse to thee”

 “Continue to Pray the Rosary everyday” -Our Lady of Fatima

7 Surprising Things That Happen When You Pray the Rosary More Often

If you ever find the rosary hard to pray, or hard to commit to regularly, read on to find out our seven most surprising things that happen in your life when you start to pray the rosary more often!

1. You Become Less Selfish

You know how it is when you love someone or something with all your heart, and you feel so passionate about it or them, but it is sometimes just so hard to act on that love? That is how I feel about the rosary. I love it and I love that we were given it as a gift. I truly believe in its power. But laying time aside to pray it? That requires me to sacrifice and give up some time and energy for myself, and ponder on the Mysteries instead. Praying the rosary helps re-orientate ourselves to Christ, who can lift us out of ourselves and our sin, and teaches us again and again the discipline of refraining from indulging our selfishness.

2.You Become More Disciplined

The more you pray the rosary, the more you want to pray the rosary. The grace of discipline is forged in those times when you quieten your mind to concentrate, pray even when you are tired, or switch your phone for your rosary before bed. These acts of discipline affect all areas of your life. Discipline is like exercise, you can’t just become a marathon runner on your first run. But you can build up to it bit by bit over time. The rosary helps you make those baby-steps towards making God a greater priority in your life. Even those days (or seasons) when you’re not feeling the emotional or spiritual consolations, sticking to the Rosary is a wonderful way to remain faithful, fulfill a duty to God and Our Lady, and follow a “little rule” in your day.

3. Our Lady Reveals Insights

I know that if you have suffered from a bleak introduction to the rosary as a child, perhaps being forced to pray it by well meaning teachers or parents, and associate it with sheer boredom, it can be hard to understand how the rosary can offer anything beautiful or transcendent while actually praying it, even if you do believe in its powerful after-effects. But I really believe that in praying the rosary often, hidden depths are revealed. In mediating on each of the Mysteries regularly, Our Lady, with Christ, has something to give you. Perhaps it is an insight into an area of your life that you are struggling with. Perhaps it is an epiphany over a particular moment in Christ’s life that will really help you. Maybe it is the experience that can happen deep in prayer that you feel you are actually there in the moment of the Mystery itself. There is always something new to be explored, and always something good to be revealed.

4. You Have More Courage

When you start to place your trust and your life and even your heart into the hands of Mary through the rosary, you begin to understand how eminently practical, simple and full of solutions she is. She only wants to get us to Christ, and she loves us so much, with the true tenderness of a perfect mother, that we do her a great honour when we give her our problems. Courage begins to burst forth in a life that is always turning again and again to Mary to ask her help and to trust that she will provide. You can have huge amounts of courage when you know that Mary is by your side! St Maximilian Kolbe said: “I see Mary everywhere. I see problems nowhere.”

5. Your Day Proceeds Calmly

This is what one of our authors said about praying the rosary daily: “It makes my whole day more peaceful, like Mary just is hanging around battling back the bad stuff. Things fall into place easier. I’m more aware of God’s presence.” Praying the rosary doesn’t wipe out suffering in your life, but it does give you a much stronger weapon to battle it with.

6. You Get An Extra Awareness Before the Moment of Temptation

One of the 15 Promises of the Rosary is that: “it will destroy vice, decrease sin, and defeat heresies.” In my experience, when I have prayed the rosary often, I find that the moment before I sin slows down. By that I mean, if I want to procrastinate or gossip for example, I don’t do it automatically. I recognise that those actions begin with a conversation in my head. I have more of an awareness of the temptation before the action, and there is more time for me to consider whether I want to actually do it or not. And in praying the rosary, I start to see my life through a shared perspective with God, and I begin to see what He wants for me is good, and I want it too.

7. You Start to Live Out the Incarnation

The power of the rosary lies in its simplicity. It is so deceptively simple that it can seem stupid to the intelligent mind. So often we think that we need to find complex, clever, rocket-science-type solutions to solve our complex, clever, rocket-science-sized problems. We stare into the abyss of our issues and wonder how we will find the fix to such a gaping wound. We don’t need to. God came to earth as a tiny, weak and helpless baby born into poverty. The rosary, so deceptively simple that it can be prayed in any circumstances, is the most power weapon of prayer that we have.

“There is no problem, no matter how difficult it is, whether temporal or above all spiritual, in the personal life of each one of us, of our families…that cannot be solved by the Rosary.” Sr. Lúcia of Fatima.

Article by Ruth Baker: Ruth Baker is 26 and comes from England. She loves running, wild camping and writing and thinks there is almost nothing better than the feeling of satisfaction after a day out in the mountains. She is currently studying Creative Writing at university. Her faith means everything to her.

anonymous asked:

My best friends friend in in hospital in an induced coma with a possible broken spine after being in a car accident. Please would you pray for his recovery and for the family who are beside themselves at the moment.

This is a little bit bizarre because I know someone in almost exactly the same situation. Again, more of a friend of a friend but we went to the same university and I met him a couple times.

Coincidences aside, however, of course I will pray. I will offer my daily decade of the rosary for his healing!

Blessed Feast of Mary Help of Christians – 24 May - Patronages:   Australia (proclaimed on 17 July 1916 by Pope Benedict XV),  New Zealand, Andorran security forces, Australian military chaplains, New York, diocese of Townsville, Australia.

Mary Help of Christians (Latin: Sancta Maria Auxilium Christianorum; Spanish: Nuestra Señora María Auxiliadora; Filipino: Maria, Mapag-ampon sa mga Kristiyano), is a Roman Catholic Marian devotion with a feast day celebrated on May 24.   Saint John Chrysostom was the first person to use this Marian title in year 345 as a devotion to the Virgin Mary. Don Bosco also propagated Marian devotion under this title.   Pope Leo XIII granted a Canonical coronation towards the Marian image bearing the same title on 17 May 1903, now presently enshrined within the Basilica of Mary Help of Christians.   Pope Benedict XVI during his Regina Caeli papal address on 24 May 2009 invoked this Marian patronage, under the venerated title of Our Mother of Sheshan, calling for Chinese Catholics to renew their fidelity to the Pope as the sole successor of Saint Peter.   Below is the image of Mary Help of Christians enshrined in her Turin basilica, where Pope Leo XIII granted a Canonical coronation on 17 May 1903 and the Basilica of Our Lady Help of Christians, Turin, founded by St. John Bosco

As Mother of God’s children, Mary has responded by helping Christians throughout the ages. She has done this by coming to the aid of individuals, families, towns, kingdoms and nations.

In 1214 she gave the Rosary to Saint Dominic as a weapon to combat the Albigesian heresy which was devastating Southern France. It is very clear to Christians and it is also the Will of God that we have and will continue to have the Help of Mary through the recitation of the Holy Rosary.

In the year 1531 Our Lady appeared in Mexico to an indian named Juan Diego. He was a humble peasant aged 51. As a result of the apparitions, over 10 million indians were converted to Catholicism, the sacrificial killings of babies stopped, and Our Lady left an image which is a reflection of herself imprinted miraculously on the tilma of Juan Diego.

In 1571 the whole of Christendom was saved by Mary Help of Christians when faithful Catholics throughout Europe prayed the Rosary. The great battle of Lepanto occurred on October 7th 1571. For this reason this date has been chosen as the feast of the Holy Rosary. In 1573 Pope Pius V instituted the feast in thanksgiving for the decisive victory of Christianity over Islamism.

Near the end of the 17th century, Emperor Leopold I of Austria took refuge in the Shrine of Mary Help of Christians at Pasau, when 200,000 Ottoman Turks besieged the capital city of Vienna. Pope Innocent XI united Christendom against the ominous attack of Mohammedanism. A great victory occurred thanks to Mary Help of Christians. On September 8th, Feast of Our Lady’s Birthday, plans were drawn for the battle. On September 12, Feast of the Holy Name of Mary, Vienna was finally freed through the intercession of Mary Help of Christians. All Europe had joined with the Emperor crying out “Mary, Help!” and praying the Holy rosary.

In 1809, Napoleon’s men entered the Vatican, arrested Pius VII and brought him in chains to Grenoble, and eventually Fontainbleau. His imprisonment lasted five years. The Pope smuggled out orders from prison for the whole of Christendom to pray to Our Lady Help of Christians, and thus the whole of Europe once again became a spiritual battle ground, not of arms against ruthless arms but of Rosaries against ruthless military might. Soon Napoleon was off the throne and the Pope freed from prison.

After proving her maternal help, throughout the centuries, Our Lady has continued to appear in hundreds of places throughout the world mainly during the 20th century, Lourdes and Fatima being the most famous apparitions. She has brought help from Heaven, and has warned her children to do prayer and penance as a formula for peace. She has stressed that her children must pray the Holy Rosary daily.

anonymous asked:

What did you do to become closer to God?


This is what I do:

1. Go to Mass on Sundays and holy days of obligation

2. Go to daily Mass whenever I can

3. Go to Adoration

4. Go to Confession every week

5. Pray when I wake up and when I go to bed

6. Pray throughout the day, especially a daily Rosary and asking the saints to intercede for me

7. Listen to good Christian music so my mind is on Him

8. Run a Catholic Tumblr (You all help me so much!)

9. Read Christian books, especially the writings of the saints

10.  Listen to God 

11. Serve others 

12. Spend time with other Christians

13. Evangelize

14. Study the Bible daily

I like to keep these verses in mind:

“Seek ye therefore first the kingdom of God, and his justice, and all these things shall be added unto you” (Matthew 6:33 DRA1899).

“Therefore, whether you eat or drink, or whatsoever else you do, do all to the glory of God” (1 Corinthians 10:31 DRA1899).

I hope this helps! Thank you! 

God bless!

Ad Jesum per Mariam,

María de Fátima

“On August 6, 1945 during World War II, an atomic bomb was dropped on the town of Hiroshima, Japan. 140,000 people were killed or injured. There was a home eight blocks (about 1 kilometer) from where the A-Bomb went off . This home had a church attached to it which  was completely destroyed, but the home survived, and so did the eight  German Jesuit missionaries who prayed the rosary in that house  faithfully every day. These men were missionaries to the Japanese  people, they were non-military, but because Germany and Japan were  allies during WWII they were permitted to live and minister within Japan  during the war.
Not only did they all survive with (at most)  relatively minor injuries, but they all lived well past that awful day  with no radiation sickness, no loss of hearing, or any other visible  long term defects or maladies. Naturally, they were interviewed and  examined numerous times (Fr. Schiffer, a survivor, said over 200 times)  by scientists and health care people about their remarkable experience  and they say “we believe that we survived because we were living the message of Fatima. We lived and prayed the rosary daily in that home.”

-Famous rosary miracle-

Our Lady of Mount Carmel

O most beautiful Flower of Mount Carmel, fruitful vine, splendor of Heaven, Blessed Mother of the Son of God, Immaculate Virgin, assist me in this my necessity. O Star of the Sea, help me and show me herein that you are my Mother. (Mention your request)

O Holy Mary, Mother of God, Queen of Heaven and earth, I humbly beseech you from the bottom of my heart, to succor me in this my necessity. There are none that can withstand your power. O show me herein that you are my Mother.

O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us that have recourse to thee. (3 times)

When I see “autism paaaaarents” lamenting that they lost their faith in God because of their autistic child and how hard *their* lives are, I want to scream...

I am autistic and Catholic. I believe in the the Holy Trinity. I believe Christ died for my sins and rose again three days later. I live every day as if I expect my Lord to return as He promised. I am not a perfect person, nor do I pretend I’m better than anyone else. 

But I will call out what I see and I ran across something so ugly I have to mention it. I wish I saved the link to show here, but I closed it in anger and never went back.

When I see parents saying they lost their faith in God because their “severely” autistic child ruined their life, I want to spit lightning. 

Here is what I want to say to those “parents”:

It’s not the child’s fault you lost your faith. 

It’s YOUR fault for letting it go. 

It’s YOUR fault for choosing to turn your back on God because you see your autistic child as an intractable burden of suffering instead of a human being who depends on you.

It’s YOUR fault for not seeing the blessing God has given you.

It’s YOUR fault for having weak faith in the first place. I don’t care if you prayed all the decades of the Rosary and went to church daily, your faith is WEAK if you let it go when you face a challenge that makes you question it.






God uses life’s difficulties to show us who He is. God chose you to be the parents of that child for reasons only He knows. By turning your backs on Him and blaming your autistic child for doing so, you are spitting in Christ’s face. You are spitting on the Cross, the blood Jesus shed, the suffering He endured, the death He faced, His sacrifice and all the love in the universe He has for YOU.

Challenges in life are a Cross to bear. God always challenges us to be better people. Turning your back on God when He presents you with something that seems insurmountable means you don’t trust Him.

As both a Catholic and an autistic woman, I take offense to that. Because that child will grow up believing they aren’t worthy of God’s love and that is the worst thing you can do to a child short of physically harming them.

Faith is a personal choice.

Your loss of faith is not your autistic child’s fault. It’s YOURS.

wildflovvers  asked:

dear father, I have an urgent spiritual emergency and am desperately in need of guidance. I feel that I have become lukewarm in my faith :( I already pray the rosary daily (unless I'm doing a novena) fast once a week, go to confession twice a week, participate regularly in the faith based programs in my school, and I am in the process of joining Catholic Ministries. through all of this, I still don't feel the joy that I should be feeling, instead, I feel dissatisfied and empty. have any advice?

Hello Tia:

Yes, I do have advice, my sister in Christ.

Slow down, friend. Take it easy. Relax. It is alright to feel dissatisfied and empty. Sometimes I feel dissatisfied and empty also. Really, I do.

Please do not judge yourself. There are so many things that can cause the feelings of spiritual lukewarmness. Sometimes it is some sin we are struggling with and God has put us to the test to bring us to repentance and humility. “When you ask, you do not receive, because you ask with the wrong motives” (James 4:3).

Sometimes we are overly anxious for doing the “work of the Lord” that we do not meditate in silence and stillness in order to ponder the goodness of the “Lord of the work.” Luke 10:41 tells us that even the Lord’s good friend, Martha, got upset because of her worries, and Jesus said, “Martha, Martha! You are worried and upset about many things.”

Sometimes, you are not sleeping enough, eating well, and getting enough exercise. The lack of rest, or eating the wrong, unhealthy foods, or not drinking enough water, alone, can cause your body to fill with toxins that require a change of lifestyle so that your body can “detox” from those poisons that harm your nervous system.

And as a result, depression or anxiety can accumulate in our minds and hearts, causing a long lasting inertia or sense of being lost and without energy.

A good friend, a kind counselor, a spiritual guide, can give us feedback in case we have distorted our problems. Mental distortion can lead to obsession, and many people now struggle with obsessive thoughts of trying to please God, to achieve religious discipline in their lives, etc. Jesus warned us that when obsessive thinking and mental distortions invade our thoughts, it is easy for us to lose our trust in God, our faith:

“Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink, or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more than food and the body more than clothing?” (Matthew 6:25, NAB).

At times also, the devil tempts us with that wicked voice of despair, like when the devil told Jesus to throw Himself from the parapet of the Temple, in essence, to attempt suicide. The devil our enemy will stop at nothing to make us turn against God. The enemy of our souls even paints God as a liar who is not to be trusted:

Now the serpent was more crafty than any of the wild animals the LORD God had made. He said to the woman, “Did God really say, ‘You must not eat from any tree in the garden’?”

Why does the serpent speak to us like this? He wishes us to think that God will not provide, that He will not bless us, that His grace is not enough to help us. This is the beginning of doubt, which is the enemy of faith. The best counteract to doubt is gratitude.

So, right now, give thanks to God. Offer Him gratitude, and bless His holy Name, for He is mighty and gracious. Thank God that you are being tested in your faith. That means God wants you to be a saint! If God did not care for your holiness, He would never permit you to be tested.

Give thanks to God when you do not feel well. Praise Him and thank Him even for your “unanswered prayers”! In other words, if you wanted God to do certain things, and God said “No”, guess what? Thank Him!

Say, “Lord, some people can get spoiled when they always feel joy and holiness and peace. But today, you have taken away my joy and my peace and instead I am worried. PRAISE YOU Lord and thank you for not giving me everything I want, like a spoiled child.”

“And Lord, while I am at it, if tomorrow I wake up with a cold or headache, I want to thank you ahead of time. Yes. Amen. And if tomorrow someone I love goes through a tragedy or I lose a friend, I thank you even more! Yes, Lord, thank you for all my crosses, for my trials. I give them to you. Use my suffering and deprivations for your glory.” Out of all your trials and the sadness endured by your friends and loved ones, God can bring about some good. That is what the Bible promises.

The Bible just doesn’t tell us exactly when we will see those promises. The Bible does not tell us that we will understand our tribulation when we go through it. Sometimes God gives you light in 6 days, or 6 months, or 6 years from now. But eventually, God will give you light to know why He permitted this.

So, instead of telling you that your spiritual crisis is bad, I am just going to say that it is a crisis. I am sorry that it causes you pain, but I am not sorry you are going through it. Because when God loves you, really loves you, He permits you to go through trial and tribulation. So, I know for a fact that God is loving you right now, at this moment.

God must break us of the practice of making demands on Him, and expecting Him to follow our plans, instead of His Plan.

God must permit, and then use, these hardships in your life, so that through them you will learn to endure patiently and eventually bring great comfort to others when they go through similar experiences.

Ahead of time, I thank God for whatever good He can bring as a result of your cross, and I offer you my prayers that you fall to your knees, bow down to the ground, confess your humility to God, and then say to Him, “Not to my name, Oh Lord, not to my name, but to your Name, give the glory!”

Then, trust God your Father. Trust Him with the blind trust of a little child. God bless and take care! Fr. Angel

whatsthisforposts  asked:

Hello, my 16 month old neighbor was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor and I was wondering if you would be willing to say a few prayers for him and his family. It could be anything from a Glory Be to a Chaplet of Devine Mercy, anything helps. Thank you.

That is so sad to hear. I will definitely  pray for him and his family especially,  during my daily rosary. I will pray that he will be healed, God can do anything. Alexis Carrel, a French Surgeon and Biologist, said "Prayer is a force as real as terrestrial gravity. As a physician, I have seen men lifted out of sickness by the power of prayer. It is the only power in the world that overcomes the laws of nature.“ -Ashley