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Why we perceive people who can draw as Gods?

BECAUSE THEY HAVE THE POWER TO DO AND CREATE AT THEIR WILL. Some of them are nice Gods who will hear our prayers. Others, will be punishing Gods who will make us suffer. Some others are like Zeus and all they do is porn stuff…

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so this episode is basically giving us more foreshadowing that dany is going dark. she’s willing to do whatever it takes to get the iron throne no matter what. so do y'all still believe she will be happy to find out that jon is a targ?? no, she’s going to be livid bc jon could be a possible threat. targ bowl is coming


Ribbitmatsu Outfit Set 🐸 | ケロケロ_

these outfits come from the sun praying NEETs’ big strategy event! many thanks as always to @porcelainsmiley for these cute little frogs!