pray for west texas

Be someone's hero today

Well people, as you all probably know, US is in a critical condition as results for the hurricanes and what is happening in the West Coast. US and Puerto Rico, let’s not just focus on us.

Ok, but I’m here to ask for help. Not for me, I, fortunately, have conditions to protect myself from the hurricane Irma, but some people can’t.

Most of the people who follow me likes books, so I’m gonna explain using some characters:

Rhysand and Feyre are heros. Jace and Clary are heros. Aelin and Rowan are heroes. Cal and Mare are heroes. Harry, Hermione and Ron are heroes. They save the world and people. We, readers, may not have super powers or a be a fighter, a warrior, but it doesn’t mean we can’t save the world today.

Today, you can save someone’s life.

I’m right in the middle of all this, I see how people need help now. They need support. They need us.

Please, if you have conditions, donate money, food, water, medicines or, if you live close, you can even help this people. And if you don’t have money to donate, you can help just spreading this kind of post, because someone who can help will see.

And if you’re in the middle of all this, I have something to tell you: everything is going to be ok in the end. I’m not gonna lie to you and say that this will not be awful, it will. But, in the end of all, this all gonna be fine. We are stronger than we think. Just be safe. Please.

If you can help, please search for a RELIABLE SITE. That’s really, really important. The American Red Cross is an example.

Please, reblog this and pray for US, Puerto Rico and all the island. Pray for the humans.

Be your Rhysand, Mare, Katniss, Harry, Jace, Ren, Inej, Aelin, or whoever is your hero today.

Thanks for reading this and reblogging. And for everyone in this critical places: I love you all. I’ll pray for you all. We all gonna be fine.

Maria C.