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How Dan and Phil probably broke up #15
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RFA Members + Periods

How would the RFA Members react and treat their s/o when they’re on their time of the month?

Admin’s Note: Raise your hand if Mother Nature visited you, because she decided to appear right before I’m supposed to perform in a Musical for one day and three nights in a row… (How Zen survives all of that, I don’t know)

But never mind me, this is for all of those who are in need of an RFA Member (or all of them, go ahead) to comfort them during these hard times~.

Jumin Han: The first time it happens, he notices that you have become quiet and distant for the past couple of days, he knows that something’s not right. He then questions if you’re sick or feeling ill, but when you tell him that you’re on your period, there’s a moment of silence between the two of you.

He didn’t exactly expect for this to happen, but regardless of whether or not he did, he still wanted to do everything he could to make you feel better during this time of the month. He clears his throat to break the silence, as you look up at him.

“Is there… anything I can do for you?”

He inquires, as you gesture for him to sit with you and Elizabeth the 3rd, who was curled up on your lap and looked up at Jumin with her blue, sapphire eyes.

“Well… I wouldn’t mind it if you, me and Elizabeth the 3rd could all be together, sitting on the couch watching something.”

You said, as he sits down on the couch.

“And… maybe a kiss to accompany it?”

You ask (but you end up kissing him on the lips whether he wants to or not).

A small smile appears on both of your faces as you lean into him and Elizabeth crawls between you both, purring softly and meowing as you turned on the TV. 

…But then the moment is ruined when a rerun of one of Zen’s musicals plays on the TV, as he turns it off once you see Zen performing a dramatic and emotional scene. Although, Jumin does suggest that petting Elizabeth the 3rd is a much better way to pass the time rather than watching anything or anyone on TV.

Jaehee: Jaehee knows what you’re going through the moment you walk out of the bathroom and began to wince in pain, as she hands you a bag of painkillers and everything else that you’ll be needing for the following week. 

“I thought it would be better to prepare for it in advance, in case it happened unexpectedly.”

She says to you, though you can’t help but kiss her on the cheek as you take the bag, knowing that she had to leave for work.

When Jaehee came back however, she found that you fell asleep on the couch, a heating pad on your stomach. She frowns, knowing that you had to deal with the pain the whole day while she was out working. She decides not to disturb you though, as she finishes off the papers for Mr. Jumin Han’s new ‘projects’. 

When she does finish the papers, she comes back to find that you’re sitting in the dining room with two cups of coffee and a blanket wrapped around you, as you beckon her to join you. But as you wince in pain again and clutch the blanket you’re holding tightly; she takes your hand in hers and sits with you.

“I finished work for the day. Do want to do anything _____?”

She asks, but you shake your head in response and squeeze her hand as you experience more excruciating cramps.

The two of you end up deciding that (after finishing your coffee) that you would spend your night together in bed, not doing anything other than listening to the small conversations you made and the sound of your breathing; as you both fell into a deep sleep after having to go through a long, tiring day.

Zen: When you tell him you’re on your period, he ends up helping you through it as much as possible, even when he has to go to his rehearsals.. He teaches you small exercises and stretches to do whenever you get cramps and goes out to buy small snacks for you to eat when he goes out shopping.

But on one particular day…

“Sweetie, drink lots of water today, okay? I read in a magazine that it helps a lot when you’re on your time of the month.

Take care of yourself and rest, I’ll be home the moment rehearsals end, alright?

I love you more than anything and everything else in the world~.”

He texted you one morning, when you slept in and he already left for rehearsals. You couldn’t help but sigh as you read it, wishing that he was with you today. But as you went about your day at home you always received messages and photos of him with various captions.

‘I’m pretty sure I left some bungeoppang¹ in the kitchen for you, feel free to eat them~! I don’t want you to get hungry when I’m gone Sweetie~.’

Said one photo’s caption, as it was of Zen holding up the snack and posing.

He ended up calling you to tell you that he’d be home soon, as he continues the call whilst he comes home, asking you if you felt alright and if you had any problems during your day and so on.

It wasn’t until there was a knock on the door when you opened it to see Zen standing there, the phone call still continuing.

“I’m home sweetie~.”

He says, before he holds you close and gives you a kiss on the lips.

707: You didn’t want to tell Seven about the fact you were on that time of the month when you saw that he was consumed with work that day, as you believed that you could manage. You never disturbed him when he worked, especially when he was his was in that mode; where he would only look at his computer and eat his Honey Buddha Chips or drink his Ph D. Pepper. 

But as you went about your day, you found yourself wanting a kiss, a hug or well… anything from Seven as you watched him work. He was your battery, your way of feeling better throughout the day.

You knew better than to interrupt him, but as you continuously checked up on him to see if he finished; you found yourself wishing that he could stop working for a little while and spend time with you for a bit.

After what seemed like an hour (or two) of you playing the video games Dandelion and Nameless to pass the time, Seven finally came out of his room and zone; his hair a little messy and his eyes having slight bags under them.

“707 has now completed his mission~! He shall now proceed to-”

But you interrupted his moment by hugging him, your head buried in his chest. He paused for a moment, before his signature laugh escaped him and a loving smile appeared on his face. He knew that you were on your period and you waited for him to finish, as he leaned down to give you a kiss on the head.

“Me and you can have some quality time spent together now, okay _____? Thank you for waiting for the one and only 707, who will do everything he can to save you from the dreaded mother nature~.”

He said, as you couldn’t help but smile and laugh at his antics, looking up at him and sharing a small kiss with him; knowing that you could finally recharge your levels of happiness now that he was here.

Yoosung: Yoosung ends up finding that you’re on your period after he notices that you’re washing the bed sheets (which are stained with blood). You spent your whole morning convincing him that you’re not suffering from a serious injury and that you’re not dying.

But the rest of the day is spent with him treating you as if you’re going to die nevertheless, as he runs to get painkillers the moment you starting wincing in pain, gets lollies and whatnot when you mention there’s none in the kitchen, makes you a dish whenever you state that you’re hungry…

You eventually had to sit him down again and explain that you’re not affected by your period like other people are, but he’s still in disbelief.

“But… i…it looked like it hurt! Shouldn’t you eat and drink more to take care of yourself?! And don’t you lose a lot of blood from it?!”

He asks, but you can only smile and laugh in response.

“I’ll be fine Yoosung… the only thing I need is you and your love, that’s all.”

You said, as he goes a light shade of red at your words.

“R…really?! Then… I’ll be the best boyfriend I can be for you _____…!”

He says, as he runs off and comes back gathering a number of blankets and pillows in the living room, with the bags of lollies he got from earlier.

“Let’s have a movie night then, to make you feel better~.”

He whispers, wrapping you both in a blanket as you try and stay up the night watching a number of his and your favourite movies.

(And then you found out later that Seven also played a part of today, as he told Yoosung that if he didn’t do everything you said that you craved, that you would indeed die from the blood loss and pain you suffered. The only one that suffered was Seven when you found out, as he came home to find that a box of his Honey Buddha Chips was gone. Never underestimate a person on their period.)

Spoilers - Part 2 (Leonard Snart)

Requested: yes

Warnings: none that i can think of, but there might be some language in there

Word Count: 2.943

A/N: you guys asked for it so here is part 2 i really hope it’s alright and also this was longer but i decided not to bore you with a 6000 word story so i cut it lmao  (bonus points for who spots my references in this imagine lmao)

Story Line: The Legends travel to the future and Snart shows up asking for your help. 

Part 3 

“Welcome to 2020, everyone.” Hunter turned his chair around to face the rest of the team with a large grin on his face. “The year of numerous life-changing medical and technological discoveries.”

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🍵🌙a bedtime tea spell🌙🍵

Today was physically and emotionally exhausting and some more trials face me tomorrow, so I crafted this spell to both help me sleep through the night as well as give me luck for tomorrow.


About an hour before you go to bed, put on water for tea. Before submersing the chamomile (or other sleepy-time tea), think of positive imagery (white light, etc.) and say:

As this tea I drink deep,
Help me rest and go to sleep.
With this tea do I pray
Tomorrow will be a better day.

Then submerse your tea leaves in the water. If you’re a sweetener person (like me), say this additional spell before adding it:

May tomorrow be as sweet
As this (honey/sugar) that I eat.

“And nothing matters but the pain when you’re alone
The never-ending nights when you’re awake
When you’re praying that tomorrow It’s okay

There will be a time to crack another smile
maybe not today, or for a while
But we’re holding on to laugh again someday”

-Rise Against, Tragedy + Time