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Please reblog and follow those who reblog. I’m looking to establish a network of Christians that are committed to prayer for one another and for a semi-public internet space to be open and deeply honest about struggles and fears. We are called to community and genuine love. Wherever this reaches, I hope you will publicly declare yourself a Christian and be unafraid to ask difficult questions and ask for help via prayer. Let’s use the internet to strengthen the church and each other’s faith.

this photo just makes me so so so happy like lookie here a baby duckling popping out LOOK HOW CUTE AND SQUISHY HANSOL VERNON CHWE IS WITH A LIL KOREAN FLAG AND SWALLOWED UP IN HIS DAD’S JACKET ROLLIN UP IN HIS STROLLER. and that head of hair!!! Since he’s so smol this is probably him blessing NYC with his cuteness I just—


Dear People of the World,

It has been 5 years since the Syrian Civil War began and only now are people bothering to even acknowledge the heinous crimes that are being committed. In the past 5 years we have seen attacks on the LGBTQ community, children and soccer fans and countless other innocent victims. Each time death plagued a country, community, family, we all simultaneously were France, Orlando, Charlie. There is absolutely nothing wrong with these feelings or statements in the slightest, however don’t you think it was time we start to defend a people that have been calling for help only to be rewarded with chemical warfare and deaf ears?

Get ready for a crash course in the Syrian unrest (I wrote a research paper on this subject): While Syria has experienced forced emigration before, 2011 brought about the biggest wave of immigrants since World War II. If that event does not ring a bell, this many people have not been displaced since Hitler took over Germany and Jewish people were fleeing for their safety. While the EU (and bordering Middle East countries) has done their best to accommodate the amount of people being displaced, there have been many obstacles and Syrian refugees continue to die because of the restrictions being placed on travel and the recent Brexit.

Now I am prepared to compare Assad to Hitler and I am also prepared to be absolutely disgraced to have to watch world leaders barter with millions of peoples’ lives. Here is where I will quote U.S. Ambassador to the U.N., Samantha Power, and say “Is there literally nothing that can shame you?” And since we are on the topic, how dare you West Aleppo? While it may seem as if I live in one of the most divided countries on God’s Green Earth, I know it is not as bad as the history that plagues my country. I also know that my country is nowhere near as disconnected as yours.

How dare you dance on the bodies of your brothers and sisters? How dare you literally laugh in the face of death? These are actions I will truly never understand. I am in no way saying that the U.S. is the best country on Earth. This last election proved that (along with the rate of education, literacy, etc.) and countless groups of people and mindsets have proved that time and again. What I am saying is that: while I may never understand how it feels to live in such a war-torn area, I do understand what it means to have humanity.

To the rest of the world who has sat around acting as if the Middle East will always be (and has always been) as violent as it is, keep this in mind: many of you would still be in caves if it weren’t for Arabs and you sure as hell should be more inclined to just help the people who need it most. For God’s sake just be good people, why is that so much to ask? Wake up, open your eyes (and your hearts), have some compassion. Imagine if this was your town, city, country… just please “be kind to one another.”

Yours Truly,

Yasmin Salahuddin 

You know when you watch one of those really tragic MTV shows like Are You the One or Real World? No shame, cause same, but have you ever thought about how crappy it must be to work on that show? There is some poor person who sits in an editing room, watching drunk 20-somethings sloppily grope each other, searching through indie songs trying to find one that makes this mess look romantic, wondering why they even had to go to school for this gig. Her friend comes in and she’s like “ayo, Betty, you finished with the music yet? Let’s go get drinks.” And Betty looks up from her cup of coffee, pauses her “Bon Iver” Pandora station, and says “Not yet, I still have to find the right song for when Hannah is giving Trey a handjob in the back of the drunk bus. Next time, guys.”

Praying for you, Betty.

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Scorpio & Pisces
  • Pisces, looks up from writing in her journal: Hey babe, do you think that the world is gonna get better?
  • Scorpio, looks at her while scrolling down her phone: We don't know the future, and can only look at the past. So what do you think?
  • Pisces, thinks for a moment:
  • Pisces: We are high key repeating the past. But I know it will be better, since I have you by my side.
  • Scorpio:
  • Scorpio, laughing: That was cute.