pray for rain


I KNOW I SAID I COULDN’T GO… But by some rushed and frantic stroke of luck @dyemelikeasunset and I ended up arranging fitting in sakuracon anyway?? apparently it wasn’t at the very beginning of april like i originally thought… so i whipped out some fabric like a wild reckless bee (don’t follow my example sdhsgsdfs)

anyway, it’ll be Naf’s first con and the first con we’ve gone to together so we’re definitely not boothing, just con-goers!!! we’re gonna debut the matching jacket we made in october 2016

And we’re mostly going for the sweet merch, so if you see us feel free to say hi!!! we’d love to take a photo with you!! ❤️❤️❤️  

and now it’s cosplay crunch time… bbs again 8)

Often I have heard people say, ‘How good God is! We prayed that it would not rain for our church picnic, and look at the lovely weather!’ Yes, God is good when He sends good weather. But God was also good when He allowed my sister, Betsie, to starve to death before my eyes in a German concentration camp. I remember one occasion when I was very discouraged there. Everything around us was dark, and there was darkness in my heart. I remember telling Betsie that I thought God had forgotten us. ‘No, Corrie,’ said Betsie, ‘He has not forgotten us. Remember His Word: “For as the heavens are high above the earth, so great is His steadfast love toward those who fear Him.” There is an ocean of God’s love available—there is plenty for everyone. May God grant you never to doubt that victorious love—whatever the circumstances.
—  Corrie Ten Boom

[ 2/8/17 ] 🌿
The weather has been super rainy here but I’m into it ☔ it’s good study weather
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I have a bit of a favor to ask you. My kitten Miso is very ill. She’s been throwing up a lot and hasn’t eaten in days. I tried to hand feed her a little bit today to no avail. Please send her some positive vibes. If you could keep her in your thoughts I would really appreciate it! ❤


“In the evenings, before I went to sleep, & in the mornings, in the moment I woke up, I realized I was praying for rain.”  

― Makoto Shinkai, The Garden of Words

they’re running through the institute, laughter on their tongues and grins on their faces as they sprint down the corridors, hands intertwined. they make a game of it; trying to find the best spot in the institute to be alone, and whenever they see anyone walking towards them or if anyone sees them, they turn and run the other way. as there are a lot of people in the institute, they are running for a very long time, but the youthfulness of it, the thrill of getting caught, is intoxicating. sometimes one is leading the other, other times they are running side by side, but their hands are clasped the entire time. sometimes they stop for a few seconds, exchanging quick kisses that are more smiles and laughter than actual pecks.

it’s uncoordinated and reckless, limbs going haywire as they stumble along, occasionally one of them bumping against the wall, causing the other to be pulled in and encircle them in some sort of embrace, enveloping them against the flat surface. but this only makes the moment more breathtaking, more like an adventure, something as fresh and warm and lovely as a meadow, and magnus bane’s laughter is as scrumptious as strawberries, like the wind whipping through your hair as you look out at the ocean, like the smell of dew in the morning and the feel of the cool grass in between your toes. the back of his head is against the wall and he’s laughing, a hand over his mouth and one hand on alec’s chest to steady himself, the color of his nails contrasting beautifully with the deep sea blue of alec’s shirt. alec’s hands are on magnus’ arms to steady him and the other man and he’s smiling breathlessly, like someone caught him by surprise, like he was walking outside on a hot day, praying for rain, and suddenly he was in the middle of a thunderstorm. his hair is ruffled and his face devoid of any cares. His eyes seem to twinkle, flicker lovingly with promises and pure happiness and he’s laughing too, a deep chuckle that feels unfamiliar in his mouth but so right as he stares at magnus’ face. magnus leans in and kisses alec soundly, his lips like the missing piece of a puzzle, the beginning and the end of a journey, that one note in every song that sends shivers down your spine and makes your heart sing and it’s so simple, them standing in the corridor, alec’s hands trailing under magnus’ shirt to the bare skin of his waist, magnus cupping the back of alec’s neck and his face, but at the same time it’s not. it’s explosive, it’s like waves crashing against rocks, forming a symphony,  it’s like a supernova that flashes brilliant colors across the sky, it’s like like reaching for something, someone, and feeling a hand grab onto yours, signifying hope, love, a future.

their noses brush and magnus giggles when he feels alec’s eyelashes against his skin and it’s almost too good to be true, so perfect that it seems a choir of angels would descend from above any second and start singing sweet melodies and playing harps as the two men kissed, writing their own composition through their lips moving, their heads turning, their snickering, their clothing rustling, their joy, and their smiles.

“alec?!” alec pulls away suddenly, his lips red and swollen from kissing and a dazed look in his eyes and him and magnus both turn to see a horrified maryse, who has just turned the corner of the empty corridor.

“go, go, go!” alec chortles, taking magnus by the hand and running with him the other way, maryse’s positively ugly shrieks being drowned out by their tittering. magnus feels like a child again, looking at alec’s face as they seek out a new place, alive and in awe of the world, in awe of alec. and alec feels the same, thanking every power above for blessing him with magnus bane, this beautiful, kind, smart, powerful, lovely man who could make the rest of the world go away with a smile, a flirtatious comment, a touch of his hand on alec’s, a look of love and affection in his warm and gorgeous eyes.

and when alec almost trips when they round a corner and magnus bursts out laughing, hauling the other man up and asking him through his mirth if alec is alright, it feels like and truly is the epitome of true bliss.


How clouds touch water on days
like this. Days in April, baby blue
and bliss.

How earth kisses sky. How hungry
hawks dive. Days in April, when
everything’s alive.

How birdsong meets sunshine on
days like today. Days in April, bring
some rain our way.

How bees love flowers. How the
wind loves our hair. Days in May,
flowers everywhere.

Azuki Lynn

You pray for rain, you gotta deal with the mud too. That’s a part of it. I’d be more frightened by not using whatever abilities I’d been given. I’d be more frightened by procrastination and laziness.
—  Denzel Washington

Date the one you didn’t see, but felt. The one who left a ghost of a shadow but a firm hold upon your heart. The one made of whispers and starlight and dew. The one who’s presence can be felt, not noticed. The one that makes you smile into nothingness and pray for rain just so you can share your umbrella. The one who left invisible footprints on your soul. The one you didn’t see, but the one you felt.


‘Cause I’m praying for rain
And I’m praying for tidal waves
I wanna see the ground give way.
I wanna watch it all go down.
Mom, please flush it all away.
I wanna see it go right in and down.
I wanna watch it go right in.
Watch you flush it all away.

Time to bring it down again.
Don’t just call me pessimist.
Try and read between the lines.

I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t welcome any change, my friend.

I wanna see it all come down.
Bring it down
Suck it down.
Flush it down.

Seungcheol Soulmate AU

“Alright let’s run it from that last part!” Seunghceol chugged his water bottle as he went back to the last formation, watching Hoshi review the steps.

“5,6,7,8…” He got into position, beginning to dance along while watching the mirror. He focused completely on getting the steps correctly. So much so, that it took a while to notice the burning feeling on his wrist. It was just warm at first, but it quickly turned into a stinging, burning pain. He cried out as he stopped dancing and looked at his wrist. He stared as the mark began to form on his arm, soon crowded by 12 confused and excited boys. It hurt like hell, but the adrenaline rush he got from finally receiving his soulmark helped face the pain. He watched as the mark formed, not even listening to the questions and comments coming from his members. Soon he could tell it was a little rain cloud with a lightning bolt, and a name.

“Hyung…” he stared at the name, written out in the English alphabet appeared. “Hyung!” He snapped up and stared at Vernon, who pointed at the mark. “It says (Y/N).” He nodded and repeated the name in his head. Hoshi clapped his hands and said they had to continue practicing despite what just happened.

S.Coups continued with the dance, but he couldn’t help but think about the warm feeling on his wrist. He wondered about his soulmate and where they could be, what they were thinking as their mark appeared.

You, on the other hand, were freaking out. Your arm stung horribly and you had just found out your soulmate was Korean. Your computer screen was set on a translator, and you frantically tried to figure out how to pronounce the name above your rain cloud.

“Seung…Seung…Ch-Ch…Seungch…cheol?…Seungcheol..” you sighed as you stared at the Hangul. Your mother at your bedroom door. “Sweetheart?…What next?”

You sighed as you added books and lessons on Korean to your cart, and went to a traveling site. “I’m going to Korea.”

It was a reckless move, you knew it was possible that your soulmate was in America, but you felt like they weren’t. You had a feeling you needed to go to Korea. So here you were. At the apartment where you had found someone willing to help you out. Your roommate smiled as she introduced herself. You smiled and did the same. She promised to help you learn Korean and get around Korea until you found your soulmate. You thanked her for it and unpacked.

Seungcheol ran his thumb over the mark and your name. He couldn’t go to America to look for you, and he hated himself for it. But he hoped that you would find him, and he hoped being an idol would help.

He hated the feeling of applying makeup on the mark. It felt wrong, but he knew he couldn’t risk his mark getting out to the world and creating a scandal. He sighed and stared at his wrist. He hoped you weren’t as far as you felt, getting ready to go out.

You were quick to learn Korean, and you smiled and thanked your soul and the Universe for it. You had learned the basics in order to get around without your roommate, and you were practicing reading Hangul.

“Alright, (Y/N). For your first trial, tomorrow you will go out and buy something at the convenience store.” You nodded and watched the tv, entertained by the variety show your roommate had put on.

The next day, you put on your shoes and headed for the convenience store, following the directions your roommate had written down. It was cloudy and you hoped it wouldn’t rain since you hadn’t brought an umbrella.

You stared at the shelves of the little store and searched for the snack your roommate asked for. You spotted it and grabbed it quickly, doing a little dance as you headed for the counter. You paid and thanked the worker, beginning to walk back to your apartment. That was when it hit you. Literally. A raindrop fell on your nose and you began to walk quicker, praying it wouldn’t rain. It didn’t work. It began to pour and you groaned in anguish as you took cover under a tree, already soaked. You called your roommate and asked her to come bring you an umbrella. She agreed and told you she’d be there soon and you sighed and stared at the sky.

You didn’t notice the boy run to your tree until he got there, his hair dripping wet. You bowed a little and stepped aside to let him get under the tree and you heard him mumble a thank you. You didn’t say anything to him and he didn’t go you either. You just stood in silence until you heard your roommate call out to you.

“(Y/N)! I’m here!” You smiled and watched as she arrived at your tree, and handed you an umbrella that matched with yours. You thanked her and took it, but you looked to the boy next to you, and you asked her if you could give it to him. She nodded and you tapped his shoulder, motioning the umbrella to him. He took it and you smiled before turning to your roommate. “(Y/N), come on, before it gets worse!” You nodded, bowing once more to the boy before going under your roommate’s umbrella.

Seungcheol thought about the name that rang in his head as he took the umbrella from you. It wasn’t until he heard it again that he realized why it was so familiar. He stared at his wrist, the makeup washed off by the rain. He dropped the umbrella and ran to you, and as he grabbed your wrist, a flash of lightning struck, thunder soon thereafter.

You stared at the boy, confused by his sudden actions, your thoughts interrupted by the boom of the thunder, which caused you to jump closer to him. He pulled you into an embrace and you struggled to get away. Your roommate asked him what was happening, and he pulled down his face mask, staring at you. “My name is Seungcheol.” He said and you translated it quickly in your head. You looked down at your wrist, and then at his.

“Seungcheol?” He looked at you, his face filled with fear and hope. Your eyes widened as you grabbed his wrist. “That’s my name..” you said as you pointed to his wrist, your roommate smiling from over your shoulder. “(Y/N). He’s your soulmate!” You looked up at him and watched a giant smile appear on his face. You mirrored the smile and felt him pull you close to him, this time, you didn’t run away.

Seungcheol gave you his number, promising to see you soon, but explaining through your roommate he had somewhere he couldn’t skip going to, and you nodded holding out your pinky to him. He interlocked his with yours and ran off, waving at you as he did.

When you got to the apartment your roommate explained that she knew your soulmate and you asked her how she did. She walked to her tv and turned it on to a music show that was playing KPOP music videos. She pointed at one of the boys, and you immediately recognized him. It was Seungcheol. Your soulmate was an idol. What next?