pray for lil wayne

ok but it’s like you guys don’t even care that a song exists where Usher and Beyoncé sing about fucking in a club that is actually the perfect song for fucking in a club like the bass is so sick that it would vibrating throughout the club so you’d feel the pressure of the bass behind you against the door while a certain bass player was putting pressure on your behind

I'm just now seeing all the "pray for Lil Wayne" posts from earlier. I really hope y'all are just as eager to send love and prayers to the people who are suffering and dying in y'alls communities on a daily basis. People are quick to get hype and concern when something major happens to a celebrity but completely disregard the struggles, traumatic events, and losses people are experiencing right in their faces.

This Lil Wayne shit is actually scaring me. I don’t know what or who to believe because so much is being said. So I’d appreciate if the people who don’t like him would please stop making jokes or saying you don’t care. This is another life. Whether you like him or not, pray for him. He has a fucking family. Come on. Please pull through Wayne. We love you <3

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