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Life Is Strange Reactions: Them Looking After You When You Are Drunk

Max: “No Y/N, your room it’s storage room. Out of all days why do you have to get drunk today?!”

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Chloe: “I guess I know how you feel when I get my ass drunk.”

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Warren: -holds your hair back- “It’s ok Y/N, let it all out.”

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Kate: Praying in her room while your on her bed. “Oh lord, forgive all ones sins…”

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Victoria: “Drink some water Y/N as sober up.”

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Nathan: “Come on you. Before you start throwing up everywhere. Guess my bed would be reserved for someone else tonight.”

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Mr Jefferson: “My precious. You partying hard makes me hard too. Seeing you this way makes me think a lot of naughty things.”

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The Beginning Of The End: It All Ends

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Characters: Y/n, Derek, Scott, Stiles, Jordan, The Pack

Pairing: Derek x Y/n (MALE!READER)

Warnings: Angst, character death, regret, self hatred and blame, alcoholism, cliffhanger!

Word count: 1402

Summary: Derek’s whole world comes crashing down.

This will all be Derek Hale x Male!Reader

A/N: Last part of this miniseries!! Ended it on a cliffhanger, cos that’s how I’ve always seen it going. There may or may not be a sequel series, but that won’t happen for a long while. But yea, hope u like it!!

P.S. If u wanna be tagged in anything, send me an ask and I’ll add u!!

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The Beginning Of The End Masterlist

“Y/n! Come on, open the door! Just…just let me explain”, I begged, needing to let him know what really happened.

When he didn’t answer for the seventh time, I sighed, banging my head against the door a few times.

“Y/n, please! I swear, nothing happened with her”.

Once again, there was no answer.

I wondered if he had come home.

It’d only been maybe an hour since y/n saw Braeden kissing me.

I wondered if maybe he’d gone somewhere else.

But where the hell would he be?

“What the hell did you do?”

Hands gripped me and pushed my face into y/n’s door, breaking it down as we both fell to the floor with a bang.

I growled, trying to push whoever it was off me, but they managed to keep me pinned, heat beginning to burn my skin.


I slammed my elbow back, jabbing him right in the chest as he fell off me.

Jumping up, I turned, about to rip this his head off, when I noticed Jordan was literally on fire, rage pouring out of his body.


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Teenage Dirtbag Aesthetic: Kate Fuller
“God has to hear me.  Don’t you get that? This can’t be for nothing!  He has to be listening.”

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have visited the US Embassy in London this morning to pay their respects to the victims of the Orlando nightclub massacre. Prince William and Kate have signed a book of condolence after meeting US Ambassador Matthew Barzun and some of his staff. The couple took it in turns to sign the book, with William writing: “With our deepest condolences and with our thoughts and prayers to all those affected.”

Confessions of Clocks, a Life is Strange AU

Author’s Note: Wherein Max has her rewind powers, but there is no storm and no one is missing or dead. The consequences of her gift are different in this universe. I do not own Life is Strange, I only write this because I’m sad and gay. This is a WIP.

Pairing: Kate Marsh / Max Caulfield

Current Rating: T

Triggers: As of right now, only heavy religious themes are present.

Summary: Kate sank into Max’s warmth so happily, so easily, that it had to be a sin. / A crisis of faith is forging a path for Kate that will lead her away from Max, whose time manipulating abilities are costing her more than she could have foreseen. 

Chapter One - The Ark

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Nous Sommes Un

A/N: Henry and Kate are back again! Written for iwouldvebeendrake01, who wanted some Henry/Catherine fluff and I just couldn’t resist. A huge thanks to persephone622 for editing and betaing, . I hope you all enjoy! Feedback is much appreciated, as always. Full of fluff. 

Also, this is kind of a sequel piece to Je Suis à Toiso if you’d like to read that first, go ahead. Thanks! 


The sun shone across Kate’s bare back as she snuggled into Henry’s chest for a few more minutes of warmth and sleep. He trailed his fingers up and down her back lightly, smiling at her reaction to the morning.

“Kate, my love.” Henry spoke softly, kissing her hair. He felt her nose inhale the smell at the base of his throat and moan softly. Kate strengthened her hold on her husband, unwilling to give up the few moments of uninterrupted bliss.

            “Kate, the sky hath awoken; tis high time thy eyes do the same.” Henry relayed to her, placing his hands on her soft curves and running them across her skin, enjoying the way that it responded to him. She shivered slightly.

            “Let me enjoy mon mari. Thy counsel rarely allows me thy time.” Kate looked up at him through her lashes and kissed his collarbone and chest lightly. She felt him inhale and saw his eyelids drop. “Mmm…” Kate moaned at the feel of his soft pale skin beneath her lips, darting her tongue out to taste it.

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Chloe - Thanks for coming over to help guys, I never thought we’d get to finish that paint job

Max ‘wraps arm around Chloe’s back’  Yeah, I think William would approve 

Chloe‘wipes away tear’ Yeah………ANYWAY, I made you guys some food

Kate- Oh you shouldn’t have 

Victoria - I guess I’ll give whatever slop you have around here a try….

‘Victoria, Kate, and Max sit around the table as Chloe brings them plates of Belgian Waffles’

Max‘immediately takes bite’ Oh Chloe…these are so goooood ‘takes another bite’ When did you have time to LEARN this ?! 

Chloe - Well you learn alot in 5 years Max…….

Kate‘prays silently and proceeds to eat’ Chloe, you truly are heaven-blessed ! You’re like a professional Chef !

Victoria - Oh you’re both being ridiculous ! It can’t be that good !’takes quick large bite’ 

‘Victoria’s fork drops to the floor, a look of pure shock on her face’

Max- Victoria ?! ‘immediately gets up’ 

Kate - ‘panicking’ You don’t have to eat it if you don’t want to Victoria, spit it out 

Chloe‘freaking out, pacing back and forth’ Oh my god, I killed her with my cooking, Joyce is going to kill ME !

Victoria - ‘swallows’ T-that

Chloe - I’m so sorry Vicky, I’ll never force my food on you again ! I was stupid, please forgive me ! 

Victoria - ‘breaks down and cries’ N-noooooo I should be apologizing to youuuuuuu, that was the best thing I ever t-tasted !

Chloe - W-what

‘Victoria climbs into Chloe’s arms, burying her face in her shoulder’ 

Victoria - Marry me Chloe

Max- Now wait just a second ‘gets up’

Chloe - What ?

Victoria- I can’t live my life without you now. Forget these two

Chloe - But Vicky ….

Victoria - Name your price 

Chloe - Ok that got you points


‘Max and Chloe grab onto Chloe’s legs, followed by an intense debate on how to SHARE Chloe’s marvelous gift’

Fact #62: In 1998 Kate was once unable to break out of speaking in Elizabethan for a week after she was found on a three day reading binge of Shakespeare sonnets in her hotel room. A year after such a low point in her life Kate was the proud graduate of Shakespeare Addicts Anonymous. Sadly, Kate relapsed just this last year but has been on the road to recovery since. #PrayForKate