pray for a cure

Context: our group, consisting of a high elf rogue, a half giant fighter, a wood elf ranger, and a dragonborn paladin had left town to investigate a group of lycans that were killing guards. We fought a group of 3, including a werebear, and our scent was attracting more. After every bite attack, we had to roll a charisma saving throw to avoid being cursed and eventually turning into a lycan.

DM: (to rogue after attack) roll a saving throw.

Rogue: *rolls a 1* shit.

DM: (laughs maniacally) at the bite, you instantly transform into a werebear.

Our paladin kills the werebear that turned him in the next attack.

Me (ranger): for my attack, I take my crowbar out of my backpack and nonlethally hit the rogue in the head. *rolls an 18*

DM: you are successful, the rogue/werebear is unconscious.

For the remainder of the battle, I stood over him with my crowbar and hit him every time he woke up, 2 more times. After the battle, our paladin, who was proficient in religion but didn’t have a selected god, decided to pray to cure him.

Paladin: (OOC) wait, who do I pray to?

Fighter: (OOC) does it matter? You have no god. Just pick anyone!

Paladin: (OOC) okay then. *clears throat* oh, great gods of domino’s pizza, please cure my friend and turn him back into a human. *rolls an 18, which is a 26 total*

DM: congratulations, the gods of domino’s pizza have turned him back into a human, but he is out stone cold.

After we had stopped laughing, we rolled to carry him back to town, and the paladin rolled a 1, proceeding to drag him at full speed, hitting his head against every rock on the way.

“i know you have an illness, but im sure if you would just pray more you’d feel better-”

Im praying yall will shut ya ignorant af mouth cause holy shit thats not how that works

The most dangerous and most damaging symptom of doing weed is not being able to shut the fuck up about doing weed. With similar symptoms being displayed by Vegans, there is so far no cure. Please pray for those affected.

Cursing stones

Bullán or bullaun is a word used to describe a naturally occurring phenomena in which chemical weathering in the form of rain water causes a depression in rocks and boulders forming a bowl shape. After this has happened water can pool up inside it and sometimes small rocks or pebbles can be found in it, sometimes they appear round by being dissolved in the water.

Bulláns have cultural and significance in many Irish and Scottish culture and sometimes religion, though they also appear in other cultures such as Lithuanian, I believe.

It has been said that rainwater collected in the bowl of a bullán has healing properties. Strangely, bullán as a ritual tool still existed in the Christian period. Also many bulláns have become associated with certain churches. They’re known as ‘cure’ or 'curse’ stones because in order for events to happen the bullán would be used by turning them whilst praying for someone to be cured of their ailments or for them to be cursed. I’ve heard thit stones can be called butterlumps though I’m unsure of this.

An interesting story about the healing properties of bullán can be found in the story of the birth of St. Áed mac Bricc, an Irish Bishop and saint. When his mother gave birth to him, his head rested above the stone and made a hollow depression in it after which remains to this day. When there is water in the depression, it is relieves all the ailments of believers. This is just one Irish tradition of the bullán having spiritual significance.

I’m not sure if it possible but it I’ve wondered could someone make on out of clay, and if so would it be able to have the same properties? Though they are made naturally could it be possible? I mean you just could go looking for one, but I wouldn’t because since they’re usually found in certain places, spirits and fae could have special ties to this object and it would be inappropriate to remove it.

anonymous asked:

My daughter told me recently that she feels like a boy. I told her this is nonsense and she cried and stopped talking to me. We went to the gynecologist lately and turns out "she" is a hermaphrodite! Now I feel sick because this is the same child that I bathed with and taught birds and beees - and it's partially male! I'm praying a lot. I tried to get the doctors to cure it but "she" wants to get testosterone and the opposite surgery! What do I do? "She" doesn't want to go to the church.

There isn’t a lot of theology regarding intersex people. I have read a lot of “Catholic answers” about parents “choosing” the sex of their intersex child when it’s discovered at birth they are intersex and I’m extremely against this. You have to understand your child isn’t a she, they are intersex. I know it’s upsetting and confusing but part of being a parent is faking like you’re totally calm and everything is fine so you’re child can lean on you for support. Your child has a right to live as one sex, if they choose so. This is acceptable for an intersex person and I do not believe this is in anyway sinful.

She fixed her hijab around her face, as her butt started to tingle on the stone ledge. Insomnia was a pain she prayed for a cure to constantly. Eyes tingling, she laid backwards on her blanket, arms behind her head. The moon hung overhead, large and white. It’s gray craters seemed darker tonight, and she watched the clouds pass over the surface, a wispy haze that if she wasn’t truly paying attention she’d miss.

The night was quiet, the occasional flit of an insect somewhere in the trees behind her, didn’t bother her. The night was cool, the wind blowing over her blouse as she took a deep breath of honeysuckle filled air.

“It’s a beautiful night isn’t it?” A voice came from behind her, a man in a long jacket, the hood over his face didn’t do much to hide his white skin.

She sat up, hand going into her pocket to hold onto her pepper spray. “What do you want?”

“To watch you. I’ve been doing that for awhile though, never bothered you, so please don’t spray me with that contraption.” He was squatting on a ledge higher than hers, slowly slipping off the stone surface, his movements mirrored a shadow across the ground.

“Watch me?” She sat up on her knees, attempting to get a better vantage point.

He moved, but he didn’t. It just seemed every time she blinked that he got closer, until he was at the edge of her blanket. Crouching down, his slight wide nose and narrow eyes visible now. Licking his lips he indicated the blanket. “May I sit?” Not waiting for her response he sat down.

She tried to slow her heart down, tried to remain calm and passive as to not alert him. “I think I should leave actually.”

“Don’t be afraid, I swear I won’t hurt you. I couldn’t anyway.” He sat down on her blanket anyway, his skin the color of the moon. Patting the area next to him. “I’ve been wanting to get closer to you. Finally worked up the courage.”

As he turned his face towards her, she noticed how black his eyes were, the whole pupil seemed to cover the white, it made a chill race down her spine. “I have to go home. It’s cold, keep the blanket.”

She walked as fast as her legs would carry her, right to her car and started it. Looking back over the field she noticed he was laying down now, arms behind his head as he observed the moon.

For the next week she didn’t go back to the field. She paced in her room, making her mother knock at her door at 3AM. “I can hear you pacing and typing in here. Why don’t you go for your walk?”

She didn’t want to alarm her about the strange man. “I don’t know, I’m sorry. Am I keeping you up?”

Her mother crossing the room, touching her uncovered hair now. “You don’t want to take the pills?”

She sighed. “They give me horrible nightmares. I can’t remember anything from the day before.”

“Insha Allah.” Her mother whispered as she kissed her head. “One day this wont be an issue.”

Facing the moon once more, she watched it slowly slip away into waning crescent. She’d have to wait for it to be full again, before she enjoyed the night truly.

At the first quarter phase she found a new area, near a small river she faced the water in her hatchback and left on the radio. The quiet singing of Steve Perry and his foolish heart, made her think of her own. No sleep was to be found tonight, and she took out a sketching pad, attempting to draw the fireflies around the river reeds.

“Back again to enjoy the night I see, don’t run away this time.” The same voice, she nearly jumped out of her skin as he stood next to her car, his arm leaning on the vehicle.

“How did you find me?” She looked around, hijab whipping around her face.

His smile was gummy, his eyes shrinking. “I always know where you are.”

“That’s creepy. Who are you? What’s your name?” She drew her legs up towards her, holding her pencil tight in her hand.

Holding out a hand his smile faded from his face. He was serious again. “Noctis is appropriate. I would prefer you call me Yoongi.”

“Noctis. Latin for night. Is this a joke?” She took his hand, cool and smooth. A pleasant wave of fatigue drifted over her.

“I don’t joke much. So no. Please, call me Yoongi. May I sit?” He indicated the spot next to her. Still holding onto her hand. “Drop the pencil. I told you, I’m not going to hurt you. I swear.”

His eyes were different now, his pupils visible, he seemed more human. His hand still holding hers, she noticed he had moved her fingers so that his thumb was rubbing over her knuckles.

“You’re waiting for me to invite you this time?” She asked softly.

His gummy smile appeared again. “Last time I frightened you. I apologize.”

“Forgiven.” Letting her hand go he climbed inside and sat next to her. “Yoongi…so what’s this about following me?”

He took a deep breath. “Like I said. Noctis is appropriate. You could say I am looking for my moon.” The way he turned towards her, his fingers creeping up to her face. “It’s hard for you to sleep because you’re supposed to be awake with me.”

“What?” Leaning backwards as his mouth drew closer to her.

“I’ll let you sleep for tonight.” His mouth covered hers, tasting her lips, moving over her full lips.

She wanted to run to feel a sort of panic, but all that she felt was warmth and comfort. The lingering edge of sleep ebbing over her until she closed her eyes and everything went dark.

Jungkook as Oceanus

Yoongi as Noctis

Seokjin as Amores

Namjoon as Tempus

Taehyung as Aether

Hoseok as Solis

Jimin as Terra

List of Deities in the various Pilipin@ Mythologies

Here is a list of deities comprised from historical accounts, epics, and dictionaries. I actually created this list because a friend of mine on here asked me to send them a list of deities from Luzon to Mindanao for her art project which she actually finished and it looks so good! I am still adding more onto here as it will be periodically updated and every now and then I learn about a new deity from a historical account or in the early dictionaries. Hopefully it can be a resource and starting point for other artists to draw inspiration from and create their own depictions of how these deities look like or to any other Pilipin@ polytheist, pagan, who want to start learning about the various deities from the Philippines.


Bathala Maykapal - Supreme deity. Name means “creator of all things”. His messenger was the sacred omen birdTigmamanukan, a blue and black bird that most scholars believe is the Philippine fairy blue bird.

Lakambini - deity of the throat, invoked in cases of throat ailments.

Aman Sinaya - patron of fisherman

Lakan Bakod - guardian of the fences, invoked to keep animals out of swiddens. He had gilded genitals as long as a rice stalk and was offered eels when fencing swiddens because his was the strongest of all.

Lakapati - A major fertility goddess who had both female and male genitals and was worshiped during planting time.

Aman Ikabli - patron of hunters.

Diyan Masalanta - Goddess of lovers and childbirth.

Mankukuktod - Protector of coconut palms. If tuba tappers failed to make offerings to him before climbing a tree, they risked falling from the tree.

Uwinan Sana - lord of the grasslands and forests. Those going into forests acknowledged him or they were regarded as trespassers.

Haik - sea god, before the seamen set sail they sponsored a major ceremony to call on him for fair weather and winds.

Linga - a phallic and fertility god. Was also known to cause illness if not given recognition during daily activities. But he was prayed to cure diseases. His fertility festival is now celebrated in the Christianized Kasilonawan dance ritual in the Obando fertility rites.

Tala - the morning star, Venus

Mapulon - The constellation Pleiades and the god of seasons

Idiyanale - Goddess of labor and good deeds.

Meylupa - a crow god that was the master of the earth.

Sitan - guardian and ruler of the underworld

Manisilat - Goddess of broken homes. She was restless and mad whenever there was a happy home within sight. Deter- mined to destroy every happy home, she would disguise as a woman healer or an old beggar, enter the dwelling of her unsuspecting victims, and then proceed with her diabolical aims. With the aid of her charms and magic powers she would turn the husband and wife against each other. She was most happy when the couple quarreled and danced in glee when one of them would leave the conjugal home.

Mangagauay - She was the one responsible for the occurrence of diseases. She wore a necklace of skulls, and her girdle was made up of several severed human harids and feet.* Sometimes, she would change herself into a human being and roam about the countrysides as a healer. She could induce maladies with her charms.If she wished to kill someone, she did so by her magic wand. She could also prolong death, even for a number of months, by simply bind· ing to the waist of her patient a live serpent which was believed to be her real self or at least her substance.

Mankukulam - whose duty was to emit fire at night, especially when the night was dark and the weather was not good. Like his fellow agents, he often assumes hu- man form and went arotmd the villages, pretending to be a priest-doctor. Then he would wallow in the filth beneath the house of his victim and emit fire. If the fire was extinguished immediately, the victim would die.

Hukluban. She had the power to change herself into any form she desired. In fact, some people said that she had greater power than Mangagauay. She could kill anyone by simply raising her hand. However, if she wanted to heal those whom she had made ill by her charms, she could do so without any difficulty. It was also said of her that she could destroy a house by merely saying that she would do so. 

Silagan - whose duty was to tempt people and to eat the liver of all those who wear white clothes during mourning and take their souls down .to the depth of Kasanaan. This was the reason the ancient Tagalogs usually wore vari-colored tapis or barrel skirt. 

Mananangal - The sister of Silagan. She could be seen walking along dark trails and lonely paths without her head, hands or feet, because her work was to frighten people to death.


Laon - The supreme goddess of the Bisayans. She is a goddess of agriculture and harvests. She lived in the island of Negros in Mt. Kanlaon and who was invoked for a good harvest in the fields. She would sometimes send locusts to eat the crops if the people upset her.

Badadadam - (Samar) means “happy one who gave fertility and happiness.” He governed the world creating wealth and happiness and was the lord of the underworld. Was also known by another name, Makaobus, whose name meant “without having an end”, he foresaw the end of all things. He lived on a very high mountain that served as a watch tower from which he inspected everything. When he wished ti kill someone because his time was done or for other purposes, he sent Taba/Tawa, the “executioner”. Taba killed everyone, people drowning by his hands, not just those who died by water, but in their own homes. He is the one who governs the world and knows when one dies. He calls all the relatives and tells them so and so died and they can go forth and receive them in Saad. They all took their spears and Kalasag in the company of Badadum and went to the mouth of the river. There they waited for the dead person with a great feast and shouting. When the deceased arrived they took off the casket, long on, and Badadum asked if they were that certain person. On seeing them adorned with gold and other ornaments, Badadum acknowledged them as he doesn’t recognize those who don’t have gold and ornaments on them. This is why descendants put wealth (bahandi) in coffins. Badadum then tells the relatives that they can carry the dead person to the village of his father, Ayaoy, and to the house called Bariaas. (Alcina)

Aman Dayari - Diwata of the lazy who do not work and went about as vagabonds. He was carved out of wood called dap dap. He is depicted as a wild man who had one hand on his breast and the other on his lower parts covering them. It signified with the hands the effects of laziness. They covered the figure in cloth and gold for good fortune and through the figure they would hope to plant their lies and deceit in the heart and the other hand their lasciviousness and obscenities. (Alcina)

Magwayen - One of the primordial deities in Bisayan mythology, along with Kaptan, God of the Sky, who, in one version of the Bisayan creation myth, helped create the world and the first humans with Kaptan. She is also a Goddess who brings all the souls of the dead to Sulad, a purgatory, by bringing them across a spiritual river called Lalangban on her boat, delivering them to Sumpoy, the God of the Underworld, before reaching the final resting place in Saad, land of the ancestors, where they are then brought to the God Sisiburanen, who takes in all souls, good or bad, and brings them to Mt. Madyaa’s, the home of the gods, where the Visayans living in the coastal regions were believed to live out their afterlife or in a tall mountain in Borneo.

Kaptan - one of the primordial and creator deities, along with the sea Goddess Magwayen, where he is the one who planted the seed that grew into a reed in which the first man and woman, Si Kalak and Si Kabay were born from. Now on the other spectrum he is seen as the god who brings disease to his descendants as punishment because he has never tasted the delights of food and drinks from earth. So you have two opposing forces that he is known for, creation and death.

Banwanun - Diwata whose name means “he who lives in the forests”. To him they built a little house in the forest called Pagiawa. It was tall and of only 1 haripe. When ever they went to hunt for game the first hog they captured was put inside the house and this they never ate and was given as an offering to the god. This was done because if they didn’t they would not be able to catch hogs as the god would prevent them as lord of the forest.

Bakunawa - Bakunawa is a naga in Bisayan mythology who is seen as a gigantic sea serpent deity that lives under the sea. Bakunawa is described as having a mouth the size of a lake, a red tongue, whiskers, gills, small wires at its sides, and two sets of wings, one is large and ash-gray while the other is small and is found further down its body. There was a belief that instead of one moon there used to be 7 moons in the sky. Bakunawa fascinated by the beauty of the moons rose up from the sea and devoured 6 of the moons leaving one left. In order to save and protect the moon the people would try and scare the large serpent by making loud noises often using pots and pans. When an eclipse happened it was believed that Bakunawa was trying to devour the last remaining moon in which in every eclipse people would go out to try and scare the serpent. 

Barangaw - One of the 3 deities prayed to for success in war. The rainbow was is a gateway to the deities and in which those souls who were stabbed, eaten by crocodiles or pierced by arrows climbed and became deities themselves by dying honorable deaths. For the Agusan Manobo’s, there is a belief that the rainbow is the manifestation symbolizing that the war Gods have gone searching for blood and it is believed that if rainbows appear, ones enemies are near and approaching with the intent of war. 

Si Dapa: a diwata who marked out mortal men’s lifespan on a sacred tree trunk on Mt.Madyaas at the time of birth.

Pandaki: Rescuer of souls and transports them to a much more pleasant afterlife.

Naguinid - Worshiped for success in war and plunder during raids by Miguel de Loarca (1582) along with Barangaw & Makanduk. Was also invoked when concocting poisonous oils along with the deities Arapayan and Makbarubak.

Sumpoy - God of the afterlife. He is the one in charge of the souls in Sulad.


Mayari - Deity of power and strength and of Mt. Pinatubo

Damalog - god who preserved the sown fields from typhoons and winds.

Dumangan - god of harvest who made the grain grow abundantly.

Apo Laki - A sun and war god.  Apolaki was also the patron of warriors and fighters. He was also worshiped by the Pangasinan.


Gugurang - supreme god of the Bikolano who lives in Mount Mayon.

Haliya - Bikolano Goddess of the moon and protector of women where in pre-colonial times she had a cult of women devoted to her. For them, Haliya is their protector from Bakunawa, her rival, who was a giant sea serpent deity known to devour the sun or moon, that can take on a woman’s form when Haliya does not rise. In some accounts she is known to be a masked Goddess.


Dal'lang - goddess of beauty

Angngalo - A giant demigod who was the creative force of the shaping of the world

Apo Langit - Lord of the Sky

Kabunian - The supreme deity of the Ilokanos and other ethnics groups of Northern Luzon

Litao - Spirit of the river and sea.

Mangaragatan - God of the winds.


Apung Sinukuan -God of the Sun and War and of Mt. Arayat

Apung Malyari - God/Goddess of Mt. Pinatubo and the moon.

Mangatia - the weaver, net maker, who wove the universe with the eyes of the net as the stars in heaven and through which water enteres the universe to fall on earth as rain. 

Apung Iru - A gigantic crocodile deity that supports the earth on its back

Indung Tibuan - a mother earth goddess.

Lakanapi - a fire god who is a dragon serpent that flows through the veins of Indung Tibuan causing her to move thus causing earthquakes.

Angin - a wind god

Lakanbini - a rice goddess.

CorvoxThe Outsider; fanfic thingy

S-So uh…I was bored at college and thought this up…I started drawing it, but was afraid I’d forget parts of it half way so…I wrote it up. I can’t write for shit so yeah…ignore all of this. In fact probably don’t read it….

It’s set after Corvo is found by Daud and stuff in the flooded district, so yeah, enjoy?

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