pray for San Diego


As you may know, it can be ridiculously hard to find a place for your pets and animals when you need to evacuate and take shelter from a disaster like the wildfires currently ravaging the county. The San Diego Humane Society released this list of resources on their Facebook today.

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So I’m kind of sort of back but it is angry post time.

There are multiple fires burning around here and I would like to call the ignorance of some people to attention.

10,000 acres have burned, 20 buildings have been destroyed, Carlsbad alone issued 23,000 evacuation notices, and there is smoke pollution in the air causing people extra difficulties, especially certain people close to me with infants and young children who are having breathing difficulties in Rancho Bernardo. What bothers me about this whole situation, is that all people seem to care about is the fact that there is no school today and tomorrow.

Sure it’s nice that we don’t have to go to school, possibly miss out on a few tests, avoid dealing with people we don’t want to talk to, no more homework than what was assigned on Wednesday, but that is not the point. Many people have been evacuated from and lost their homes, San Diego is burning as I type this and all people are posting on Instagram is “No School Tomorrow! #beachday #beach #fire #sun” “I can see the #smoke from my #house! #fire #hot #itshot” “#wcw we so hot we started fires” and even going so far to complain about the fact that the apple weather background as it reflects it’s “Smoke” weather, is “completely inaccurate, smoke doesn’t move like that.”

Ignorance and stupidity has desensitized this generation of the real danger of this situation. Seeing comments under these posts like “#blazeit” and “these fires are so cool!” really annoys me. The fact that over half of your post is hashtag words and you think that the danger of fire is “cool” makes me question your awareness of the world around you.

I don’t even know what to say to these people. They are just so damn ignorant and they need to realize that this is a serious situation and they need to quit being so insensitive and be aware of what is going on around them. The ignorance is painful. Honestly, please pray of San Diego cause we need all the help we can get as we are surrounded by people who don’t understand the danger of this. 


WARNING: DONT TURN ON THE SOUND FOR THIS unless u wanna….well this is what happened today, there were about 9 fires in different places around San Diego. I believe this was taken in Carlsbad, this video isn’t mines i just found it on youtube. This is how harsh the flames where, luckily my neighborhood didn’t have to evacuate but please, pray for those who lost their homes in this fire. 

Jan. 19  10:45 am
For all that are involved in the San Diego, California fires: Please stay safe. I am so worried about these fires because they're so unpredictable and doing so much damage. Pack food, water, important documents and your most treasured items packed and ready to go just incase. Thank God for the brave men and women fighting the fires to protect SD communities right now. I pray for all of your safety and that these fires will be stopped soon.

What I experienced at the vigil in San Diego:

1.) I saw some old friendly faces from different parts of my life and it was so endearing to see everyone there and united
2.) Old couples, gay and lesbian, holding hands proudly, you could just feel their life journey
3.) Queer youth storming about, chanting “we’re here, we’re queer, we have no fear!”
4.) Couples of all sorts, interracial, varying body types, varying styles, kissing and hugging
5.) When the rainbow flag raised and the choir started to sing, I tried to fight back my tears because I’m not a quiet crier and I especially hate doing it in public, but I could not withhold it
6.) A sweet lady hugged me from behind and told me “it’s okay” and she cried with me
7.) Marching down the street past clubs where I’ve spent many drunken nights dancing, feeling overwhelmed, crying some more
8.) A sweet boy marching in front of me turns around and hugs me, telling me “don’t cry, it’s gonna be okay!”
9.) Kids holding candles and rainbow flags, staying closely at their parents’ sides
10.) So many signs, signs with loving messages and affirmations, signs with political angst, the sign with the names of all the victims
11.) The bittersweet feeling of relief after grieving, like a long tough day coming to an end but you didn’t notice the sunset

The bishop of San Diego, Cirilo Flores, has been diagnosed with untreatable cancer, and his earthly life will end in the coming months. Pray for him, and pray for the San Diego Diocese, in some sense my home diocese. Bishop Cirilo was barely on the job for a year before suffering a massive stroke, and never fully recovering until this more recent news broke.