pray babes pray

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Do you ever just need to rant but can't tell anyone IRL because they're all part of the problem and can't talk to anyone online because some IRL friends follow you and you don't want them to see /that/ post, so you end up sitting and just grumbling and wanting to talk but feeling unable cause you need to rant but don't want to annoy/hurt anyone? 😒

I get u babe i get u 

Usually I just have a hard time ranting online even if I don’t know the people IRL because like I know them HERE and like i hate making people worry and i want to be the cheerful happy person everyone thinks i am and idk it’s hard sometimes. :( I’m not always the best listener but if u need to rant to an unconnected bystander i’m here <3


I imagined this excellent and sad goodbye scene as if they were a mother and her teenage son:

“Marco: Mom please.”

“Loretta: No. You’re not going.”

“Marco: But moooom…”

“Loretta: Absolutely not.”

“Marco: But Striker is going to be there too!”


“How close were you guys? What was her name, again?”

“Rachel.” Aris paused. “We were way more than close. Things happened. We remembered stuff. Made new memories.