Now Ohai will wait to see if she is given the opportunity to make another impact. The USWNT has friendlies scheduled against Romania on Nov. 10 and Nov. 13 in California. Ohai said the players will be told this week if they will be invited to that camp.

She said she is hopeful for another chance because of everything she learned in her first camp. It is the most intense training environment she has been in with veterans working as hard as they can to hold off the newcomers so they can keep their spots.

Ohai said she had several discussions with coach Jill Ellis about what she can improve on. Ellis has moved Ohai to the wide midifeld. Even though Ohai is comfortable there, she still has plenty to learn since she has been a forward most of her life.

Ellis wants her to combine with the forwards more and look for different balls to play across. Ellis also wants Ohai to add more nuances to her game so she is less predictable.

I think that even though God is not bound by time, He could hardly wait for you to be born. Even though He knows every moment of each of our lives by heart, He was so excited when you started yours, because He could finally be with you. He knew all the joy you would feel, all the pain. He wanted to go through it all with you so badly. He knew all the lives you would touch, and all the lives that would touch yours. He knew you would one day know Him. I think that when you prayed that prayer, He thought, “At last. I’ve been waiting forever to meet you officially.”

anonymous asked:

Has there been any Soralon activity recently? I never see them having any livestreams anymore D:

On twitter not that much, they do livestreams to play a lot tho, the other day Lon was playing Splatoon and Soraru wanted to play with her so he joined after a while.

As for their covers, I asked Lon if she was going to do the usual Christmas collaboration with Soraru and she said:

Lon: Ah, I wonder… we said something like “Let’s do it!” but, you know… it’s seems that Soraru-san will be busy, maybe there won’t be a Christmas collaboration…

They’re both busy, Soraru with his live and stuff and Lon with her radio program /cries