Rainbow Brite wishes she’d been drawn like this, with awesome locks of vivid rainbow hair. Whether you’re looking to show off for summer, celebrate LGBT Pride Month, recapture the childhood magic of sand art, or simply make everyone around you constantly crave rainbow rainbow sherbet and saltwater taffy, dazzling tresses like these could be yours. 

The ladies in these photos all used ChromaSilk Vivids by Pravana, a brand of hair dye that comes in ten different shades and doesn’t run or transfer to other strands of hair. That’s what makes these dazzling chromatic hairstyles possible and what makes us want to find some cotton candy stat.

Photos by invisable_in_vegas,, dye2bnatural, vpfashion, pravana, lizzislox, hair.color, and theunicorntribe respectively.

[via Design Taxi]


I had such a fun time creating this Rainbow Dash inspired look on the cutest little Amelia today. 

I’m so lucky to get to do this sort of thing for a job!

Amelia Hart Hair And Makeup