pratt and miller

Elixir Vitae

AU XF fanfic set around the time of IWTB.

A/N: English is not my first language and I’m doing this without a beta reader, so please be kind and overlook language and grammar mistakes.

I simply had to post something today. Posting always makes me feel good, receiving friendly feedback even more. And since tomorrow is going to be a shit day, I need to enlighten today with starting a new story….

Chapter I

Her auburn hair is the first thing I see of her. It’s not done the usual way. It’s not neatly blow-dried in an effort to get rid of the frizz but has obviously been neglected. It falls oddly onto her shoulders in untamed curls, but it reflects the light of the afternoon sun as it always does when she sits on our porch with a cup of tea after a tough day, watching the sun go down.

I instantly know it’s her.

Her hair is quite a bit longer since the last time I saw her about three months ago before she had once again been taken from me. This time by a psychopath we’d been chasing together, not by alien colonists, nor by a bunch of governmental conspirators.

I’d been asked by the FBI to help out with my profiling skills to hunt down a serial killer and, of course, I had to drag her into the case with me. She’d been working as a doctor in the children’s ward at the local hospital close to where we’d settled down. She’d put the FBI behind her for good, hell, why hadn’t I let her? Well, I know the answer to that question: I simply didn’t know how to work on a case alone anymore, without discussing it with her and seeking her advice. And, as was expected, she had given me the final hint I needed to put the pieces of the puzzle together and identify the guy. I still don’t understand how I could’ve been so blind and not see that the killer had turned the tables and had started stalking me. It hadn’t even occurred to me that he might change the favorited target he’d been pursuing until then - brunette, rather plump women - to a petite, slender redhead. I, acclaimed profiler Spooky Mulder, had overlooked that taking away the person I simply couldn’t live without, might be the killer’s next move to react against me.

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Jurassic World: A Summary

Burt Star-Lord Macklin and his raptor squad save the kid from Iron Man 3 with the help of Bryce Dallas Howard’s magical heels and a totally friendzoned Nick from New Girl. Plot twist: the real hero is the guy running away from pterodactyls in a noble attempt to save his margaritas.


Bryce Dallas Howard has a major crush on Jake Johnson - he’s even on her list…

The Signs As My Favorite Actors

Aries: Jim Parsons

Taurus: David Boreanaz

Gemini: Chris Pratt

Cancer: Ed Westwick

Leo: Jesse Williams

Virgo: Colin Firth

Libra: Ezra Miller

Scorpio: Eric Dane

Sagittarius: Nicholas Hoult

Capricorn: Eddie Redmayne & Norman Reedus

Aquarius: Evan Peters & Tom Hiddleston

Pisces: Ansel Elgort


I can picture mama Meryl Streep’s reaction on Jennifer Lawrence’s Essay Slamming Gender Wage Gap!

And the response to little whiners online : “DEAL WITH IT”