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Do you ever try to poop your diaper, and have the poop just stop and you're stuck with a prarie dog (poop that is only half way out a of your botty) until time to change?

Yes!!! Unless daddy makes me take something to make my poopy more soupy :)

Two days a week my animal studies class introduces me to a new super serious animal welfare issue and two days a week I decide to dedicate my life to it and make it my hill to die on forever.

I have to start a pet sanctuary. No, wait, I have to become a quality inspector for zoos. No, wait, I have to buy the entire Great Plains and convert it into a national park so prarie dogs don’t go extinct. No, actually I have to dismantle the entire meat industry singlehandedly. Wait, but what about dogfighting rings-

I really shouldn’t have to say much on this.

Though I realize prairie dogs exist in other places than CO (and this is more of a “you know you’re in” rather than “from” post), these suckers are just…everywhere. Where I live, everywhere I look there are prairie dogs. 

At least they amuse me while I sit at the bus stops.