El Gala Grande: The Audio Treasure: "Cranquis reads the Intern Year Survival Guide, and more"

So for those of you keeping score at home, Chief Cranquistador(k) ohheytherehi is one of only two readers to find a treasure hunt prize. Here is her personal account of finding the treasure, if you’re interested in vicariously experiencing the thrill of finding a prize for yourself.

The treasure itself is a CD with 6 audio tracks of Your Friendly Neighborhood Cranquis, primarily of me reading/retelling the Intern Year Survival Guide, plus A Stupid Poem. And ohheytherehi has been large-hearted enough to post all the tracks on Tumblr for all of you to enjoy…

Even though the rest of you are all slackers who couldn’t work up the energy to travel to New York and find the prize yourselves. 

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Anyways… here are the links to those audio posts. Enjoy! :)

  1. Intro
  2. Intern Year Survival Guide pt.1
  3. Intern Year Survival Guide pt.2
  4. Intern Year Survival Guide pt.3
  5. A Stupid Poem
  6. Outro (now with 100% more “Creepy Ta-ta”)
El Gala Grande: Almost found?

ohheytherehi submitted:

No one has claimed El Gala Grande yet, right? I wanna go tomorrow or Tues, but wanna make sure so I don’t go on a wild goose chase :p

Nope. Nobody has notified me of finding the El Gala Grande treasure yet. And I’m thrilled that you’re going to actually go look for it! But obviously, I don’t want to make it TOO easy for you either – so I’ll post this one last reminder/prompt for any other New Yorkers who might want to race you to the library. :)

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