prankster gambit

Let’s think about this for a moment: Peter Maximoff pre-DOFP didn’t bother to hide his mutation, he didn’t show off either tho. He picked up groceries and his lil sister from school, cleaned the car and was really good at arcade games, and he stole stuff and people suspected him but no one had proof, and at school he had his weird but cool silver hair and devil may care attitude and pranksters gambit. There may be other mutants in town /school but they just acknowledge each other and move on.

But then he actually meets other mutants, goes on a trip with them, breaks Erik out of the Pentagon. It’s all cool and fun and great. But then Magneto does his speech, threatens the president, has an entire stadium in the sky. He’s regretting helping this guy and maybe he confesses his actions to his mom or maybe he keeps quiet. Either way things are different now.

Peter doesn’t do speed runs for errands or to pick up his sister, and at school nobody laughs at his jokes anymore, they send scornful and fearful looks his way, they either avoid him or send blatant antimutant hate, other mutant kids keep their heads down and completely shun him, teachers don’t help him out anymore (with his adhd or bullying), it may get to the point where he drops out. He stops stealing mostly, he still gets food bc he needs the calories and it gets expensive, but with cops already on his case he cant give them more ammo.

But also, he’s the one that broke Erik out. And yea the cameras weren’t working but there were eye witnesses and how many youngsters have silver hair? Not many at all, so now he’s actively hiding his ability. He stays inside more, in the basement, doesnt leave his mom’s house, bc there are antimutant bigots, and cops, and government officials after him. He’s cooped up and goes stir crazy and runs out a few times.

Peter and his mom exchange confessions. He broke Erik out of the Pentagon. Erik is his father. This takes a long while to process and accept and not feel the urge to find him to beat him up (even if Peter’s a bit scared of him). It takes a bit longer to decide what he’s gonna do with this information and even longer to plan and gain the courage to actually leave the house and find him.

Apocalypse happens and Peter doesn’t tell Erik what he knows bc its not the right time. Erik just lost his wife and daughter and a battle is happening so he’ll tell him later. But then when it ends he’s stuck in a cast and Erik is helping rebuild the mansion and Peter’s pretty sure theyre both busy so he’ll wait for things to settle down and give Erik time to grieve. But then he’s leaving again and Peter isn’t sure he should even tell him. He has this extended family, where he fits in and he finally has something to do with his life, something to apply his ability and mind to, and not be caged in his mom’s basement anymore. They both need time to find themselves, and Peter’s an adult, so he doesn’t try to search for Erik or go back home, he stays at Xaviers to be a XMan.

That ‘imagine if John had retconned the bship crew over to the meteor instead AU’ post got a few notes a while ago and honestly I overlooked the best part of this arrangement, which would be that probably even the most determined starters of romdram might be somewhat deterred if their chaperone was a prank-happy grandmother from the early 1900s who can walk through walls without warning.

AU where all the alpha kids spend th night in a haunted house. Roxy and Jake are determined to prove there’s a ghost while Jane doesn’t believe in ghosts and wants to prove them wrong. Dirk is their camera guy who says he believes, but no one can tell if he’s being sincere or not.

They get locked in and there’s totally a malevolent spirit there that harasses them all night, and then morning comes and turns out it’s just jake/Jane’s asshole cousin that died from an allergy attack like three years ago

Even in death you simply can not beat John Egbert’s prankster gambit


JohnDaveWeek Day 1: Favorite Canon Interaction

So idk about you but seeing Dave actually play along with John’s ridiculous idea immediately told me they had a very close and playful relationship and I still remember this specific quote to this day because of how cute I thought it was. Also, seeing that it really messed with Dave later on made it even funnier!

I’d like to apologize to everyone who is probably about to find their dash and perhaps other social media pages flooded with nerds taking selfies with this page. In our defense, Hussie said to, and I for one believe that, after getting this webcomic for free for over six years now, the least we as a fandom can do is show our appreciation by helping him get his Prankster Gambit into the infinity zone. One last great act of international trolling before the megapause, the final flashes, and the likely collapse of reality itself. In-comic, I mean. Probably.