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I feel like each married couple is on opposite sides for MWF. So it’d be:

Pro-MWF = Mrs. McAdams, Mr. Von Chilstein, Mr. Ping, Andrews, McFeeneys, Treehugger’s parents, Jock’s parents.

Anti-MWF = Mr. McAdams, Mrs. Von Chilstein, Mrs. Ping, Goldsteins.

The Monoranians would be pro until Chaz’s life was put in danger and they switched over to the anti-MWF side to protect their son.

The Kwees try to stay out of it so their daughters can have a normal, successful life but are in actuality anti-MWF and choose that once forced to get involved.

Mr. Stern (Mrs. Stern having died) also tries to stay out of it and is initially pro-MWF for the money but eventually switches to anti-

Mrs. Martinez (since I feel like Cam’s in a single-parent household) actually has no knowledge of it since the family doesn’t have the money that the others do and she’s always working to support her family.

Mr. Holgaart is abroad a lot because of his business and doesn’t have the time to get involved with the local relations or properly talk to his son’s friend’s parents. Mrs. Holgaart is really kind but can’t speak English so she spends her days sewing/knitting as she watches her Scandinavian soaps.


“Still not up to Mann Wurst Finnwich levels.”
Okay but what if sneaky sexy vice principal was crushing on mecha-evil business mom? But how do you impress a perfectionist with designs on world domination? And what if you start to want to be her?


=concept art of hypothetical nextgen Detentionaire fanwork=

Ruby Kwee, Angelina Martinez and the TechNerd whose name isn’t so important right now [or ever]


“Okay…If I roll six, we go forward. Good thing I brought my twelve-sided die!”

Still goes to A. Nigma despite her parents wishes to ship her off to university for her apparent genius and tries to focus on having fun. This usually manifests in the geekiest way possible since she’s become the envy of all nerdkind - A. Nigma’s resident dungeon master of Castles and Serpents. Of course it doesn’t help she’s taken to reading a little too deeply into the A. Nigma library’s darker corners and especially one book she originally thought was a cheat guide for game-breaking spells. It’ll come in handy though because what they’re up against is a riddle that’s gonna take more than logic to solve. Crafty and too curious for her own good, she inevitably ends up breaking rule 1. of Castles & Serpents: There are no friends in Castles & Serpents.

+still secretly squeals over Patsy for Hire, especially the bass player+

+secretly admires Angelina’s bravery despite her disdain for jocks+


“Hey, are we doing this or are we doing this?!”

Also attending A. Nigma instead of her old non-future-leaders-of-the-world school because of her pro-league prowess at basketball despite her smallish legs [it’s genetic]. Even for a girl jock she’s a bit of a daredevil but she still wasn’t psyched about having to tutor two geeks who were somehow managing to fail Gym. She’s up for anything though and is happy to be dragged along for any adventures that they get sucked into [though she usually does the dragging.] 

+is now the keeper of Cam’s basement bedroom- though now it’s decked in pink and the workout equipment get a lot more use out of them+

+has a thing for competition- stacks sandwiches every lunch period at the caf up against a certain rival jock [“I was number ONE before you, that’s why your shirt says FIVE”]+


“ I could’ve been in my bed right now I COULD’VE BEEN IN MY BED RIGHT NOW”

Unlucky in everything [except maybe in finally getting his growthspurt] the mysterious Technerd was content in shutting himself in his room, practicing for band or programming- and not talking to anyone except for the occasional rapid nod to a teacher. That is until he may have stumbled upon something spooky on one fateful field trip with the other two, to the abandoned Green Apple Splat factory. High strung and shy but with a strong moral code [and latent desire to be just like the movie hero Ace Von] that usually obligates him to the crazy schemes he always ends up in.

+has a fear of the Emo clique especially one in particular who he thinks may actually be a legit vampire after his blood, but who’s probably just crushing on him emo stlyes+

+has a pet rock on his windowsill that he goes to for advice+


“Why couldn’t you have been a beige cat???”

A stray that follows the three of them around everywhere since that day at the factory. As far as we know- of no relation to RKK but probably the source of all Tech’s bad luck, but which somehow always seems to lead them in the right direction for finding out stuff that’s totally wrong. This cat knows too much according to Angelina and is probably evil according to Tech. According to Ruby it’s a ‘widdle bwack ball of fuzzy wuzziness.’ But that doesn’t count because she didn’t know anyone could hear her talking to the cat. 

+doesn’t eat fish, probably because it worships the FISHGOD+


Black cats [well, black cat], ghosts of Nigma’s past, steampunk monsters awoken, ancient puzzles that seem fun at first and the answers to some haunting questions.

why Band of Heroes was V IMPORTANT


  • SleepCute trope applied to Camillio and Holg in the hallways and then Lee and Biffy fell who asleep together on Biffy’s couch and his parents moved Bif to his bed [somehow?] and Lee to sleep on his weightlifting chai and then they got up and had friggin bAgels.
  • Kimmie’s mom went to Mean Mom to Evil Mom to A FUCKING MECHA. I HAD TO PAUSE THE VIDEO AND LAUGH AND SOB FOR LIKE FIVE MINUTES. Seriously though, when Biffy woke up in the trunk of her car, it was one of those moments where you’re like…shit, this show is not afraid of the element of danger, the threat of like real world scary deathtrap setting kidnapping sniping torturing villains. Who are moms who have been lying to their own kids and warping someone else’s kid’s mind for their own plans. Not to mention she gets terrible mom award for giving Kimmie snide weight comments and that creepy 'boys will always disappoint you [while they’re trapped in my fuckin trunk on their way to Terrible Island] not like your mom~….’
  • Speaking of which the Serpent’s got some serious mommy issues re: Cassandra keeping him from his real family and training him as a 'weapon of vengeance.’ Dude only knows how to hate, kick ass, take care of snakes, and do card tricks. It breaks my heart a little a lot. Like hence all the rebellion and Pingvestigation and obsession/jealousy/hatred/protection of Lee. But he WANTS to be good or at least be with his real family and save his brother [even though he’s still sore about Lee living this charmed little life while he…well] and his girlfriend [or 'whatever’]. He’s not only capable of hatred, and he can care about others besides his precious Pruscilla. I just hope he gets a chance at a real life after all this.
  • Barrage is trying to resist Cassandra’s programming. Plz get well soon.
  • Wurst vs clones with Sue as their skeptical leader. YES.
  • Kimmie seeming to actually consider a little that her mom isn’t being honest. 'Lol mom srsly though why do we have a sub and not a jet.’ This could mean she could be joining the Band sometimes soon, maybe even coming to the rescue?
  • Biffy is friends enough with Holger that he thought Holger’d give him the Key. Cam and Holger are STILL having the 'which one of us is Lee’s bro’ argument For FINNWICH’S SAKE GUYS 
  • Lee’s mom…okay woah…is actually a clone??? Like they actually decided to make this happen- at least she’s #1 and not like #872029. 
  • Shi Wu [Xi Wu?]…hmmm

Okay remember waaaay back in early Detentionaire fandom days when someone on the wiki said that Tina [‘Tiba’ as they put it] was probably Radcircles and 'she has the biggest motivation of all’ and it was like lol

But I mean, Tina framing Lee, by season one logic, totally DID have a motive, i.e going from a shaky-start new reporter to the source for the biggest scoop of the school year. What better way to stick it to Chaz than to unseat him as  A. Nigma’s go-to-guy for scandal. And what better way to pull that off than to stage a gigantic prank for which your goodie-two-shoes self wouldn’t even be suspected, frame a far more believable patsy [sorry Lee but that punk hair and tat and skater threads make you the perfect target] and maybe douse his perfect coiffure as a bonus? Then using his obvious crush on her as an IN, getting to interview him for story points. Everyone else in her family’s a genius, maybe she’s just a little more secretive about it. And YO, besides [knock knock]you-know-who[’s there] if there was ever a Big Reveal that would’ve been epic-enough for its own theme music, Tina-being Rad would’ve been a pretty messed up and interesting spin on the mild-mannered reporter and crush thing.

I’d say, if the show did only get one season, that would’ve been a pretty cool way to turn things out.


Three pyramid symbols only viewable-through-Finnwich’s doohickey

  • The dolphin that represents Coral Grove: the place they send people who know too much.
  • The assembly [or reassembly?] of the Pyramid by Red Tatzelwurms.
  • Global domination by MWF’s corporate monopoly and the end of the world as we know it.
MWFP headcanon time

Some of the #detentionaire family expressed a need for more HCs about MWFP

Story time!

Let’s start with what we know…

Alexander Nigma liked Finnwich so much that he gave him one of his hats Cyrus style (like that just screams nerd alert to me. Finnwich continues to be a huge music geek like even in the sea lair his soliloquies about sharps and flats and his appreciation for latin and his giant cryptic book collection. I think Nigma was very selective in choosing the best students for his quest. I think he built the school there in the first place just to train minds to open the pyramid. The school song lyrics  are literally: 

The school was built in Nigma’s name

To help the kids to feed their brains

A place for every boy and girl

The future leaders of the world

Like Finnwich said “I rather liked him until…” which tells me Nigma had ulterior motives and Max had just got savvy to the schemes, like just imagine Lo, having a rebellious streak despite being on the honour roll, ‘accidentally’ stumbling upon the blueprints for something that would jeopardize other students, and then came across him using a young Niles Pegg to try and open the pyramid, and then putting him away when he fell into cursed sleep. 

Or maybe Lo even saw what happened to a young Mrs. Alice who was unfortunate witness and subsequently was hypnotized by Nigma’s mysterious song so she could still talk, but never give answers (thus her talking to Tina and Jenny mostly in riddles and cryptic shush-ing) and Lo telling Maxie he’s not so sure about things but Max being mad that Lo would accuse Mister Nigma of being evil. 

And then after the Pyramid’s re-sealing itself His Eminence becoming their new mentor and things seeming pretty cool because suddenly they feel powerful (and no more homework lol) and then suddenly Liz (Elizabeth, but Liz sometimes) becomes the favourite because she’s got finesse when it comes to manipulating the markets and plotting on the corporate scale. And her name gets put first in the company acronym, and Maxie starts noticing the same creepy things as Lo did, and they plan to run away and go into hiding, but Max is too scared of His Eminence, and because he thinks Liz already knows. 

Art has always been the forgotten member of the team, being easily distracted in general and having a pacifistic approach to business, and a fun approach to almost everything else. But His Eminence considered the boy’s knowledge of biology invaluable for future projects, so he nurtured his malice by reminding him privately that his three friends were more likely laughing at him than with him, that they thought they were smarter. 

Things go very badly for him. He sees both parents die of a mysterious terminal illness, which he knows lives in his own DNA. His Eminence becomes his guardian, and he begins working seriously for once, painstakingly searching for a cure, his perpetual secret project. By now they all know His Eminence’s plans, their plans, are world domination by any means necessary. Max has taken over the position of Lo. Lo didn’t even tell him a real goodbye, he didn’t tell him where he was going either because His Eminence would find out. They had the technology for interrogation, but Maxwell was a terrible liar anyways. 

Liz sought enough status and respect to make up for a lifetime of being smart 'for such a pretty gal,’ the hardest-working and most underestimated member of 'Alexander Nigma’s boys’. People were going to remember her name, which she now insisted was Elizabeth, (all the time). Art’s loyalty lay with his priority, which was survival. Maxie held onto Lo’s engineering notebooks and took his place as the team’s technologist. He hated meetings, he hated fighting, he hated his former friends and he was not allowed the respite of even a tune on the radio, because His Eminence loathed music of any kind. He missed Lo. And Lo, he had escaped just soon enough for them to chip the last letter off their logo.

pewcat-deactivated20160505  asked:

i feel like i once had a conspiracy theory about chaz biffy and lee all being created or something and nOW I CAN'T REMEMBER WHY

My fave theories are dawooster’s Biffy is an MWF robot, my own Biffy is a test-tube baby biological marvel created by his parents, now I can add ‘Chaz isss justs BUFF jsut fukcin reallY BUFF UNDER THE NEWS NERD JACKET OKAY’

also Lee isn’t even real he’s a metaphor for the friendships we made along the way

Lee not liking Splat has to have something to do with being un-hypnotizable

maybe Green Apple Splat really does taste bad but everyone else has been brainwashed by the commercials (I mean it seems to be heavily advertised in-universe, at the mall there’s a sample stand and the whole thing at Brandy’s party) whereas Lee is unaffected and thus can taste it as it is. Although Biffy hasn’t really said anything about it he is only ever shown drinking that rootbeer that comes in the orange can since episode 1.


detentionaire fandom, I’m just throwing this out there but I think monkeys are maybe a big deal- or at least somewhat plot-significant.

Cam’s hypnotic simian syndrome, that they use them for experiments at MWF techquarters- I think it has something to do with genetic experiments on hypnosis resistance, which makes me think of Biffy pretty quick. Who knows with a show like Detentionaire, maybe Kimmie’s wisecrack’s about Biffy being monkey-like were just a diss, maybe they’re INTENSE FORESHADDOWING.