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If Harry Potter had been sorted in Slytherin House.

In the first year, Harry Potter decides to shake Draco Malfoy’s hand when he first offered to be friends. Even though he doesn’t like to admit it, it is Voldemort that spoke for him at that moment. Immediately after, he’s sorted with the blond in Slytherin. They team up quickly and Harry convinces Malfoy that Snape is not the nice guy. Harry discovers how Draco Malfoy was raised by a racist family and fights a lot with Malfoy and his nasty comments because he knows what it is like to be rejected for something you have no control on. Harry (and Draco, though he doesn’t want to admit it) becomes friends with Ron and Hermione when they find Ron, by himself, looking for Hermione at Halloween. Draco and Harry were sneaking out, trying to find the troll for the lols of it and Ron was doing according to the canon storyline. The four of them don’t completely get along first, mostly because Draco cannot stand the mudblood, but after heated arguments and a deal on the quidditch field (”If I catch the snitch, and I will, before you make a single goal, Malfoy, you stop calling Hermione a mudblood.”) he finally accepts to keep his mouth shut and roll his eyes a minimum when they hang out with the Gryffindors. The four of them goes in the trap for the philosopher stone. Draco helps Hermione carrying Ron to the infirmary.

In the second year, by having a true friend, Draco jerk attitude gradually fainted. Harry and him, both understand each other without words ever needed. They also hang a lot with Ron and Hermione. Draco is always quiet when they are with them. He’s too busy rolling his eyes. Harry tells Draco about Dobby and Draco forces Dobby to stop trying to kill his friend and tell them about the Chamber of Secrets. They practice Quidditch together all the time. Draco complains about his dad a lot. They use polyjuice to spy on the teachers to learn more about the chamber of secrets, instead, all they learn is about McGonnagall’s wife. Draco and Ron are both with Harry in the Chamber of Secrets but are separated when Lockhart uses Ron’s wand. They let Harry go find Ginny and stay quiet for a bit. After a couple of minutes, they start talking and recognise that they have a lot more in common than they thought. They start arguing about their collection of chocolate toads cards.

In the third year, Draco was with Harry, in the train, when the dementors strike. He says a sassy comment when Harry wakes up after fainting, yet he did hear a woman screaming. It was his mum. Screaming at his dad. They always fight. He’s jealous that Harry spends time with Lupin. He feels lonely. He hates the other Slytherins. Especially, Pansy Parkinson. She’s always following him around. He finds himself spending more time with Ron and Hermione in order to avoid her. They talk about how shitty is Divination class. Pansy Parkinson is the one that gets hit by Buckbeak. She wants to impress Draco. She’s the first one to notice that Draco is hypnotised by Harry Potter. She hates it. Draco is the one that falls off his broom. He cannot participate in the saving of Buckbeak nor Sirius because he’s in the infirmary for a long time (don’t worry Harry visits him often).

By the fourth year, we get to see both of characters to evolve together, tease each other, flirt with each other under sassy comments. Draco helps Harry getting ready for the Triwizard Tournament. Harry finds Draco tied up in the lake; he’s the person he cares the most about. Harry tells Hermione about how if he was a girl he would invite Draco to the Yule Ball. Draco invites Pansy (because he knows she’ll accept) to make Harry jealous. Harry goes with Parvati to convince himself he doesn’t have feelings for Draco. He promptly realises he’s been lying to himself when he sees Draco holding Pansy tightly. Draco starts going out with her. Lots of drama. The third task happens. It kills Draco to see Harry so devastated after Cedric’s death. If finds him in Maugrey’s office with Dumbledore and Co. Harry is angry at Draco because he saw his dad that night. Their dads. Draco is petrified, struck for the first time of the horrors his father took a part to. Maybe even is mother. Reconciliation. Draco’s character development of the end of the seventh book happens.

By the fifth year, Harry sassy comments to Draco’s father made Draco realise that his home is not at the Malfoy’s manor. Narcissa, loyal confident of her son, offers that he moves definitely with Andromeda after a torrid fight she has with her son about their link with Voldemort. She knows he will be happier there. She also knows Voldemort plans and she wants to distance her precious son from this toxic household. Andromeda’s house is also very close to the Dursleys. Draco teams up with Harry for the Dumbledore Army. They also team up with Fred and George to prank Umbridge, a lot. Harry and Draco kiss for the first time at a meeting everyone forgot except them. Harry tells Hermione. Draco tells Ron. Draco goes to the Christmas party at 12 Grimmauld place. Harry tells clumsily Sirius about his bisexuality. Sirius is moved by Harry’s confidence and tells him about how James and Lily would be proud of their son. How he is proud of the man he became. Harry and Draco cuddle secretly and it helps Harry with his nightmares. Draco freezes at the fight of the ministry. What if his father or his mother are there? He cannot risk hurting them. He holds Harry when Sirius dies. He holds Harry after Voldemort’s fight. His parents learn about it. Narcissa knew. Lucius is infuriated, goes to Andromeda’s to talk his son out of the noxious relation he shares with Harry Potter. Draco stands up for the first time against his father.

In the sixth year, they accept their affection for each other and team up with Ron and Hermione to destroy Voldemort. The whole Halfblood Prince thing isn’t happening nor is Draco plotting against Dumbledore, Snape is charged to kill Dumbledore and he’s the one that lets the Death Eaters into the castle. Draco is constantly haunted by the face of disgust of his father when he looked at him the last time they met. He accepts to help Harry but makes him understand he won’t be able to fight Death Eaters if they meet any. 

It all goes according to canon until they are at the Malfoy’s manor and Bellatrix tortures Draco for having betrayed his family and his blood. The scars he gets replaces the one left by Sectum Sempra in canon. Narcissa is at Andromeda’s when it happens. When she learns about it, she breathes in painfully and promises to herself to help Harry when the time comes. Lucius tells her when she comes back in order to win back her trust. She’s so angry at Bellatrix but she hides it impeccably, she volunteers to do extra work for Voldemort to conceal her rage. It makes her gain even more his trust for when the Moment comes. Everything goes as canon, except that it is Pansy Parkinson that goes hysteric in the Room of Requirements and set fire to it. Draco was the one that went in the Chamber of Secrets because he always hears his boyfriend talk in Parseltongue in his sleep. Draco has a breakdown when he sees Harry in the arms of Hagrid and Narcissa, helpless, by his side. When Harry moves, he automatically runs to him and throws his wand at him. He then runs into the castle to find another wand but ends up helping Sybil Trelawney with an injured student. He understands that even if he despised her classes, she’s a good person and is worth respect.

The epilogue is that after the war they both become professors at Hogwarts; Harry is the D.A.D.A. teacher and Draco is the potions teacher. They adopt Teddy Lupin and it makes them want to adopt more children: James, Scorpius, Neville and Lily. All is well.

My Voltron headcanon dump

- Lance let his mom cut his hair
- Lance actively tries getting people to do his morning skin care routine to do with
- Almost every time Keith and Lance hold hands they’re surprised at the difference in their body heat. (Lance being cold and Keith being naturally v warm)
- Lance dishes out flirting but cant take it back or he explodes
- Everyone always eats dinner together
- Lance pulls pranks a lot (mostly on Keith)
- Lance secretly lifts so he can show off later to Keith
- Hunk starts cooking dinner for them all
- Pidges room gets littered in tech stuff
- Every time after a tough mission when they leave their lions the pals kinda group up and hug eachother for a couple minutes
- Coran starting off stories with “back in my century” or something similar
- Keith used to stare at his blade late in the night but now he thinks of his new friends and smiles falling asleep
- Shiro either spent years trying to perfect his eyeliner or has Allura do it for him

Dating Grayson would include...

• Cuddling all the time
• Cute kisses on the nose or the forehead
• Movie nights
• Saturdays in PJs
• Random Dates
• Cute nicknames
• Calling you princess
• Late night adventures…
• …To McDonald’s
• Him being goofy when you are in a bad mood to cheer you up
• Him being very protective
• Taking baths and showers together
• Lots of rough or romantic sex (I just had to)
• Taking goofy pictures and videos together
• Him showing you off
• Long talks
• Good morning and Goodnight texts
• Him buying you pizza
• Butt grabs (I had to, I’m sorry okay!)
• Traveling together
• Late night FaceTime and phone calls
• Random kisses
• Sometimes meeting only to take a nap together
• Him taking cute pictures of you while you are not looking
• Ethan walking in while you two are making out
• Playing with his hair
• Watching the sunset/sunrise while cuddling under a blanket on the roof
• A lot of tickle fighting
• Constantly being tagged and told you two are relationship goals
• Meeting his parents and Cam and feeling very nervous at first but they are too sweet
• Him meeting your parents and absolutely freaking out
• But they like him anyway
• Taking care of you when you are ill/ on your period
• You taking care a of him when he’s ill
• A lot of random “I love you,” text messages
•Sending each other memes
• “Accidentally” moving your butt all the time while spooning
• Therefore giving him a boner (may someone give me holy water please)
• Doing a basic white girl voice like omg seriously losers stop it
• Pranking each other a lot
• Watching horror movies
• Grayson not wanting to sleep with the lights off “just in case you get scared”
• “Send nudes,” snaps as a joke
• But not always
• Ethan always teasing you about you two having sex
• Reading smut stories about him to him
• Creating playlists for each other
• His “secret” way of asking to have sex is “LET’S MAKE BABIES,”
• Breakfast in bed
• Chewing loudly to piss him off
• Rewatching old vines
• A lot of hickeys everywhere
• Calling him “daddy,” to annoy him 😂
• Freaking out when he takes his tshirt off because holy damn have you seen those muscles like omfg!
• Massages when you are stressed
• Him cooking dinner when you come home late or for a date in
• Random kisses
• A lot of random “I love you,“s


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So i’ve told this story to almost everyone who doesn’t go to my school but i need to post it here because i can’t stop thinking about it,

So every year my school has senior prank day at the end of the year (i’m assuming most schools have this?) where the graduating students run around and play pranks. There have been lots of wild pranks every year cause my school is weird as fuck, live lobsters in the toilets, syrup all over the stairwell, setting up a slip n slide outside stuff like that. There was one prank though that made me lose my shit

One year some students smuggled a fucking cow, a WHOLE cow, into the school and brought it up to the second floor of the school. Now, cows can only go upstairs, they can’t go back down. The cow gets fucking stuck on the second floor and the school had to drop $2000 on getting the cow lifted out of the school via crane.

Now i’m not saying pidge, lance and hunk would get a cow stuck on the second floor of the garrison on prank day but, they would get a cow stuck on the second floor of the garrison on prank day.

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Taako stole my roommate's hot sauce and replaced it with ketchup. The worst part is that he thought the hot sauce was mine and cast a transmutation spell on me to make everything i taste spicy by making me salivate hot sauce AND IM ALLERGIC TO HOT SAUCE!! I'VE BEEN IN THE BOB HOSPITAL FOR 2 DAYS AND IM ALREADY IN CRIPPLING DEBT!! YOU RUINED MY LIFE TAAKO I KNOW YOU DID THIS


For all those new ToppKlass out there who just wanna know the basic outlines of Topp Dogg… Enjoy~ (tag urselves I’m P-Goon)

Control freak but means well
Will not let you beat up his friends bc he wants to do it himself

Jenissi (former)-
Never sleeps
Lives on coffee
Old af
Kinda drunk
SoundCloud enthusiast
His dog hates him
Hot af
Won’t take his shirt off
Wants to be a chef but can’t cook noodles
Once made a banana pasta
Called it Brnrnr prstr

Can do the Robot
Prettier than you
Best dressed
Better than you

A legit camel (Nakta means camel in Korean)
Real name is Yooncheol
Loves frogs
Really awkward
Probably has killed a man

Gohn (former)-
Voice of an angel
Bruno Mars
Large hands
Loud af but also awkward af
Low key made out with Yano
Very passionate about everything he does
Joined the military

Kidoh (former)-
Potty mouth
Really cute
Bffs with Jin from BTS
Loves Poland
Questionable life choices

Seogoong (former)-
An actual angel
Has the meats
Really cute bottom teeth
Likes jumping on beds
Picks people up a lot

Bipolar little fuck
His laugh tho
Cuter than you
Art freak
Likes mannequins
His dog
Loves B-Joo and nobody else


An actual baby
Swears a lot
Smells bad

Can’t decide on a fucking hair style
Can’t sing
Spits fire tho
Rap god
Speaks pretty good English
Second youngest
Gets pranked a lot
Conceded little shit

So pretty
But also dumb as fuck
Dance prodigy
Likes minions
Aesthetic but not as aesthetic as Hojoon
Barely knows how to read

An actual sweetheart
His smile can cure cancer
Sings lullabies
Sneaky little fuck
Has cute ears
Ashamed of everyone

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Does Draco know that you were a hair's breadth away from being sorted into Slytherin but you refused to be? How do you feel about that, Draco? Have you imagined the possibilities if Harry had been a Slytherin?

Draco: *smirking* Oh, the possibilities–

Harry: *dreamily* Ah, the possibilities–

Draco: What possibilities are you talking about?

Harry: What possibilities are you talking about?

Draco: We’d have been best friends, pranked Wealey and Granger a lot, and I’d have been the one to go get the Philosopher’s Stone with you, and go down to the Chamber of Secrets with you and–

Harry: *stroking his head softly* You’re so pure.

Draco: *slapping his hand away* Fuck off! What were you talking about then?

Harry: We’d have realised our feelings for each other a lot sooner.

Draco: Oh, there it is. *eye-roll*

Harry: I’d have taken you to the Yule Ball–

Draco: Pft, please.

Harry: They’d have taken you from me during the Second Task– *sappy staring*

Draco: *softens*

Harry: *enthusiastically* And then you’d have been so grateful to me for having pulled you out of the lake, you’d have snogged me right there–

Draco: Well, shit.

Harry: And let’s face it, we’d have probably done it by fifth year.

Draco: Harry, no–

Harry: ‘cause you know, Voldemort’s back and everyone’s scared of the future and shit, and we’d have figured, hell, there’s no better time–

Draco: Please–

Harry: Just imagine it, the Room of Requirement would’ve given us anything we’d have needed–

Draco: Why are you like this?

Harry: *thoughtfully* You think it’d have given us stuff like flavoured lube and butt plugs?

Draco: HARRY!


b.a.p x hogwarts