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Star and Marco have a zombie prank for you

In breaking the fourth wall, Marco and Star said, “Boo, surprise! Ha, ha, ha” He said, “We’re just kidding! They wear the zombie makeup and costumes.” She said, “We begin this October here!” and “We will want to go to the big fright night party! That is spooky fun!”

I wish Jesse and Jeana didn’t think this would make their subscribers angry. If anything I can see a lot of people feeling how they feel - Sad. Sad that daily vlogging can put toxic strains on a relationship and put them in this position. To see two people I love this distraught, is truly upsetting. I hope that fans of all youtubers can learn from their current state and understand how difficult it is to vlog your entire day, edit it and upload it the same night, and how ridiculous it is to be angry/sad that they didn’t upload that day. Youtubers are real people, they deserve privacy and respect like everyone else. They do not live and breathe just to entertain you.

The one thing I wish I could go back and change would be handling Carolina’s injury in 12. […] I’m still unbelievably proud of season 12, and I’m so happy with how it turned out, but do wish I’d had a little more time to kinda come up with a better way to deal with Carolina’s OP-ness. Out of everything I wrote that’s probably my biggest regret and the thing I’d love to go back and change. And Carolina fans out there, I’m so sorry, I love you. She’s gonna fuckin’ shine this season.
—  Miles Luna, in this interview a couple days ago [transcript here]