Types of Humor
  • Gryffindor:dirty jokes, do-it-for-the-vine, loud and hearty guffaws, physical pranks, at themselves and each other, knee-slapping, random tickling attacks, tears of relief and joy, raucous celebratory laughter
  • Ravenclaw:high and clear, musical laughter, intelligent jokes, punchlines, horrible wordplay and puns, obscure inside jokes, mischievous twinkles, waiting for the other shoe to drop, elaborate pranks
  • Hufflepuff:warm and chuckling laughter, snorting milk, sputtering water, laughing until you can't breathe, teasing and ribbing, team-effort pranks, false innocence, irony, the onion headlines, dad jokes
  • Slytherin:dark jokes, lets-play-serious-or-joking, best friend insults, throw your head back laughter, red face and teary eyes, knowing smirks, weird news, lewis carroll, inventive pranks, dangerous dares
how the signs prank you
  • Aries:run up behind you and pick you up
  • Taurus:they make an elaborate plan with ur friends that takes an entire day to execute and leaves u so confused
  • Gemini:gets everyone to tell you that ur fave band broke up or something
  • Cancer:pretends you offended them and then when ur about done apologizing they turn around and yell SIKE
  • Leo:says they're gonna go skydiving with you then pushes you out the plane and doesn't jump
  • Virgo:probably rick rolls you
  • Libra:can't. this isn't hate, we just can't prank people
  • Scorpio:disappear when you're trying to play hide and seek and u find them watching tv, having a snack. rude
  • Sagittarius:has you run around doing errands all day so they can throw u a surprise party
  • Capricorn:pushes you into the pool (not before they make sure ur phone isn't on u)
  • Aquarius:pushes your face into your own birthday cake hbd friend
  • Pisces:texts your crush or parents sexual things and ugly selfies when ur not looking
The signs as pranks

Aries: mayonnaise instead of toothpaste

Taurus: everything gets covered in aluminum foil. E V E R Y T H I N G

Gemini: covers the bottom of the laser mouse with a piece of paper so it won’t work

Cancer: airhorn when they’re not expecting it, causing the prankee to smack their head/fall down

Leo: mixes skittles, M&Ms, and Reeses Pieces together to make a combination directly from Satan’s asshole

Virgo: glitter bomb in the mail (if they’re truly vicious, it’ll get opened over a keyboard or in a bed)

Libra: everything is glued to their desk and they can’t pick anything up or even move their computer mouse

Scorpio: glues someone to a toilet (what the fuck Scorpio)

Sagittarius: lies to someone to prank them- I’m cheating on you, _____ passed away, etc.

Capricorn: moves everything in a room 1 inch to the left to throw the person off

Aquarius: pretends to be dead; makes use of ketchup and pretends it’s blood (Aquarius’s aren’t the best pranksters in the world)

Pisces: chugs a bottle of vodka (no one knows they already filled it with water beforehand)



right so storytime when my best friend was like 5 or something, one of the dicks at her school pushed her into the bathroom and whispered “bloody mary” through the door and she was not in the mood for their shit, so she laid down on the toilet floor and started screaming hysterically. the guys walked in, horrified, and saw her laying “unconscious” on the floor. one of them leaned in to check her pulse while the others stood around muttering about how bloody mary must have gotten her, so she decided to let them have a taste of their own medicine. she rolled her eyes back and they shot open. the dude started screaming and they all scrambled for the door. being the badass that she is, she decided to grab one of them by the collar, with her eyes still rolled back, and chanted in a raspy tone “you’re next you’re next you’re next” she then proceeded to collapse on the floor and started flopping around like a fish out of water. and that, children, is how my best friend managed to make 3 of the dicks in her elementary school piss themselves