TITLE: You’ve been hit by

You’ve been struck by

|| Vincent and Marcus

12:06 AM 

“Pssst.” Marcus was dramatically hiding underneath a bush waiting for Vincent to get closer. Vincent rolled his eyes, yet still ducked beneath the bush with Marcus.

The two met up at the dead of night. High fives were shared, pats on each other’s backs were given. The both of them stealthily made their way round the campus to the dorm rooms and apartments of the few targets they had in mind.

Arriving at Stephanie Daniel’s office, expecting it to be locked - their suspicions confirmed after giving the handle a try anyway, Vincent whipped out a set of keys he had sweet talked off one of the janitors and spent a little time identifying which one was the master key. Marcus kept watch for the time being, in case Daniels suddenly decided she wanted to come back for some late night paper work. The door cracked open followed by some hushed celebration. They started off simple, carefully Marcus lined up an air horn to the point where the door handle would hit it when opened, while Vincent duct taped it to the wall. They did the same with her computer chair, pre-adjusting it so it would be too high and as soon as she lowered it back down she might get another shock. A couple of loud surprises awaited Daniels the next morning.

The two men walked past Dylan Cromwell’s office, and wondered if they could get away with something of this nature with her. They both decided they enjoyed their respective bodies in one piece, and moved along, leaving the eldest of the Cromwell sisters’ office untouched.

Next on their hit list was Eric. Marcus had pre printed fifty pictures of cats in various sizes and had them all cut out. Distributing half to Vincent they started to hide them and incorporate them into various things in Eric’s office. Some were obvious like the two that were now either side of his monitor while others were subtle, one was stuck on the corner in the ceiling. It might take Eric a couple of months to find them all. In good faith, they left a note to be ‘helpful’.There are 52 cat pictures hidden in your office. Good luck. 

Stopping off at the staff room they left a beautifully perfect looking sealed box of donuts with the words ‘Enjoy!’ neatly scrawled on top. What actually awaited inside were some cut vegetables and some dips, with a quote inscribed on the inside lid, ‘Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. -Hippocrates’. The campus officers might be disappointed to find this after their night shift. 

Passing by the dorms, they couldn’t resist also surprising a student or the students in the morning. Hoping most of them would be sound asleep and in bed by now, they picked one door, Alex Cromwell’s room, and lined the whole thing in a various colours of post it note.

A few dorm corridors ended up lined with the same picture of Nicolas Cage.

Plenty of dorm toilets were covered in cling film.

The institute unknowingly woke up to the leftover chaos of Vincent and Marcus.