pranic nourishment

On Pranic Nourishment or: humans can't photosynthesize even if they want to.

so I can across this post: which, in passing, mentions pranic nourishment, and how the OP lost weight because of it, and even passed out. 

I decided to investigate this a little and HO BOY. 

To bring you all up to date, pranic nourishment was invented in 1993 by a lovely lady called Jasmuheen, claiming that she’s living of ‘prana’, some sort of live energy or cosmic particle. Now, a quick cursory background search will reveal that said lovely lady was born Ellen Green, in New South Wells. Huh. That does sound decidedly less esoteric and anciently mystical. 

Naturally, people did quickly pick up on her claim to live of nothing but light, since humans are not plants, and generally don’t photosynthesize (anyone able to prove differntly might want to pick up their Noble Prize on the way out.) Jasmuheen was challanged to prove her lifestyle on Austrlian TV in 1994, and failed miserably. After 48 hours, she showed signs of dehydration, probably unsurprising to the doctor who was supervising the experiment for everyone’s safety. Jasmuheen claimed that the 'polluted air’ around the testing site was responsible. The TV crew moved her to some nice mountain side, but the signs of dehydration did not disappear. In fact, after 4 days the attending doctor called the experiment off, because Jasmuheen’s heart rate and weigh loss indicated a severe dehydration.

Since then, the inventor of Pranic Nourishment has admitted to eating around 300 calories a day, and drinking. She also claims that her DNA is now has 12, instead of the customary 2 strands, but refuses to have this tested. 

But we’re not done here. Four deaths have been linked to the writing/ideas of Jasmuheen. She denied any moral responsibility for that and even went so far as to claim that those people died because they didn’t have the right mindset/motivation to change their eating habits. 

And still, still there are people believing this. Jasmuheen has a youtube channel (here: ) and if you read through the comments…. well, I think calling this a 'cult’ is not too far of the charts here. 

So, to relate this back at the post that alerted me to this whole nonsense. Am I surprised that OP lost weight? Nope. Am I surprised that OP fainted and that her iron/potassium levels were abyssmal? Not in the least. What does surprise me is that people believe this.

People believe that in 1993, an australian woman found a way to solve world hunger that can only be attained by the right mindset. I’m sorry, but there’s millions of people out there, starving right now, and I would think that 'Oh please I don’t want to die’ is the best fucking motivation to live of something that is not food. The fact that world hunger persists should show anyone just how much bollocks this claim is. Not to mention that 12 strand DNA. 

I’m usually all for letting people have the spiritual beliefs they want, as long as nobody gets hurt. But this? This is hurting people, big time, and that’s something that should always be called out.