Watercolor process time lapse

(for those asking/ wondering–these drawings are actually really tiny, like quarter letter paper size, and that’s the only way I can sustain it as a daily exercise. Anything larger or more complex needs a longer time commitment which I really don’t have to spare right now) ✌️

Prang + Windsor & Newton. Wishing I had masking fluid for the polka dots on the dress but I haven’t had the chance to get myself a lot of watercolor tools yet, so just working with the standard prang set and a tiny Windsor & Newton travel kit with watercolor brush pens

Chrysanthemum and Vase
Mary Elizabeth Duffield (British; 1819–1914)
ca. 1870s–90s
Chromolithograph (publisher’s proof) by L. Prang & Co. (Boston)
The New York Public Library, Print Collection

May 1896
Artist: F. Schuyler Mathews (American; 1854–1938)
Page from a calendar published by L. Prang & Co. (Boston, Mass.)

Almost immediately got requests to do SH at Wizard World 😂 Too cute to pass up 😊✌️ (Windsor & Newton + Prang on Fabriano)

Bughead bundled up, walking Hot Dog, in a park, in autumn. 🖤 And doing that shoulder hand-holding thing haha

Commissioned by @dollihaze 😊❤️

Prang and Winsor & Newton watercolors on Fabriano paper ✍️