I came up with a new blog series which shows what I do each day and to also share new ideas on how to spice up your planners. I have recently been hooked up with coloring materials again, particularly watercolors. The last time I used them was way back my high school year which has been specifically 8-9 years back. You may say I may be going back to being or acting young again. but I say, I’ll do whatever that makes me happy. :) and you should too. My planner was not only for managing my time wisely but also became a visual journal of important memories.

So this post would also talk about what happened for the whole month by week in bullets. Please excuse smudges and my bad handwriting.

WEEK ONE. This week is all about going back to Camiling and spending days in different Barrios. Its just so nice to spend a day or two away from the city with the fresh air and the wonderful green colors you see all around the place.

WEEK TWO. This is the week I started to go back to reviewing again. I made a schedule which I strictly followed and listed some quotes that reminded me not to give up and just keep trying, i also listed art materials which served as a reward whenever I get to finish a module. I also made a checklist o things I should have had memorized after the week. Did a DIY post about making washified masking tape.

WEEK THREE. Still all about reviewing and church visitations. This is the week where started cramming and having mixed emotions. I wasn’t getting any sleep too. A lot has been going on in my mind because this week’s sunday was the board exam already. My mom accompanied me and bought me delicious lunch at Teachers Camp, Baguio City. No one knew, but she was actually my lucky charm that day. :)

WEEK FOUR. After the boards, we went home to camiling and spend time with my baby. Robin filed his leave to be with us too. Together we prayed each day at their chapel. I even spent an afternoon inside the chapel and drew everything I saw there. I wrote my prayer in my planner and that night, after 2 working days, the results had finally came out. And I passed!!!! I am officially a Pharmacist. Thank God. My mom treated everyone to Starbucks and had a major family bonding with my uncle who is about to leave for the states.

WEEK FIVE. Looking for a job isn’t as easy as some people may think. I applied at four drugstores and none of them called me till the end of the week. It was indeed frustrating but I am still hoping for the best. Tried to keep myself busy and spend quality time with my baby. I also had a “me time” this week which I was so glad about.

All in all, I had a good month and the highlight was really about passing the boards. I hope January was good to you too. Hello february!

Sitting for more than 3 hours 😣 #painting #colorful #hair #girly #dreamy #violet #ombre #watercolor #canson #prang #drawing #illustration #artwork #instaart #sotired

For those asking, I used kidchan as reference. She has been my idol and I will use this painting as my room decor hahaha. :)
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I started this series a month ago and was surprised that it hit 200 notes. I don’t have the best drawings thats why I wonder why it did. But still, I am grateful that some people appreciate my works. So this is for FEBRUARY.

WEEK ONE. This week was all about trying to divert my mind on other things rather than expect if Robin would give me flowers on Vday. Hey, I am not a teenager but I am still a woman who loves to be given flowers. I wrote a list of art materials that I wish I had.

WEEK TWO. Had a job interview at The Generics Drugstore but wasn’t hired yet because they wanted me to go to Tarlac and I can’t because I have Russell. I can’t just leave him. It was also my mom’s birthday and I wish I could have given her more but instead, I gave her a card specially made by me like the way I used to when I was a kid. Added special touches on it because Russell made a huge splatter on a paper so I used it as a background to make it unique and make it looked like it really came from the heart.

WEEK THREE. Made cards that has colors on them so I could teach my baby but he just kept on tearing them apart so I decided to let him paint on his own. Experience is the best teacher as they say. I drew myself some flowers and realized that its okay not to receive one but actually Robin finally came to his senses and gave me one. His love isn’t actually measured on how many times he has given me flowers because he’s done so much. Its just something that I want. Not need. But I am happy. Had a date with my friend, with my mom and went home to camiling all in one day. Probably the best valentines if only my dad was alive. He was the one who gave me flowers every valentines. I kinda miss him.

WEEK FOUR. Got devastated when I found out I couldn’t work at St. joseph just because I was unmarried. But I had to move on. Helped my brother on his last JS prom. I can’t believe he’s graduating already. Time flies so fast.

WEEK FIVE. Was depresses because I still haven’t found a job and I feel like God is not listening or answering my prayers. So i decided to work for Mercury and apply bit on the nextday, TGP texted me and offered me a Job. Spent time with my mom and bro, enjoyed dinner at Silantro. Plus I got to fix my blog theme this week.

February was a good month. I hope March is too. How about you, how was february for you? :)