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I was wondering if you could write a reaction for me... a close friend of mine has Ehlers Danlos syndrome (her joints dislocate easily and she bruises very easily) and she is in a wheel chair (her legs dislocate when she walks) and often needs an oxygen tank and feeding tube. How would the RFA (and V as well) react if MC was in that situation?

Hello, lovely anon. I’m sorry that this took so long to get out, but I hope that I got everything right. I’m, honestly, not too familiar with this disease, so I did some research. Even so, I’m not too 100% sure that I represented everything correctly, so feel free to let me know if I got anything wrong and I’ll change it as soon as possible. I hope your friend enjoys this as well~^^

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  • He’s not going to lie
  • Before he met you, he had never heard about Ehler’s Danlos before.
  • He had no idea what it was, but all he knew was that if he was going to make this workout, he had to get cracking and learn as much about it as he could
  • He made sure that his apartment was wheelchair friendly so that you could get around with relative ease
  • He also remembered that you said that you weren’t able to breathe very well and that you needed oxygen, so he made sure to always keep an extra tank or two on hand in case of any emergencies
  • He knew, though, that you did not like to be treated as fragile, so he always held off on carrying you around and always asked if you would like to be helped, instead of just assuming you needed it
  • He knew that you got enough of that from people off the street
  •  Often, he saw and heard what his fans would say about you
  •  Most of them were positive, but, as with every fan base, there were always the people who put things in a negative light.
  • You had seen the comments about him deserving better and how Zen was probably just dating you for the good PR
  • And he had noticed that those comments and posts were starting to get to you
  • But, of course, he assured you that they were false.
  • He couldn’t care less what you looked like, or how you had a disease that affected how you could get around
  • Of course, he wanted you to be as healthy as possible
  • But the fact that you weren’t, didn’t at all diminish his love for you
  • He fell in love with you for the things you said and how kind and supportive of him you were
  • He always made sure that when you would go on dates that all the restaurants were wheelchair accessible and that you felt comfortable there
  • And if the staff tried to discriminate you outright, he would leave without a second thought
  • He knew that you didn’t like how much of a fuss he made over things like this
  • But at the same time, you found it a bit endearing
  • It was nice to know that he would stick up for you no matter what, wherever he could, no matter what happened.
  • Once he learned what he could and could not do, he was more carefree about his actions with you
  • What originally came as a bit of a learning curve eventually became second nature
  • When he’s feeling very romantic, he’ll carry you around the apartment and set you down on the couch/bed and just cuddle with you while you watch TV
  • Of course, only if you don’t mind


  • Like most people, he was a bit surprised when he first saw you
  • But you were used to that.
  • When he first saw how bruised your skin was, he was really concerned and thought someone was hurting you or something
  • You had told him that you had EDS and he was relieved, but still a little concerned
  • Everyone was at first
  • He tried his best to learn all that he could.
  • He really tried his best, but it was a bit difficult to make his tiny college students’ apartment really wheelchair-ready
  • Of course, you understood and didn’t mind much
  • It’s not that you couldn’t walk
  • But it was definitely more difficult for you than it was for other people
  • You also had to be a lot more careful than others.
  • So, normally, you would just stick to a couch or plant yourself on his bed when you were hanging out
  • You didn’t really want him to help you with your feeding tube
  • As always, it could be a bit embarrassing for you to show someone who had no experience with things like this
  • But he wanted to be experienced with it
  • He genuinely wanted to help
  • So, you let him
  • At first, it was a little difficult and he fumbled a lot
  • But over time, he became a pro at it
  • You were happy with Yoosung
  • Unlike a lot of people, he was happy to slow down and take things at your pace instead of trying to get you to join him at his pace
  • It was nice
  • Often times, when you watched Netflix or something, he would carry you and sit you on his lap and gently loop his arms around your waist
  • The first time he did that he was a little worried that he would grab you too hard, but you assured him that you would be fine
  • Of course, your relationship was just like everyone else’s
  • You loved to play-fight, but to less of an extreme than most other people.
  • It was a lot of playful pokes and light pillow fights with extremely soft pillows
  • However, you wouldn’t change that at all


  • He tried his best, and, of course, succeeded in becoming very well-versed in your condition
  • Also immediately got you the best care money could buy, which definitely lived up to that title
  • Originally, you protested
  • You didn’t want him to spend all of this money on you
  • VVIP hospital rooms, staff waiting on you hand and foot, custom wheelchairs and everything tailored to your need
  • It seemed like too much to you
  • But he assured you that he wanted your health to improve as much as it possibly could.
  • Often, he would call off his work to be able to attend hospital and doctors’ visits with you
  • It caused you to fell really bad for Jaehee
  • However, she said that if it was for your benefit, that she didn’t mind the extra work
  • When he couldn’t be with you, he had staff that would tend to your needs as much as you needed
  • You felt bad that Jumin was spending so much money on you
  • But he assured you that he would spend a lot of money on you regardless if you were healthy or not
  • That made you laugh, but it still felt weird, the way he would throw money around like dust in the wind
  • You guessed that was what being an heir was like, though.
  • Secretly, though, you did enjoy how much Jumin cared for you
  • It made you feel insanely special
  • Elizabeth the 3rd was also a bit of a therapy animal now, too.
  • She could tell when you were uncomfortable or not feeling well
  • Often, she would hop up on the chair or bed you were on and snuggle with you
  • You could tell it made Jumin just the slightest bit jealous
  • After all, she seemed to pay more attention to you than to him
  • It wasn’t uncommon to see your name or picture in the news.
  • After all, you were married to one of the richest men in the country
  • Sometimes, though, they didn’t have very good things to say.
  • A lot of it was about how you were holding Jumin back and that’s related to why this or that failed
  • How you were a distraction to him as well
  • Whenever he would see things like this, he would immediately get his legal team on it, and it would be down within minutes
  • But you had usually already seen it
  • At times like this, he would hold you tight, but delicately, and whisper words of love into your ears
  • He would assure you that he loved you with his whole heart, mind, and soul
  • And that you could never, in any way, shape, or form, be a distraction to him


  • When he did the background check on you, your medical records came up as well
  • So much for those being confidential, right?
  • Ehler’s Danlos?
  • What was that?
  • Though, a quick internet search educated him on the disease and what it caused
  • He immediately felt bad
  • Not for you
  • But because if the place you were forced to stay in
  • Rika’s apartment wasn’t exactly the most wheelchair-friendly place in the world
  • As soon as he could, he made his way over to the apartment and installed some ramps and fixed up a couple of other things
  • It wasn’t exactly your choice to stay there
  • So, he wanted to make your stay as comfortable as he could make it
  • Once he started to stay there and he turned on his Emo Boi™ attitude
  • It was even harder than he originally thought to keep that up
  • He had such an instinct to try and just help you
  • But he knew that you were probably tired of everyone trying to help you
  • The only thing that he did help you with was your feeding tube
  • He knew how it could be a bit trying and tiring to manage it on your own
  • However, he tried to not look like he was happy about it
  • Him acting this way did make you feel like a bit of a bother
  • And you hated to feel like that
  • But, one time, one of your knees dislocated when you had to get up to reach something
  • You didn’t want to bother him because each time you asked a question, he said not to bother him
  • So, you got up out of your wheelchair and, at first, you were fine
  • But, then your knee dislocated and you fell to the floor with a loud thump
  • You could’ve sworn he had superhuman speed how fast he ran over to you
  • He berated you with questions, asking how you could be so careless, how could you not have asked him for help, why did you do something so dangerousHe already saw fresh bruises forming on your skin and he knew that he had to get you help
  • He didn’t know what to do in this situation and you were too shocked to speakFrom then on, you knew for sure that he really did care for you
  • And he would also barely let you out of his sight
  • Even when you went to the bathroom
  • Two seconds after you shut the door, you heard a “you sure you don’t need help in there?”
  • It made you laugh until you realised he was serious.
  • You promptly denied that you did
  • But allowed him to help you through other things in your daily life


  • He couldn’t see that you were different
  • But he could still tell
  • From the way that you were noticeably shorter than everyone else
  • And the fact that you didn’t leave footsteps on any material
  • He could tell
  • He didn’t want to ask, but eventually, the elephant in the room had to be addressed
  • So, you told him
  • After all, there was no reason to hide something so blatantly obvious
  • He was sad that he couldn’t really help you out with anything
  • So, you became his reason
  • His reason to get surgery and correct his vision
  • He wanted to be able to help you as much as he could
  • The first time he saw you after that life-changing surgery, he was so happy
  • He started crying
  • You were so gorgeous
  • Even if you denied that you were, he was so determined to prove you wrong
  • He was even happier that he could help you,
  • The love of his life
  • He wanted to make up for lost time
  • All that time when you were together but he couldn’t do anything for you
  • Most times, you had to be there for him, and he hated that
  • Not because you were there for him
  • But because he couldn’t return the favour
  • So, he accompanied you to all doctor’s visits
  • And you went along with him to his follow-up appointments
  • You kept each other in check about things that required upkeep
  • Like meds
  • And supplies
  • It was an even relationship
  • Balanced
  • And you couldn’t have asked for anything more
  • Someone who didn’t help you out because of pity
  • But someone who was simply returning the favour
  • But at the same time, he made you feel insanely special in his little ways
  • So, that was an added bonus
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Owen Grady x reader

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“So you’re going to work at the raptor exhibit,” the red-haired woman said, you nodded slowly and opened the papers she had given you. All the letters were swimming around, as you had no idea why you needed to read everything here. You had read enough on the ride over to the island, as you had already gotten the job - but Claire Dearing was a person that wanted order.

“Okay.” You said and followed after her, you looked down and almost tripped over your own feet. That she were almost walking faster than you, in high heels were making you feel even worse - you had never been the woman that liked to wear high heels, but …

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bg (blind gossip) wrote piece of how some certain singers are playing everyone and desricded zerrie very well (one left the limelight but keeps posting picutrues on social media, going on vactions but not planning the wedding, and even the prom wedding dress) it even notes how it makes everyone go all confused trying to figure it out- when it means nothing, andthey just want attnetion. i think a break up is going to pan out sooner than later

well if you believe in bg i think you have two things

first if you believe in zerrie this is a slap in your  face is a wake up 

zerrie is fake is for pr and only

but they show every little thing zerrie did to show how is only for pr

and the second thing if you believe in bg is that they make obvious that is not gonna have a break up now

of course in some moment zerrie will break up the question is when 

and funny bg make question to say that both part are on this because both want fame attention 

we’re always taking about how this s only one side to free zayn 

and is  not the first time that bg talk about how zayn want to keep going with zerrie