Apart from their initial reaction, they are pretty ok with my relationship. I can’t say the same for my twin, Al, as whenever I let Gil tag along family outings my parents nag him about taking his boyfriend with him and when is he going to let him meet the family. My Dad, Arthur, is just worried that Al is dating some weirdo so he keeps nagging him.

Gil’s brother is quiet and serious but my Papa Francis adores him because they discovered they both like to bake as a hobby. Our get togethers are pretty noisy but everyone seems to be enjoying themselves.


Late to the party (again) but HAPPY PRUCAN DAY EVERYONE!!! :D 

They’re my Hetalia OTP, so have some poorly-drawn chibis!! ^w^ 

Gil’s supposed to be reaching over to hold Mattie’s hand, but it looks a bit like his shoulder is dislocated. Hmm, oh well…

It’s my first time drawing chibis okay? XD

References by CatPlus


Some little Hogwart!au prucan where in the two first year at the school matthew is a bit scared of flying and its gilbert who decide to “help him beat his fear” (by flying like crazy so much that they end up in a tree. But strangely it work….and matthew will never let Gil fly by himself.) 

If you are wondering those are inspired by P0ck3tf0x HP/hetalia crossover where Gilbert actual house is a mystery and he just showed un in any house color he wants. (to the point no one is sure in what dormitory he sleep and even the teacher are not sure anymore.) 

I hope they will bring you a little smile.