So a few months ago my lovely girlfriend @p0ck3tf0x showed me one of her favourite movie “The pirates of Penzance” (now a favourite of mine too!) and since then we have been talking about Prucan Pirates!AU  and how well Gilbert would fit into the Pirate king role…..

So of course I had to draw a scene from it!:D

Seison Liebe (PruCan Fanfic)

Well today i wrotte this, because i felt all.. romantic xD but the story is going well so i hope you guys give it a try and some reviews, hope you like it :3

Seison Liebe (click here)

Or Season Love a combination of french and german. The story of how Matthew Williams Canada and Gilbert Bielshmidit Prussia live their everyday life in school, with their friends, and how unexpected is love, in so many ways. PRUCAN duh?

So hope you guys read it, and thanks :3


My sweet darling @p0ck3tf0x, 6 years ago I had drew you fanart for your story “Gravediggers” because it was such a pretty autumn story and I was always touched by how you would right our two old mens.

I always wanted to draw more of this story and here it is.:) 

I love you so much and you still pull at my heartstrings everyday!!

Happy birthday my love!! 

ps: Like our dear author said in her author notes on this story, please please please do not desecrate graves! Its kinda illegal and very rude to families and….to the poor skeletons.;) (they need their beauty rest for the skeleton war!)

Hope Was Here

            Ever since I was born, my parents knew I would never live long.


            Matthew sat in the library quietly, immersed in the fictional illusion of the story. Images and pictures were swirling around his mind, a small smile on his face as he flipped the page. He felt like he could hear the voices speaking in his head, feel the wind on his face and hair, it all felt real to him. He shifted in his position in the chair, as he rested his head on his knuckles, letting his blond locks fall into his face. His violet eyes continued to be lost in the words.

            He was almost finished.


            The doctors told them that I would likely die in my early twenties, at the latest. Though, they also said I could die any time, really.


            The time had passed quickly, and by the end of the book the boy was sobbing in his hands, letting the tears roll down his cheeks. Well, there was another amazing book done and complete. That had been a tearjerker for sure.

            Matthew realized he spent a lot of his days just reading in the library, as if there were nothing else in the world to do. He had never been a gamer, or a sportsman until the wintertime where he played ice hockey, so he supposed reading was an easy way to get away. He was a master reader at school, considering that’s all he did, pretty much.

            He checked his watch, and taking notice of the late hour, stood up, and gathered his things. He put the book back on the shelf where he’d found it, and left without another word.


            Because of this, my parents always tried to keep their distance from me. They didn’t want it to hurt too much when their precious second son died. Personally, I’d grown used to this by the time I started school.


            The bell of the school rung loudly, signaling the end of class with its loud gesture. Matthew sighed as he rose from his desk, and put his schoolbooks back into his bag, still holding his leisure books tightly in his arms. Next period was lunch for him, so what was he going to do? Certainly not talk. He was never a talker anyway. He had a book to finish, after all.

            When he got his food he sat down, and opened his book, almost instantly falling back into the time of dragons and wizards. The gruel on his plate was rather disgusting, but as almost anything in life he’d grown used to it, and ate it anyway.

            The lunch period had gone by too fast, and before he knew it, it was time to get rid of whatever wasn’t eaten and to get out. He did so, slipping his bookmark into his book and cleaned his area.

            He didn’t muster a single hello to the boy laughing next to him, that boy being his brother.


            I myself tended to keep a very loose attachment to people. I guess I was really just afraid of letting anyone get too close, for I didn’t want to hurt them, or me. So I shut everyone out, making sure that when I died, no one would miss me.


            Matthew stopped by the nurse’s office to take the pills that were supposed to help him, but in actuality were only pain relievers to help him focus. They didn’t really help him live longer; just dull the pain of living at all.

            He really hated taking them. Whenever the nurse would hand them to him and a glass of water he would stare at them for a few minutes, almost as if hoping they would vanish. The nurse felt sorry for him, but decided that it was better for him, at any rate. He mumbled a soft ‘thank you’, though he didn’t really mean it, before exiting.

            Matthew headed down the hallway to his next class, and was the first to enter the classroom. The teacher didn’t bother looking up at him, and Matthew didn’t bother saying hello as he sat down, and waited patiently for the other students to arrive.


            That is…until he came along.


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PruCan Vampire AU

The three friends giggled in the recreation hall at the camp. They had just spent their eighth quarter on the jukebox to play some silly song about a girl with brown eyes. The American belted the song as loud as he could, the Briton laughed and laughed at him, and the Canadian shook his head while playing the pinball machine for the third time. It was great. Every weekend for the past eight years Matthieu and Alfred met at that camp. Brought by their families to have a break from the advanced world of work and school to just relax and enjoy nature. A year and a half ago, Arthur had joined their group, except Arthur lived at the camp now.

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PruCan ♠

(( i wonder how many of these I will get… XD ))

Prussia was typically the first one to wake up. It had been that way since he moved in. It wasn’t a very unusual thing considering his military upbringing taught him to rise with the sun. He had a sense of timing long since ingrained into him before clocks had attained their soft clicks and chimes. That’s why it was so strange that morning when Canada woke up to find Prussia still asleep.

Canada didn’t move from his spot. He was wary to even blink because the sight before him was just so surreal and unnatural. Prussia was asleep. Eyes closed, brows relaxed, lips parted to let out soft puffs of air after every slow inhale. His features, generally rugged and mean, were almost dainty and fragile. Like porcelain.

Funny, as Prussia was never someone Canada would describe as fragile. He had to have been one of the strongest people he knew. To go through everything of the past century and still retain his sanity…

A soft smile graced Canada’s lips as he slowly shifted closer, bringing up a warm calloused hand ( not like Prussia’s. Prussia’s were boney and cold ) to lightly caress his cheek. Prussia didn’t so much as twitch, just continued sleeping. 

Funny how you think you know a man, and then you find him sleeping and your perception of him changes entirely. Prussia had his guard down completely. The only time anybody ever truly let their guard down. Canada could be mean. He could take advantage of the situation ( get revenge for Prussia’s little stunt at the meeting last week ), or he could simply coax him into the waking world.

Canada decided to do neither, and simply let him sleep, soaking in the soft relaxed features that no one else but him ever got to truly see.