Little fall comic because, lets be honest, if someone is to jump in the leaves its Matthew .XD (I often forget that while he is a bit more calm than Gilbert, he is such a child for those things. XD)

AU where Ludwig and Gilbert have been neighbor to Matthew and Alfred for a long time (Alfred having recently started to move out with his boyfriend so matthew is having the house pretty much for himself) and Gilbert remember every autumn why he love that season.XD


They then made out in the snow until both of them where pretty cold and got a few light frostbites. (They both got a cold too and when Alfred heard of it it kept teasing Matthew about it. Gilbert just started seeing snow a bit more differently. XD)

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“You sure about shoveling this late at night, Gil?”

“It is -9°C and you are wearing a hoodie, you cannot criticize me.”


Because of organization and size issues, the sign-up cutoff has been pushed significantly closer.  The close date has now been moved to November 11th, 11:59 PM (PST).  Please see the Event Timeline and blog updates for full details on changes.

Welcome to the 2014 PruCan Holiday Gift Exchange!

More and more each day, winter can be felt in the air.  Markers of the season have begun to pop up everywhere, and the time has come once again to begin gifting events.

Before anything else, I would like to thank everyone who filled out the interest survey.  The help you provided in organizing this event cannot easily be put into words, but without your input it certainly would not have made it even this far.

Event Basics
This gift exchange is based on the same principles as any regular “Secret Santa” event, with moderate variation.  The gifter is unknown to the giftee until the end of the event, at which point they come forward, along with their gift.

A complete participation procedure and rules are available here.

Though fandom gift exchanges may vary in accepted gifts, due to issues with adapting the other options presented, fanwork which may be done through this event are: ArtWritingFan music, and Fanmixes.

  • Sign-ups will remain open Nov. 9th-23rd
  • Information to be sent out to participants Nov. 24th-26th
  • Gift posting begins Dec. 23rd and closes Jan. 3rd
  • Full timeline and drop-out information can be found here.

Signing Up

  • Sign-up form is here!
  • If for whatever reason the form does not work, it has been transcribed here and can be submitted directly to the event blog.
  • Must follow this blog. Please stay up-to-date on the event and check here often to avoid getting lost.
  • Ask must be open in order to participate.
  • Reblogging this post is appreciated if possible, but not required for entrance (reblogging also doesn’t mean you must enter—spreading the word is helpful!)

Any further questions or inquiries can be sent to the event page ask or directly to the organizer (as a side blog, asks cannot be answered privately on the event blog, but non-anon asks will be handled privately through direct-to-asker message). Thank you for reading, and happy holiday seasons!



Apart from their initial reaction, they are pretty ok with my relationship. I can’t say the same for my twin, Al, as whenever I let Gil tag along family outings my parents nag him about taking his boyfriend with him and when is he going to let him meet the family. My Dad, Arthur, is just worried that Al is dating some weirdo so he keeps nagging him.

Gil’s brother is quiet and serious but my Papa Francis adores him because they discovered they both like to bake as a hobby. Our get togethers are pretty noisy but everyone seems to be enjoying themselves.


Late to the party (again) but HAPPY PRUCAN DAY EVERYONE!!! :D 

They’re my Hetalia OTP, so have some poorly-drawn chibis!! ^w^ 

Gil’s supposed to be reaching over to hold Mattie’s hand, but it looks a bit like his shoulder is dislocated. Hmm, oh well…

It’s my first time drawing chibis okay? XD

References by CatPlus