while I am working on the cute Voltron have a little comic page I did this weekend.:D

Its based on the Skull!au and Gilbert finally getting back his sense rediscover what “cold”, “warm” and other things like rain feels like. Thats what happen after decades as a skull sitting on a shelf! (He will probably stick to matthew all night poor touch-starved old man!XD)

forgive my handwritting.;u;

…..I must admit my favourite things to draw or paint to relax are things like this. (maybe thats why i do so much) 

that day everything i had draw wasnt to my liking and i pretty much painted this as a way to test my shimmering paint (who sadly doesn’t show here because scanners….) and “reset” my brain.;u;

….next art will be more dynamic!

(still might add this one to the shop maybe…i just wish the shimmer would show…)

Ok first never pass  a week without actually drawing more than one doodle. I mean omg my anatomy. ;A; 

Still this was inspired by a post about your OTP dancing in their socks int he living room (that would actually be filled with pictures knowing those 2) while the tallest is humming a song and the other one got his head on his shoulder. So now you have a sick Gilbert (a good old cold like the one I am having) dancing with Matthew. :) (probably singing some french songs…probably Edith Piaf.)

Prucan week 2016 - day 3 :  Fate/Soul Mates

They have been together for 50 years now and one day Gilbert return home to a empty house and a note saying “find me” with a red tread attached to it. It leads to the kitchen, then the living room, then their room, the study, then outside, pass the garden and into the quiet woods behind their house. night is falling and fireflies are flickering and he still follow the tread.

He find Matthew waiting for him making figures with the red tread in his hand and smiling brightly.

This is a bit sappy but the fate and soul mates prompts is the best for that.XD 

Song - “They run, they hide” by Brolly

Please do not repost to any other website without my consent please.;u;


Of course Matthew had to play it too.;) (And I am pretty sure Kiku would have tweaked the game to fit Matthew heart strings just like he did for gilbert copy.)

If you are wondering Gilbert (Or Jilbert since I didnt wanted to use exactly their real name in the game) is a old german owl pigeon.:D

and they are playing on vita since I recently got one.;u;

I AM LATE! But heres is finally my tattoed angel!Matthew.XD (or “how to find an excuse for a floating character”)

Part of my punk!prucan au even tought the punk could have been stronger…(DAMN! FORGOT MATTHEW GLASSES!)

No angst here too, just Gil clinging to his feathery boyfriend.:) (the guy love birds wayyy too much.) 

Please do not repost on facebook or instagram. thank you!:)


Some little Hogwart!au prucan where in the two first year at the school matthew is a bit scared of flying and its gilbert who decide to “help him beat his fear” (by flying like crazy so much that they end up in a tree. But strangely it work….and matthew will never let Gil fly by himself.) 

If you are wondering those are inspired by P0ck3tf0x HP/hetalia crossover where Gilbert actual house is a mystery and he just showed un in any house color he wants. (to the point no one is sure in what dormitory he sleep and even the teacher are not sure anymore.) 

I hope they will bring you a little smile.