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Baby pt 2 |Derek hale imagine series|

Derek x reader

Relationship: cute kinda parents
Y/N = your name Y/L/n = your last name
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I explained everything to y/n about the witch incident.
“What the hell are we going to do?”
“I’m not sure!”
“You got us into this situation!”
“I didn’t he did!” I said as we both turned to the baby. Liam giggled as he clapped his baby hands together, obviously amused by us. Y/n started laughed and i couldn’t understand why as it was quite serious but the I ended up laughing too. She picked up liam and cradled him in her arms.
“We could take of him in the mean time right?”
I shot her a look. She knew that babies and I just did NOT work. She shot me a look back and I knew I wouldnt be able to fight her on this.

“I think we should tell Scott about this so we can find away to get him back to his usual self again!” I said to y/n as she got up from our bed to go comfort crying Liam, in his cot.
“We are not giving up this easily, babe!” She said back.
“I don’t want to turn into one of those couples who don’t share any love or compassion towards their partners because they share it all with baby!” I complained.
“Oh shut up Derek! You know I couldn’t love you anymore!” I smiled to myself knowing that having baby Liam around wasn’t going to change anything, just make us parents-in-training. And for once in my life I was happy with that!

The next day we went to get some supplies for then baby because only god knows when he will turn back into a teenager again! But let’s hope it’s soon because I can’t deal with waking up at 2:00am every morning! We were shopping in babies-r-us and y/n was literally falling in love with every letting outfit that it ended up making me laugh at how much she liked everything. I came across a tiny wolf onesie and decided it was perfect!
“Y/n! Y/n! Y/n! This is the one.” After one and a half hours we both knew this was official one that we would be going home with. Liam was angry teenage, so he would be an angry baby! We bought him a baby leash that was attached to a furry wolf backpack that he’d wear on his back so we could control him, a chew toy in case he got super angry and a teddy bear incase he wanted to rip his head off. We also bought all the basic stuff like blankets, a pram and toys. Luckily it was all in our budget! We went home and set out everything like it should have been. We played with Liam and his new toys for hours playing picka-boo, tickle chasey and superheroes. I forgot about how I didn’t like babies and it was nicer that way. Y/n looked at me and I knew exactly what she was thinking. She was thinking about how we’d be great parents one day. And she was right.

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“I’m gonna be a dad?” | c.h

“Positive? Again? Okay, one more.” 

“Y/N, you’ve already taken 3 tests. You’re pregnant.” 

It hit you. The sudden rush of excitement, sadness, happiness and a little bit of scared. You were pregnant. There was no other explanation for the 3 positive tests. 

“Oh my god. I’m pregnant.” Your lips quivered, as your friend knelt down beside your bed, her hands covering her mouth. “You’re pregnant!” She squealed. 

Calum was returning home from his tour next week. You had only had a few chances to see him during it, as you could never get the time off work. But that one weekend, a month ago. Was the weekend you conceived your first baby. 

“You need to tell Calum.” Your friend smiled, holding onto your hand. 

“How am I going to tell him? What if he’s mad? What if he doesn’t want any kids. Oh my god, he’s going to hate me, isn’t he?” 

“Y/N! Relax!” She laughed. “He’s going to be over the frickin’ moon!” 

Holding your hand up to your lips, your smile widened at the thought of Calum and your own little family. 

“I need to tell him.” You beamed. 

A few rings and he picked up. You could feel the nerves taking over, as you listened to Calum beam about the tour and how much fun he’s had. 

“So, how was your day?” He asked. 

“Yeah, it’s been great.”

“Hold on, i can’t hear you. There’s a lot of kids about.” He shouted softly over the noise. 

“Can you hear me?” You asked. 

“Just about. Gosh, I forget how annoying kids can be.” He joked. 

“Haha. Yeah.” You murmured. 

“Babe, can i call you back?” 

“Sure. Love you.”

“Love you too!” 

With that, he hung up. Leaving you feeling a little queasy. You decided to put off on telling him, until you saw him. Perhaps it would be a little easier, rather than over the phone. This was more of a face to face kind of matter. 

The next day, you were on skype with Calum. He had about 5 minutes to talk before he had to head off on stage again. You were telling him about your week at work, and the chaos. He told you about his excitement to see you, and just hold you again. 

“I’ve missed you so much.” He whispered.

“I’ve missed you.” You smiled back. 

Just as you built up the courage to tell him, you was interrupted by the boys. Jumping on top of Calum and screaming to you through the mic. “Show time.” He grinned. 

“Talk to you later! Love you” He blew a kiss to the cam. 

“Love you too.” You whispered, before the screen went black and he was gone.

You paced back on forth in your bedroom, every chance you had to tell Calum never seemed to be the right time. Which you began to take as a sign to not tell him, just yet. So deciding on to tell him at a later time, you headed off to work. Blocking out the thoughts of how Calum would react. 

“Why haven’t you told him?” Your friend asked. 

“It’s never the right time. He’s busy, I’m busy. I’ll wait. Until he’s home.” You smiled nervously. 

Raising her brows, she rolled her eyes. “Okay, but don’t wait too long.” 

On your lunch break, you wandered through town, window shopping. You passed by a Mother Care shop, which you actually passed every morning, It just never caught your attention until now. The small clothes, hanging up on their hangers. The prams, toys and even the cot managed to send flashes of Calum holding your baby in his arms into your mind. Each sight bringing a smile onto your lips. 

“He’ll be excited.” You whispered to yourself, trying to ease the thoughts of him reacting badly to the news. 

The last few days before Calum came home, were torture. You avoided telling him over each phone call, text and Skype call. Instead, you held back and talked about his tour.

It finally came to the day he would come home, you stood nervously in the airport. Holding onto your sleeves, tightly. Your eyes wandered over the many fans, crowding around to get a glimpse of the boys. Each breath taken, seemed to get heavier. You could no longer feel the butterflies of excitement, but instead it was replaced with the horrible knotting sensation of guilt. 

Suddenly, the fans were screaming and calling out their names. Your eyes snapped back to the gates where you spotted Calum, the bright smile heading in your direction, as his picked up his pace. “Y/N!” He shouted over the crowd. 

His arms wrapped around you, lifting your feet off the ground. “God, I’ve missed you.” He mumbled into your shoulder. “I’ve missed you more.” You giggled, as his spun you around in his arms. 

Placing you back down to the ground, he never once loosened his arms from around you. His eyes wandered over the fans, flashing each of them a smile. Sending them all into a mess of screams and giggles. “Home?” He smiled back down to you. “Home.” You nodded. 

Before leaving, he took pictures with his fans. Giving them hugs, having a small chat with them and basically just making their day better than expected. 

You pulled up outside your home, Calum picked you up bridal style and carried you into the apartment, both of you laughing as he almost tripped over. 

You figured seen as now you’re both alone, you had the perfect opportunity to tell him the news that you hoped would be a good thing for him to hear. Both of you slumped down onto the bed, he held one arm around your shoulders, as your legs were intertwined.  

It was silent for a while, the only sound to be heard was the beats of your hearts, and the soft breathing. “Calum?” You mumbled. “Yeah?” “I need to tell you something.” Now sitting up, Calum slowly lifted himself off the bed. “What’s up?” He furrowed his brows. “Promise me, you won’t be mad?” You turned to him. “Well.. I can’t promise that. Because if it’s something that will make me mad, then I might be mad,” He lightly chuckled. “What is it?” He sighed, as he saw the worried look plastered on your face. 

You opened your mouth to speak, but before any words could even form, you were interrupted by the sound of his phone. “Hold that thought.” He smiled, placing a kiss on your cheek. 

You dropped back down to the bed, as you heard Calum laughing from the other room. 

“Sounds great, see you then.” 

His heavy footsteps came back into the room. “Babe?” He smiled down at you. “Who was it?” You asked. Your arm hung over your torso, as the other one held your forehead. “Luke. He’s going to some fair tonight, he was asking if we wanted to come. What do you say?” 

“A fair? With rides?” You grinned. 

“Mhm.” He mirrored your facial expression. “And, we both know how much you love fairs and candyfloss.” 

“We’re going?” 

Immediately, you had once again forgotten to mention “the news”. But maybe, you could break the news to him while you were at the fair. He would be at his most happiest there, and perhaps the news will be easier on him. 

You jumped off the bed, dancing around the room in excitement. Calum laughed, as he leaned against the door frame. “Beautiful.” He winked. 

Everyone jumped into the mini van. You, Calum, Luke, your friend, Michael and a few of Luke’s friends. Every so often your friend would flash you a look. The distinct look to say “tell him already”. But, there were too many distractions to tell him. So you held back longer, in the hopes it would just slip out on it’s own. 

When you finally reached the fair ground, you held onto Calum’s arm, walking with him side by side as the others walked ahead. There were so many lights gleaming in the dark, laughter and chatter filled the air. Screams could be heard from the rides, flashes of light creeping from each corner. You never once let go of Calum, you felt his arm tense under your touch. “Are you tensing?” You giggled, causing him to laugh along with you. “Pft. No.” He winked. 

You were practically dragged onto every ride, Calum saw. After his pleads for you to finally take a picture in the photo booth, you ran towards in. Both of you squeezing onto the small stool, but giving in and deciding to just sit on his lap instead. He had his arms wrapped around you, as you both decided on pulling silly faces. And of course finishing it off with one of you both kissing. 

“You look so beautiful in this one.” He said, pointing to the one of you throwing your head back in laughter. “Oh god, I look possessed.” You laughed. “No, no. You look beautiful.” He smiled down at you. 

“Look, I need to tell you something.” Your voice shook. 

“Cal, come look at this” Luke motioned him over. 

Kissing you on your head, he jogged towards Luke. You glanced over the passing people, the nerves taking over once more. Sending your thoughts into spiral. You started to realise that the thought of having a kid would be so difficult for Calum. He had his career, and friends. He was busy. 

You headed off in a different direction, avoiding everyone on your way to nowhere. You managed to get further and further away from your friends, that you couldn’t even make out their faces in the crowd anymore. 

You reached a bench, just beside a hotdog stand. Funnily enough, you were beginning to crave hotdogs. 

“Where did Y/N go?” Calum asked, looking around more worried each time he couldn’t see you. 

“She was there a minute ago.” Luke said, furrowing his brows. 

He began to push through the crowds, his heart racing in his chest when he couldn’t find you. He finally reached your friend, as she stood by the bathroom. 

“Is Y/N with you?” 

“No? Why?” 

“Fuck. She walked off.”

“Wait, did she finally tell you? Oh my god, she did. You’re gonna be a dad, this must be so exciting for you!” She squealed, her eyes widening with excitement.

“What?” He asked, snapping his attention back to her.

“She did tell you… right?” 

“She hasn’t told me anything. I mean, she was about to. But I got pulled away for a minute and then I turn back and she’s gone.”

Before she could even get a word in, Calum was heading off once more. This time with more will to find you. He searched booth by booth. Not once taking his eyes off the crowds, hoping to spot your face in them. 

You sat back down on the bench, hotdog in hand. Your eyes wandered over the crowds. 

“I’ll tell him eventually.” You said, holding your hand over your stomach. 

Calum began to pick up his pace as he yelled out your name. Crowds were starting to eye him up as he pushed past them. But he ignored them, continuing to shout your name. 

Calum spotted you. He stopped in his tracks, taking a deep breath as he thought about what he was going to say about the news. 

“I’m gonna be a dad?” Were the first words he said. 

Your eyes immediately shot up from your hotdog, a little crumbs still gathered around your lips. 


He walked closer to you, kneeling down before you. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I tried. But there were so many distractions. And then we came here, and I got scared. I didn’t know how to tell you. I’m sorry.” 

He shut you straight up as soon as he wrapped his arms around you. Not speaking one word. 

“I love you.” He whispered. 

Pulling away, he looked down to your stomach. Placing his hand over it. 

“I’m gonna be a dad.” He beamed.  “We’re a family.” He continued. 

“I love you” You smiled, pulling him back into your arms. 

The First Birthday

Context: It’s Robert & Aaron’s daughter’s first birthday.

Robert and Aaron woke up at the same time to the sound of their child making random noises down the baby monitor. Usually they would continue to make noises to themselves for about 20 minutes before becoming bored and calling out for them to go and get her. This morning was particularly important, today marked a year since their lives changed forever, the end of the best year of their lives so far – it was their daughters first birthday!

They both got out of bed, smiling like idiots at each other thinking about the amazing year they had had being dads, sure it hadn’t been easy, not by a long shot, the endless nights, the never ending tantrums, the constant overwhelming feeling of responsibility, but despite all of that neither of them would change it for the world.

They walked into their daughter’s room singing happy birthday, pointless they knew, given that their daughter had absolutely no concept of what a birthday was but that didn’t stop them.

“Good morning darling!” Aaron smiled reaching down into the crib to pick up Lottie, who was holding her arms up to him. “Happy Birthday!” He said excitedly bouncing her up and down on his hip and placing a kiss on her cheek.

“Daddy!” Lottie smiled, holding her arms out to Robert who was stood behind Aaron.

“Hey birthday girl!” Robert smiled lovingly, taking her from Aaron and placing a kiss on her forehead. “Should we go see what the birthday bunny left? Yeah?”

Before turning around to head downstairs his eyes met Aarons who had a look of confusion plastered on his face.

“Birthday bunny?” Aaron mouthed, wondering where Robert had got that from, causing Robert to laugh.

The night before, once they had put Lottie to bed, they stayed up for hours trying to wrap each present perfectly and organising them in the nicest way possible. As the night drew on Aaron decided it was time for them to both go to bed given how much of a busy day they had planned the next day,

“Come on Rob, she’s not gonna care if you put the bigger present to the left or the right of that one,” Aaron said sitting down beside him on the floor, “She will care if she has a grumpy daddy because he didn’t get enough sleep.” He pointed out, placing a kiss on Roberts shoulder, “Come on.”

As they entered the living room, Robert placed Lottie on the middle of the floor and let her explore all the many presents surrounding her, a look of surprise on her face they had only ever seen the Christmas before when she was surrounded by a sea of presents.

“What is it Lotts?” Aaron asked excitedly taking a seat on the floor next to her as she looked back at him as if to ask him the same question. “Is it presents for you?” He continued, raising his eyebrows and smiling. Lottie smiled back at him before looking around the room and pointing at the presents, mumbling a word that sounded very similar.

“Should me and Dadda help you open them?” Robert asked, taking a seat opposite Aaron next to Lottie. “Yeah?”

As he said this Lottie walked over to one of the presents, picked it up and took it back over to them, placing it in the middle of them both. She then toddled over towards Aaron as if to ask what to do next, Aaron then ripped a part of the paper so Lottie could unwrap the rest, “Lottie do.” Aaron said showing Lottie the paper so that she could open it properly.

As Lottie unwrapped the rest of the paper, Aaron looked up at Robert who a fond expression covering his face as he watched his daughter – the sight of this just melted Aarons heart. As he was looking towards Robert he heard a little laugh come from Lottie’s mouth.

“What is it Lotts?” Robert asked excitedly.

“Deddy!” Lottie responded, happiness filling her voice.

“Yes, that’s right!” Robert said watching the joy fill her face. They had bought her a large baby pink teddy bear that she had seen in the toy shop in Hotten a few weeks before, every time they took her in the shop she showed so much love for it that when it came to buying her presents they couldn’t resist buying it for her.

“Are you gonna her a cuddle?” Aaron said to Lottie who proceeded to give her new teddy a massive hug, “Aw that’s nice.” Aaron continued helping her unwrap her presents whilst Robert continued to take about a million pictures which he had already bought a photo album for. They also bought her a few books because she loved having stories read to her, a couple of other baby toys they had seen in the shop and a little football, which of course was Aarons idea.

After all her presents were unwrapped Aaron gave Robert the signal to bring in the last of her presents which they were unable to wrap. As Robert went to get the present, Lottie continued to kick and throw the tiny football to Aaron whilst he started telling her about all the tricks he planned on teaching her so she would beat all her cousins at football.

“What’s daddy got?” Aaron asked getting her attention and pointing towards Robert who was walking into the living room pushing a small toy pram in front of him. Suddenly Lottie started rushing over to where Robert was before gripping onto the handles of the pram, laughing excitedly. She became pushing it around the room before going back over to her new teddy, picking it up and placing it into the pram.

“Is teddy going for his na’nights?” Robert asked Lottie, who was parading the pram around the house. “Should we get some breakfast whilst he has his sleep?” Robert nodded towards her.

He walked into the kitchen and she quickly followed after him, toddling along into the room leaving Aaron to tidy up all the discarded wrapping paper and gathering her toys into one area in an attempt to keep the house clean for later on.

“Where’s the birthday girl?” Chas sang as she entered their front door, presents and balloons in hand and a ridiculously big smile plastered on her face.

“You’re early.” Aaron questioned following his mum into the living room and checking the time. “You’re not meant to be here for another hour yet.”

“Yes I know,” She began, placing the presents on the floor, “But it’s my grandchild’s first birthday and I couldn’t wait to see her,” Chas explained looking around, “So where is the little madam?”

“She’s having a nap,” Robert answered, entering from the kitchen, “Actually, we should probably wake her up now so she’ll sleep later, what do you think?” He wondered looking towards Aaron.]

“Yeah probably best, do you wanna get her or shall I?”

“I’ll go, you make your mum a drink.” He said tapping Aaron on the shoulder before running up the stairs.

“Thank you, Robert.” Chas called, “Least someone in this house has manners.” She teased, walking into the kitchen.

“Tea? Coffee? Water?” Aaron asked.

“Tea please love.” She replied as Aaron reached into the cupboard and began making he a drink, she watched him fondly as he did so,

“What?” He asked turning around and noticing her face.

“You. It’s just weird seeing my baby have a baby, you never really get used to it – you’ll learn that one day.”

“Yeah right, she’s not going anywhere near a lad until I’m at least 60.” He remarked, causing them both to laugh.

“I’m just proud of you that’s all, you’ve done an amazing job, you and Robert – she’s lucky to have you.” Chas smiled gently, taking the mug off of Aaron.

“Thanks mum.” He said quietly, smiling back at her.

As he said this he heard Robert coming back down the stairs, holding their daughter in his arms who had a dummy in her mouth and was resting her head on Robert’s shoulder. Her blue eyes were slowly adjusting to the slight and her blonde hair was all messy from her sleeping on it. Chas looked up lovingly at Lottie but didn’t try to hold her, knowing she’d be a bit disorientated having just woken up from her nap.

“You gonna wake up properly and say hello to grandma?” Robert murmured placing a kiss on her head. Instead of turning to Chas, Lottie held her hands out for Aaron, wanting to be held by him.

“You want dadda?” Robert asked softly, handing her over to Aaron.

Aaron bounced her gently on his hip to try and get her to wake up properly as the three of them chatted about what they had planned for the evening. After about 5 minutes, Lottie began to wriggle in Aaron’s arms which was he way of telling him she wanted to be put down. When he did so she went into the living room before returning with her toy pram and showing it to Chas.

“What’s this?” Chas questioned excitingly towards Lottie. “Did your daddies get you this?” Chas continued as Lottie was showing her her new teddy, playing with Chas.

“Birthday bunny.” Aaron interrupted, smirking towards Robert.

“What?” Chas questioned, looking at him confused.

“Doesn’t matter.” He smirked, winking at Robert.

“Where is she?” They heard Liv’s voice call from the front door, they still wondered why they gave her a spare key to their house. “There she is.” Liv smiled as soon as entered the kitchen.

When she spotted Liv, Lottie had a huge smile form on her face and she quickly ran over to Liv with her arms up wanting to be picked up, none of them knew how Liv had done it but Lottie was obsessed with her Auntie Liv – she was like her little side kick. Liv picked her up and began spinning her around, singing happy birthday to her, causing Lottie to giggle away.

“Erm I’ve left her presents next to the ones in the living room, is that alright?” She checked with Robert and Aaron.

“Yeah that’s fine.” Aaron told her. “I don’t think she’s interested in them anyway now you’re here.” He laughed before they all headed into the living room. They all repeated what had happened this morning with the presents, this time instead Chas and Liv were sat on the floor with her whilst Robert and Aaron got the last few things ready for the other guests to arrive.

After half an hour, once all the presents were opened, Aaron came back into the living room and picked up Lottie.

“Come on little one, should we go and get you ready for your party? Yeah? Come on then.”

As he took her upstairs to get changed, there was a knock on the door. Robert was greeted by Vic, Adam and their two children when he opened it. Vic and Adam had a 4 year old daughter called Amelia and a 2 and a half year old son named Matthew, both the sweetest, funniest children in the village. They had a present each in their hands as they ran into the living room, quickly followed by their parents and Robert.

“Uncle Robert?” Robert heard Matthew call from next to him.

“Yeah bud?” Robert asked looking down at him.

“Can I have some juice please?” He smiled persuading, clearly his father’s son.

“Course you can mate, do you want anything Amelia?” He asked his niece, who was showing off her new bracelet to Liv and Chas.

“No thank you.” She shouted, clearly too invested in showing off her new jewellery.

After 5 minutes Aaron came down the stairs with Lottie, who now had had her messy hair brushed and sorted into place and was wearing a new tiny light blue dress.

“Look whose here.” Aaron exclaimed, bringing her into the living room before putting her on the floor and letting her wander off to go and see her visitors.

Over the course of the next hour, more and more family began to arrive, most of the Dingles, Diane and Doug, some of the other villagers. They all sat around chatting, watching the birthday girl open her presents, seeing how cute she was whenever she opened something new and showing her daddies. After an hour or two, once everyone had ate some food, they all gathered around the living room, Aaron sat with Lottie on his knee on the floor in the middle of the room as Robert came in with the cake. It was a white cake, decorated with pink icing and had a candle placed in the middle of it – made of courtesy by Vic. As he entered the room, everyone began to sing happy birthday to Lottie.

He took a place on the floor next to Aaron and placed to cake on the small table which was in front of them, once everyone had finished singing to her, Robert and Aaron helped her blow out the candle before everybody cheered. They then served out cake to everyone, which they found amazing actually be able to do given how many people were there and continued to watch Lottie enjoy all the attention she was getting.

As the evening drew on, Lottie began to become tired and everyone had started to leave to allow them to put her to bed. After they had thanked everyone for coming and for the presents, once everyone had gone they took Lottie upstairs.

They ran her a bath, placing all her new bath toys from grandma Diane and grandad Doug into it, and got her cleaned up from the busy day she had had. After her bath, they took her into her room, put the night lights on and got her ready for bed. They dressed her in one of her new onesies which Liv had bought her and began trying to get her off to sleep. 

Aaron had gone downstairs to get her a bottle of milk and when he returned he came back to hear Robert singing softly to her, something which he only did in private. Robert gave her her bottle as Aaron went back downstairs to clean up any rubbish which was left over from the day and putting all her presents into one corner of the room so she could play with them tomorrow.

As he went back upstairs he noticed Lottie was now sound asleep in Roberts arms and was cuddled up in his chest, something she had done since she was born. When Robert saw Aaron, he walked over to her crib and placed her gently into it, making sure she was tucked under her blanket properly and was warm enough.

Both men were leant over the cot just gazing down at their daughter with such looks of adoration.

“Can you believe it’s been a year?” Aaron whispered, still looking down at Lottie.

“No, feels like only yesterday, we were at that hospital wondering how we were gonna do this, now look at us.” He said softly, looking towards Aaron, earning a smile in return.

“Come on.” Aaron muttered, grabbing Roberts hand and leading out of the room so not to disturb Lottie. They went into their bedroom, both knackered from the day they’d had and got ready for bed. Robert climbed into bed followed by Aaron who lay next to him with his head on his chest, both of them looking through pictures of the day before landing on a picture of all three of them, sat together laughing and smiling, causing both men to smile.

“Do you think she enjoyed it?” Aaron asked facing Robert as he put his phone down.

“I think she loved it.” He smiled, both of them happy that they could give her the childhood they had both dreamed of.

“I love you.” Aaron smiled at Robert, thinking about how much happiness he brought into his life.

“Love you too.” Robert said lovingly, leaning in and placing a gentle kiss to Aarons lips.

“Now we should probably get some sleep because madam in there will be up at the crack of dawn.” Aaron commented before being stopped by a smirking Robert.

“I’m sure we have some time before we need to be asleep…” He smirked, causing Aaron to smile in response.

“Oh yeah?” Aaron teased.

“Yeah…” Robert quickly said, reconnecting his lips to Aarons…

Well that was a long fic, I apologise! Hope this was okay! Let me know what you think! (I’m sorry it’s so long but for some reason my blog won’t let me put anything under a ‘read more’ I will try at some point to fix that!)

Also credit to @littlelooneyluna for helping me pick a name lmao

when you’re sad think about raoul’s reaction when christine tells him he’s going to be a dad.

  • crying. lots of crying and hugging
  • smiling for days
  • making a massive list of possible names
  • more crying
  • going shopping with christine for clothes, a pram, cot and toys
  • constantly talking to the bump
  • being fiercely protective of christine and making sure she’s relaxed
  • running her warm baths

daddy raoul is so important

Next person to say Bradley Simpson is a copy of Harry Styles gets a kick in the throat and an ass whooping. Because they look no different to every other college guy and early 20 year old. The curls are a genetic thing. Based on your ignorance is every ginger in a hoodie and jeans an Ed Sheeran copy cat. Take your ignorance elsewhere. Ideally back in your pram along with your toys.