praline mousseline


28 More Days!!

It seems like it was just yesterday when I returned home from Paris and now it’s already time to go back again. These last few months have gone by rather quickly. I haven’t baked as much as I planned, but I was still able to make quite a few pastries from my Le Cordon Bleu binder of recipes. There’s still 4 weeks left for me to squeeze in some more and I plan on doing so.

I can recall how I felt this summer when it was about a month away from leaving for Paris. Just rereading my first blog post, gives me anxiety. I was so nervous of the unknown and I ALMOST changed my mind. Thank God I didn’t. I’m not really nervous this time around, because I’m familiar with the city, the people, my apartment, the school and thankfully, the subway. I’ll admit that I’m slightly nervous about this next course. It will be much more difficult than the last one. I plan on giving it all I got though. I AM excited about meeting new students (not all the same students will be in this next course), learning how to make a perfect Macaroon, drinking French wine (not daily this time (maybe)), running along the Seine River, experiencing Paris in the fall and winter, hanging out with my good friend Corrine, seeing the Eiffel Tower twinkling at night, my morning walks to school, and listening to the horrible accordion players on the subway. Oh…and being in Paris with my Mom! We have never taken a trip alone together and it’s great that our first trip will be Paris! She is going to stay with me for 2 weeks and we’ll arrive a week before school starts, so we’ll have time to do some touristy stuff. Let me tell ya’…Paris won’t be the same after my Mom and I have traipsed through it! Here’s my Mom in a nutshell: she looks like Elizabeth Taylor, but much prettier, she’s an amazing musician and can blow the stinky socks off those accordion players on the subways, she is great with people and most importantly…she knows how to have a good time. Like I said, Paris will never be the same. After writing that whole, long paragraph, I am really getting excited about my trip!

I will definitely miss my family while I’m gone and most importantly, I will miss them on Thanksgiving Day ANNND my birthday. ☹ That will be weird to be without them. I’ll have to find some turkey and birthday cake to eat in Paris.

I forgot to mention the pictures posted above. I suppose this blog IS about baking…and my life drama, of course. If you can’t tell and hopefully you CAN, I got a new camera!!! YEY! I’ve got to catch up with all the Foodies out there and their amazing photos. A nice camera definitely makes a difference. There’s a hundred buttons on it and a kajillion (if you’ve never heard of that number, it’s the total of the U.S. debt) different ways to program it, so I’m still learning how to operate it. I’m sticking with the preprogrammed functions for now. It’s quite larger than my cute little point and shoot camera, which means I’ll have to lug that puppy around Paris for 5 weeks, but it’ll be worth the great photos.

Oh yeah…so I had a party on Saturday for some friends and I wanted to make some pastries that were easy for the guests to pick up and eat while still managing to hold their wine glasses and run their mouths. I chose the Puff Pastries with the Praline Mousseline Cream, which I have made before, but I sooo love making them and they’re so damn good…if I may say so myself. Since it’s October, I also made some Spiced Pumpkin Cupcakes with Pumpkin Buttercream. Helloooooo! YUMMY! And look at that picture! NICE! I just want to pick it up off the screen and eat it. Go ahead…try it. Needless to say, the desserts were a hit and I wish I had taken pictures of the appetizers I made as well. By the time I plated them the party started and I plum forgot. They were really good though. I’ll tell you what I made and you’ll just have to envision what they looked like and how they tasted: Apple, Blue Cheese & Hazelnut Salad on Endive Leaves, Cherry Tomatoes Stuffed with Mozzarella & Basil, Philly Stuffed Mushrooms, Sweet & Spicy Orange Meatballs, Ham & Gorgonzola Panini and Smoked Salmon and Watercress Wraps. I don’t think anyone left hungry. I certainly love entertaining. Hmmm….maybe I should go into cuisine. Well, one thing at a time Wendy. Pastries for now! Speaking of, I’ve got some baking to do…