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Since I don’t have time to keep up with my tictail for the moment I decided to open up my Society6 store once again! Uploaded some selected drawings from my sketchbook. These are the first prints I’ve made available. I will keep on updating the store as I make new drawings!

If you like any of them feel free to get yourself one!

Is there a print missing that you would like to see there?

Artwork I did for the latest poster for Klubb Undergången. This one was really special to me since my band plays for the first time ever at this event.

If anyone of you are in Stockholm around the 27:th this month, come by!

We are called Black Orbs, and we play some kind of mix between doom / psych / space rock / krautrock.

Here’s a link to the event.

Hope you like!



TBT. I was suffering from sleep paralysis a while back. This was due to a lot of stress from work. At one point I dreamt I was lying in my couch screaming and screaming without being able to hear my voice, and then waking up in dripping in cold sweat. For me that was a big wake up call to start rethinking my life. 

I painted this as a reminder to never, ever get that stressed and lost in a never ending spiral of negativity again.

I hope you all are having an amazing week so far!

/ Prakash