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Since I don’t have time to keep up with my tictail for the moment I decided to open up my Society6 store once again! Uploaded some selected drawings from my sketchbook. These are the first prints I’ve made available. I will keep on updating the store as I make new drawings!

If you like any of them feel free to get yourself one!

Is there a print missing that you would like to see there?


Dear tumblr,

Day 29-31.

So was this exercise over. 31 days of drawing hands. I must say that I kind of like drawing hands now. It feels like many artists all say “Hands are so difficult to draw”. I used to say that myself. But then I decided to change that. So instead of bitching about it, I just drew them instead.

My biggest mantra I will take with me from this is: Just because something is extremely difficult, it doesn’t mean you can’t get good or better at it. Spend more time doing it, than cave in for the fear of doing it and there will be progress.

I’m not saying I’m an expert at them. Far from it! But at least I think I’ve achieved what I wanted in the first place, to be able to say “Hands have gotten easier to draw”.

For the ones interested:

Day 1-7

Day 8-14

Day 15-21

Day 22-28

I love you guys. I sincerely want to thank you for your support. Now I will go back to draw cute robots and stuff. 

All the love from a colder and colder Sweden,



Dear tumblr.

Day 15-21.

Today I finished the third week of drawing hands everyday in January. I must say I feel like I’m getting worse, but I can quicker visualize the hand in my head before I draw it. And it feels like I can draw it faster and more freely without being too locked to building blocks. And one thing I’ve started to realize is that I crave drawing characters! 

For all you beautiful new people: During this month I’ve decided to challenge myself to focus on my biggest weakness in drawing: hands. So everyday in January I’ve promised myself to fill up a whole page per day consisting of hand drawings / studies. 

TLDR; I love you. Thank you so much for watching.



Dear tumblr.

Day 8-14.

I have now finished the second week of my own challenge where I will fill one page of hand studies / drawings in my sketchbook everyday in January.

I must say I have started to like drawing hands. A small reflection I did today was that I’ve started to see the hand as a character of its own. 

To all the new people who have joined me in my journey: I feel very happy that you’re here. And it makes me so crazy motivated to keep sharing what I do and what I’m passionate about.

See you in a week!