praises and adoration

Ron helping Harry calm down after a panic attack because he thought his scar hurt when it was just a normal headache

Ron learning how to use the telephone properly so Harry could call him if he woke up in the middle of the night because of a nightmare

Ron quickly making a joke and changing the topic when a conversation became obviously uncomfortable for Harry. 

Ron telling the reporters to piss off when they tried to crowd around Harry.

Ron actually being the best friend Harry could ever have asked for.

Post: you shouldn’t tell a gay person that what they enjoy is bad rep because they might thing it’s great representation and that’s-

Me: *is already asleep*

So you understand that little white girls seeing only thin white girl’s being showcased, praised and adored, can fuck them up. But you don’t get why Black and Brown kids seeing white faces constantly is a problem. Okay.

Top 5 Doctor Whos

As most of you know, I’m a big fan of Doctor Who, and as the series nears its 100th anniversary, now is a better time than ever to take a look back to those who have given their own take on the title role over the years!

5: Harvard Brumbleby, The 16th Doctor
When Brumbleby joined the show, it was in a dire state, the ratings and viewing figures had plummeted, and the BBC was just about ready to axe the show for good.
This all turned around when Harvard Brumbleby entered the fray, and really wowed the British public with his performance in his first appearance, in which he got his foot stuck in a watermelon.

4: Truro Daisy, The 19th Doctor
When most people are asked who they think the definitive ‘Doctor Who’ is, chances are most of them will respond with Truro Daisys iconic take on the role. The episode 'Terror under the Cup’, in which Doctor Who struggled to remove a disgruntled hornet from the TARDIS is regarded as one of the high points of the franchise.

3: Neon Boy, The 29th Doctor
Casting a robot in the role of Doctor Who was one that was met with much controversy, but even longtime fans were enamored by his first adventure, where he struggled to climb a spiral staircase with his caterpillar track legs. His final appearance in which he was destroyed after a sensual Sontaran massage got out of hand is considered to be one of TV’s finest moments.

2: Boone Pishnard, The 76th Doctor
Boone came during an exhausting period of the show, in which new Doctor Whos would enter and exit within the episode they’re introduced in, with some episodes featuring upwards of 5 regeneration scenes. Boone Pishnards tenure as Doctor Who may have only lasted 18 minutes, but audiences everywhere were impressed when The 76th Doctor accidentally called Davros 'Mum’, and had to regenerate purely out of embarrassment.

1: Dirge Sturgeon, The 37th Doctor
Every Doctor is unique, and really brings out the unique talents of the actors who play them. Sturgeons fresh new take on the role was met with overwhelming praise and adoration, and completely rejuvenated the Doctor Who fanbase, which had gone silent after fans became fatigued from a constant stream of Only Fools and Horses-esque episodes in which the Doctor Who attempted to peddle his line of bootleg Daleks.

From his first adventure in which he lands the TARDIS on the sun and helps a group of fire miners appease a phoenix, to his final outing where he was arrested by traffic cops for illegally reversing the odometer on his TARDIS, Dirges fantastic performance throughout his tenure is always fondly remembered by both new and old fans alike.


Jada Pinkett’s personal letter and pictures to Tupac while he was in prison in 1995. The letter is 4 pages, this is just the 1st page.

Jada wrote:

“I finished talking to you about an hour ago or so! I decided to call mommie because I was so emotional! Not in a bad way, but relieved to hear the life in your voice. I’ve been aching to hear that strong voice! 

I’m not sending the letter about Keisha because it was truly irrelevant now that we’ve talked! I still don’t feel she’s what you need right now, but for real, I’ve got to trust you! If you feel her something must be real! I only hope this situation isn’t making you feel you have to accept anything less than what you deserve only cause it’s been there. You and I will never feel any of our partners are worthy of either of us, so it’s not for me to judge.. really! I want someone to love you to the fullest! They have to love the man you truly are! She should praise you adore you, worship you inside out whether you right or wrong, pretty or ugly! You are the sun and the moon and should be treated accordingly! If it’s true, your heart should love her beyond our existence! That’s how you should be loved and that’s how you should love back! It’s unconditional! You walk now with two eyes open, when she’s by your side, with love you should be able to close one! I’ve always felt safe with you even through all this madness! I’ve never had a problem with closing that one eye when I was by your side! I had to see through yours to get a sense of your”

What We Need From Others
  • Sun: For me to shine and be confident I need to be...
  • Moon: For me to be emotionally secure I need to be...
  • Ascendent: For life to have meaning I need to be...
  • ~
  • Aries: Accepted
  • Taurus: Welcomed
  • Gemini: Praised
  • Cancer: Appreciated
  • Leo: Adored
  • Virgo: Valued
  • Libra: Loved
  • Scorpio: Trusted
  • Sagittarius: Admired
  • Capricorn: Respected
  • Aquarius: Remembered
  • Pisces: Cherished

13rw was called out by heaps of mental health professionals and mentally ill people and still got renewed, but The Get Down was praised and adored and so unique and special and still it got fucking cancelled. I don’t care why they said it happened, it’s wrong.

· imagine lance and keith meeting on the internet

· on their fandom video editing account or something bc theyre both fanboys and found each other through a fandom or something

· like lance would find a video edit that just made him nUT (lets be honest we all had those moments) and they start following each other

· and they started sliding into each other’s dms ;)

· lance lives in cuba and keith’s in amurica

· cue friendly conversation

· they start to really click with each other and gradually turns into a real friendship on screen

· they start to video chat a lot and teasing one another

· they would collab with each other

· cue slow development of feelings

· and one day, even if they havent seen one or the other in person, Keith or Lance found the courage to ask the other out.

· he says yes ofc

· and they live out an entire online relationship thats just straight up adorable and goals and their followers would start to hardcore ship them (ie us)

· they would video chat or call til they fall asleep

· they would have online movie nights

· they would text nonstop

· they would praise each other on their igs

· they would have their inside jokes

· imagine them having deep conversations at night

· and theyd just fall in love every day

· once lance sent a package to keith, a gift from him, to him

· lance would talk nonstop about keith to his family and his bestie hunk

· big bro shiro would be caught in keith’s praises of how adorable lance is and how he longs to see him in person

· one day, shiro gave keith the best birthday surprise gift

· he waves an envelope in front of his face and keith looks back at him questioningly

· carefully, he opens the envelope and almost cries

· inside, there are two tickets for a trip to varadero, cuba

· shiro tells keith lance helped paid for one of the tickets

· keith calls lance immediately, he explains how he and shiro have been secretly saving up for those tickets as a surprise

· they cant stop themselves from breaking into tears

· the day comes when keith’s plane lands in cuba

· lance paces in the airport, his heart pounding with excitement albeit anxiously, his older sister catching everything on camera

· lance’s eyes searched everywhere for that mullet he would always see on his screen

· he turns, seeing two people exit out of the gate with their bags and big smiles

· lance’s breath hitches, and he launches himself towards the guy with the mullet he recognizes as his bf keith

· keith drops his bags and runs towards lance like a movie cliché (but a cute one none the less)

· they nearly fall over but once they slam into each other in the tightest hugs to end all hugs, they take in each other’s scent for the first time

· they pull away for just a second, but lance couldnt wait anymore, so he goes in for a kiss on keith’s lips

· keith’s eyes goes wide in surprise, but lets himself melt into it

· lance’s sis got everything on camera

· keith and shiro stays with lance’s family for their time in varadero

· cue montage of lance taking keith to his favorite places, restaurants, and beaches

· they once went to an amusement park together with shiro and the fam

· cue all the teasing banters and soft kisses and tight hugs and the ‘i love you’s

· them taking pictures and videos as souvenirs (and for future editing 😂) and sharing their pics on their instas

· lance’s family likes to tease them whenever they come home from a day out together

· every night they would do something fun, whether its the two of them watching a movie while cuddled up in blankets on the couch with shiro and lance’s family alongside, or walks along varadero beach as the moonlight glistens against the soft crashes of the wave

· just imagine all that and them being happy and smiling and laughing and their family just being so supportive of them and keith never wanting to leave

· lets exclude the part where keith and shiro has to, at some point, go back to america, and not include all the tears and klangst and all that

· let’s not

· lets go back to them being happy

· lance introduces keith to his best friend hunk

· hunk, being the big teddy bear he is, is grateful for keith and they way he makes lance happy and just buries him in a tight hug

· lance and keith spooning in bed, buried under the sheets, after a long day, and just enjoying each other’s company, lance running his hand through keith’s fluffy hair, and keith taking in the sweet scent cinnamon scent of lance

· i just want them to be happy okay dreamworks

· i got my eyes on you


Tarot tuesday! I forgot to post this yesterday so here it is. Today’s card is the Six of Wands.

This card, somewhat like the four, depicts a moment of triumph or success. Where that card had the mood of quiet contemplation, however, the six represents a full-on splendorous moment of self-love and adulation from others. The querant is up on the pedestal and basking in the praise of their adoring fans, taking a gratuitous (though well-earned) moment of joy in their own achievements.

It’s important to allow ourselves these moments. Self-love feels like a hard thing to master in a way that doesn’t irritate or put off other people, but sometimes ignoring the reactions of others (or acting in spite of them) is important too. This card makes me think of Pride (the LGBTQ movement, not the cardinal sin), and how the derision of straight people (”I’m fine with the gays, but why do they have to be so loud about it??” etc etc) in some ways necessitates it all the more as a celebration. Same often goes for any self-love exhibited by people in marginalised communities - Blackout Days, f’rinstance, or even just “selfie culture” in general. 

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that call was too close man, i’ll start to do the daily draws earlier

Anyways so, Tama was useful for something and reminded me about Gabby’s existence, and I only like, drew her just once cuz I was affraid of claws tbh


Days in a row where I arted at least once a day: 6 

amystrozzi: Fun facts about #YvonneStrahovski: 1- She is obsessed with #RoseHipOil for her skincare and doesn’t use much else 2- I think this is the most serious expression I’ve ever seen on her since we’re laughing 98% of the time and 3- after our glam session yesterday she gave @clarissanya and I sage that she picked and bundled herself from the mountainside. 🌿❤️ Now go catch up on #TheHandmaidsTale on #Hulu! #PraiseBe [x]