Yo!! We did it!! get your tickets now! #PremierEvent #APRIL23 #praisegodalways

#praisegodalways GOD is so good , our path is already predetermined by him , so why would I worry? GOD I praise you in the good and bad times cause you are the realest, and I love you so much. Thank you for giving me eternal joy. Praise GOD. Goodnight✨🙌🙏✨☺️❤️✨🙏😍✨

It goes all the way up for The Lord in less than a week..we crankin up for Christ in the Bronx, NY next weekend me and the homie @mr_jameswhite gone bring that #KingdomMusic can’t wait to see what that New York telly life like bro…think will be like right in the middle of Times Square #PraiseGodAlways