This bitch , with the crunchiest of edges I ever seen today came in my job. She asked me where the shoes were located. I politely told her they were upstairs and I proceeded with my folds. Two minutes later she comes back down and says “I couldn’t find them.”

In the middle of my response I see a white paper hanging out of her purse. You know , the shit you put in the shoe boxes? I’m looking at her child’s feet , these are fresh nikes we legit just got off the truck. And I know he didn’t have em on before cause I remember seeing his light up Star Wars joints and thinking , this nigga probably get picked last in gym all the time. He was 12.

So Im like “Mam. The shoes are upstairs you walk right into them when you go up.” She says. Well I’ll go check again. And I go back to my folds cause those shoes wasn’t coming out my check so it ain’t my business.

She comes back and says. You know what. I’ll just go to footlocker. I look down she has on some Pumas. I’ve had enough. So I look at her I’m like “mam you didn’t have those shoes on and neither did your son.” She looks appalled like I insulted her life. She like are you accusing me of stealing?

I’m like nah but your old shoes sticking out your sons bookbag. Should’ve been more thorough with your theifing. You not meant for the game. So of course I have to call LP and my manager. So they come to the register. She’s throwing a fit. I’m balancing my drawer unbothered.

She pulls my manager off to the side and gone whisper “ she rung me up sir. I don’t know what the problem is.” I dead ass look at her like bitch you just gone lie ? For some Pumas? And some over priced nikes? At kohls ? A store that ain’t even a shoe store ? You gone risk going to jail ? And leaving your child ? You just gone come in here ? with edges looking like compressed fall leaves? And the back of your neck looking like Chum bucket meat? And a Greater Purpose Baptist Church t-shirt ? And lie ?

I ain’t say nothing. God got you. I just continued my folds. I just had to show y'all how God was working on me. Cause it took a lot not to cuss her out. I’m getting better ☺️☺️☺️

I pray that she finds the right path in life, and the right edge control.

Jupiter Ascending available for legal streaming NOW

If you’re fortunate enough to live in the United States of America, you can watch Jupiter Ascending right now in digital HD. You can stream the film on Amazon here, and I expect it will also be available on other digital platforms (it’s definitely available on US iTunes) from today.

As far as I’m aware, today’s digital release is US only, with releases elsewhere being staggered into June. Do correct me if I’m wrong as I’ll update the post!

If you haven’t seen Jupiter Ascending in a while, be excited - you can watch it again! I can’t wait to see new thoughts/observations roll in as people watch the movie again.

If you haven’t seen Jupiter Ascending at all, what’s wrong with you? Go watch it!