praise to helix


You are cloned out of an ancient fossil and taken in by a mob who claims you’re their god, and you have absolutely no idea what is happening.

Also, your main food source is probably extinct.

Uncut version here.

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So close to being finished…

Lead astray by the False Prophet… and then that happened. Gotta re-bead it T_T

Made by yours truly, perlerzbyrex.

Hey kids this is the finished picture. It is every single pokemon caught in the Twitch Plays Pokemon run of Pokemon Red.

I’ll be making prints of these and they’ll first be seen at Megacon in florida in a few weeks.

If you want one of these, come see good ol’ Doc Glasgow at megacon!

You know, it’s honestly amazing that Twitch Plays Pokemon beat all six generations.

At every stage of the journey, there was a point where we thought that we wouldn’t do it. The Safari Zone, Morty’s Gym (twice), the Hoenn E4, the game freezes in Platinum, Mr Giovanni’s Wild Ride (again, twice), Massacre Monday, Bloody Sunday…

And yet we still did it.

Released our whole party except for one? Welp, looks like we’re bringing a Tympole to the E4 guys! Get stuck in a spinny tile puzzle? We’re gonna have to use Democracy, guys. Can’t evolve anything? Fuck it, we’re gonna PURPOSELY not evolve anything so that the streamer will force evolutions next time.

It took using Pokemon that no one even considers. I mean, Masquerain? Tympole? Shinx? 

It took unorthodox tactics. Carefully co-ordinating plans so we could cut down trees, spamming Sand Attack, abusing bugs to take down hard bosses… Everything was fair game.

It took incredible feats of co-ordination. The ledges required nobody to press down; getting evolutions for B2 and X required not evolving ANYTHING in Black; and that is to say nothing at all of the co-ordination required to get Marc the Mew in FireRed.

We beat X in less than a week. Let that sink in. Thousands of people fighting over a single 3DS managed to beat the game in less than a week. I mean, X isn’t exactly hard, but still…

TPP is a testament to human tenacity. It is a testament to co-operation. It is a testament to the human ability to say, this is never gonna work, but fuck if we won’t try.

Best thing to happen in 2014, hands down.

See you all in November for Hoenn Round 2. And then, see you all next year for the Anniversary Edition!