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Um…Dean hasn’t had a black and white view about the world of monsters in quite some time. Now, every now and again he’ll revert back to form when he’s stressed or dealing with something heavy, like the Mark of Cain. but for the most part, he’s been in the grey area since early seasons.

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As you are a shipper of lynncoln will you ever draw their sin child lacy?

One piping hot order of angelic love child to go.

Post: you shouldn’t tell a gay person that what they enjoy is bad rep because they might thing it’s great representation and that’s-

Me: *is already asleep*

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I love that scene in the lorry in Russia. 😭You got Erik "I never had any real friends post-puberty" Lehnsherr figuring out that patting Charles on his thigh - pretty high up too, from the looks of it- is the instinct he should follow to express his pride and approval, Charles turning towards him, looking as if he wants to be embarrassed by such lack of social skills, but the moment he looks at Erik his face immediately goes to aroused + he even licks his lips. These boys are a mess...

I love it too! It’s the first time in the movie that Erik, as an adult, touched someone without having any murderous intent. It’s probably why he looked slightly stiff. He wasn’t used to that, and he still didn’t feel comfortable enough to praise someone out loud, especially when surrounded by complete strangers. It was really sweet.

“1, 2, 3. Okay that’s enough.”

“Never stop for pity’s sake.”

I’m not sure I would say Charles noticed his lack of social skills because he sought Erik’s eyes right away to see if he was all right, if they were still together in all of this. The way they looked at each other… so intense. I loved it.

“You did good.”

“Yes I did. Surely I deserve a kiss.”

“My hand will warm you up.”

“I shall humectate my lips, for I am greatly aroused.”

They didn’t utter one word, but it was perfect nevertheless. Look. Erik kept his hand on Charles’ thigh. He didn’t immediately remove it even though one man was staring at them. Lovely.


AN: This one is for @dancingalone21​‘s Lau’s Summer Challenge, sorry for being a week late. But as promised, I’m posting today!
Thank you to @notnaturalanahi​ for reading over it and reassuring me it wasn’t too much or too little.
No hate to Gen and the boys, I do truly love them, but for our imaginations, lets say this happened in a parallel universe.
Warnings: fluff, pics (trust me it is a warning), crack and maybe a tiny bit of flangst?, but this IS a SFW piece. RPF, but this Jared can be read as Sam. And just a heads up, there s private note from me to you at the end of this and that’s personal and angst ridden, so if you need to, once finished, stop.
Word Count: 3,744
Characters: Jared x Reader, mention of a few OC’s but no need to worry!
Summary: Jared is a master of surprises, when he can get YN to shut up long enough!

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Making Up

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Pairing: Fem!Reader x Brendon Urie

Request: Yes || Hi can you please do an angsty brendon smut please ilysm i love your work!!

Warnings: NSFW || smut, angst, cursing, praise kink, mention of abuse (there is no physical abuse written in this).

Masterlist: Here

Okay so I suck at angst, and I was completely winging this. I really hope it isn’t terrible, but lately my life has been shit so I feel like I need to write to get it out. I apologize in advance if this sucks. Nevertheless, enjoy my loves. xx

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How do I compliment someone on their weight loss without focusing on appearance? I know they will feel good if I recognize their efforts and THEY may be focusing on appearance but *I* don't want to because healthy lifestyle changes are about so much more than how a person looks. How do I give them recognition without saying, "You look so good!" as I feel like that kind of implies they didn't look good before they lost the weight.

Keep in the back of your mind that if you don’t want to focus on the appearance aspect of weight loss, it’s best to step back and think about what you’re actually complimenting them on. Because if your brain keeps going “weight loss weight loss weight loss,” then this isn’t going to turn out very well for anyone involved. I can practically guarantee that weight loss is going to be the least awesome thing happening to them, anyway.

If this person is putting in a lot of effort and seeking to educate themselves about health and fitness: “Hey, lately I’ve been seeing just how hard you’re working, and I think that’s amazing! Good job.”

If this person has been in a better mood and seems much happier now: “Wow, you never seem to stop smiling lately, it’s really contagious. :))))”

And if this person has accomplished a recent PR, like running a 5k or squatting their body weight: “Seeing you work out is so impressive, you just keep getting better!”

Because more than anything, you want to actually focus on their accomplishments and what’s happening in this person’s life right now. After all, if their weight loss isn’t what’s impressive to you, then why give them a compliment? If this is someone that you care about and are proud of, I know that you can come up with some 100% legitimate thing about them that’s worth praising and saying out loud. 

Try Not To Laugh (Youtubers Imagine)

Characters: Mark Fischbach (Markiplier) & Sean McLoughlin (Jacksepticeye)

Fandom: Youtubers

Categories: Reader Insert, Female!Reader

Title: Try Not To Laugh

Requested by anon:

Hello! :) I was wondering if you could do an imagine where the reader is having a rough week or something and her YouTube friends (i don’t really care which youtubers :3) make her a video trying to cheer the reader up! Thankyou :)

I groaned in exasperation when the doorbell rang.

I put my laptop away and stood up from the couch to go open the door even if I had no idea who could it be.

“Who is it?” I tiredly asked, still feeling as apathetic and blue as I had been these days.

All that came from the other side of the door was just mumbling nonsense and gibberish, but I did hear laughs and giggles.

Curious and baffled, I opened the door to find face to face with no other than Mark and Jack.

“I should have known it was you two” I mumbled feebly as I opened the door.

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seventeen’s reaction to you dancing to their song flawlessly

thank you so so so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it makes me really happy to hear that you like my writing~ you’re too sweet :) I hope you like this reaction [p.s i wrote it as if the reader is their s/o, is that okay??] and my sincere apologies for how long this took… i mean it’s literally almost been a year. i feel really badly …. I’ll do better in the future.


seungcheol ~

Seungcheol would be totally ecstatic. He sees you dancing to their music jokingly all the time so he hadn’t expected you to actually follow their choreography for once. “Oh my~ jagi, have you always danced this well? Why were you hiding this from me?” After saying that, he’d sit in front of you and smile with his mouth slightly agape. He wouldn’t want to interrupt again, he was too afraid you’d stop. Once you finished he’d jump up and lift you off your feet into an embrace. “That was amazing, Y/N!”

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jeonghan ~

Jeonghan would sit back and smile widely as soon as you began to do their choreography. He would be a happy kind of surprised, his wide eyes not leaving you for a second. Jeonghan would clap for you once you finished, stopping so he could grab your hand and pull you to him. “When did you have the time to learn that, Y/N? If you have that much free time you should be spending it with me.” He’d laugh and place you on his lap. “Just kidding, jagi. That was unbelievable! I never knew you could dance like that.”

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joshua ~

Joshua’s would smile brightly when he realized what you were doing, his eyes widening in admiration. He would yell out ad-libs throughout the whole ordeal to show his approval. “Wow! ….. Yeah man!…. Ay yo Y/N!” When you finally finished, he’d release one closing ‘wow’ and give you a loud round of applause. As you came up from a bow, Josh would take the chance to grab your wrist and pull you towards him. “I can’t believe you learned the whole dance! That was really amazing, jagi.” 

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junhui ~

Jun would merely raise his eyebrows at you as you passionately went through their choreography. He’d be hesitant to show how impressed he was, but couldn’t help his mouth forming a little ‘o’. When the song came to an end he’d break into a tiny smile and walk up to your side. “You did this move wrong.. your leg should’ve been like this, not like this.” He’d place a hand on your thigh and show the correct position. You pouted at his critique, Jun’s smirk splitting into a grin. “-but that was fantastic, Y/N. Really, it was. If I knew you were this good at dancing I would’ve had you practice with me a long time ago!”

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soonyoung ~

Hoshi is the type of boyfriend to give constant, genuine, and loud praise- he sees you as nothing less than perfect. So, when you began to recite the 아주 NICE choreography flawlessly, he wouldn’t hesitate to show his amazement. “That’s my jagi! WOW~ Y/N, you’re so talented!” He’d be smiling so hard by the end of your performance that you were afraid his face would split in two. He’d giggle excitedly and scoop you into his arms. “Do you know how long it took the boys to learn that? You should be so proud of yourself!”

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wonwoo ~

Wonwoo is such soft, shy, sweetheart~ I think that no matter how long you were dating, he’d get flustered by all the little things you do. Seeing you dance would put a bashful smile on his face. He’d watch quietly, his smile along with the pink tint on his cheeks growing each second. When you finished he’d clap his sweater paws together slowly, “That was really..cute, Y/N… you’re really cute….”

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jihoon ~

Woozi’s eye smile would be evident the moment he realized what you were doing. He’d watch you in pride and admiration, not being able to think of anything other than how lucky he is to have someone like you all to himself. 
“Is this what you’ve been doing while I’m working late?” He’d laugh lightly when the song finally ended. “I can’t believe it~ that was so cool.” He’d rub his neck shyly, his eyes fixated on the floor.

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seokmin ~

We all know how extra Dokyeom is. There’s no doubt that he’d be up in an instant, reciting the choreography at your side with a cheesy grin on his face. Though, he’d be laughing to hard to do it properly, collapsing on the ground to enjoy watching instead. “You’re a better dancer than me!” He’d exclaim when the song ended, dragging you down beside him. Seokmin would lace his fingers with yours and place a kiss on your cheek. “You should be promoting with the boys and I- seriously. You’re full of surprises, Y/N!”

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mingyu ~

Mingyu’s initial reaction would be a look of pure awe, his jaw hanging open at the slightest. It would take him a minute to compose himself, but soon he’d break into a beaming smile. He’d love the thought of you practicing one of his group’s dances, his cheeks beginning to hurt from smiling so much. “Oh my god! I can’t believe that just happened..” He’d yell as soon as you were done. “How long did that take you? That was insane! I love you, jagi, you’re so talented!”

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minghao ~

When Minghao turned on their title track BOOM BOOM, the last thing he expected was to see you start dancing along out of the corner of his eye. He seems like the kind of boyfriend who would mostly just tease you all the time, but internally would find everything you do to be insanely cute. So, the fact that you took the time to learn the complex choreography and practice it, would 10/10 make his heart palpitate. “Y/N, I love you so much. You know that right?”- is about all he could muster up as your performance came to an end.

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seungkwan ~

I can just see Seungkwan’s dopey, surprised face as he watches you perform Seventeen’s choreography with precision. “Is this really happening right now?!” He’d think aloud. And when I say he’s excited, I mean like… bouncing in his seat, flailing his arms around like a crazy person kind of excited. He would just look at you with more admiration then he ever did before, thinking about how lucky he is to have someone as dedicated and talented as you. “Y/N, YOU’RE INCREDIBLE!”

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hansol ~

Naturally, Vernon’s go-to reaction would be a meme-sol expression. He’d stare at you with his eyebrows raised and bottom lip sucked in, looking more meme-sol than ever. I feel like he’d stay quiet until the very end, just marveling at you as you execute each dance move flawlessly. When the song ends and you bow in his direction, he’d break into a beaming smile and laugh heartily. “I can’t believe you, Jagi. Only you would do something like this. You’re too cute!” Be prepared to be pulled into a tight hug- once he finishes his guffawing, of course.

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chan ~

Dino, most definitely being the type of boyfriend to put you on a pedestal, never stops being amazed by you. Like, the way you eat your cereal is some kind of miracle to him. So seeing you doing something as complicated as the 아주 NICE choreo would just about break his mind. Instinctively, he’d join you, dancing at your side a bit sloppily as he tries to watch your dancing at the same time as concentrate on his own. When the music finally fades off, he’d take your hands in his and praise you endlessly. “My Jagi is so gifted! Is there anything you can’t do?”

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Okay so how about a blurb about harry not being able to keep his eyes off of you at a dinner party/event and you're trying hard not to notice but it's hard because he's harry 😭😭

wowow did you read my mind or something because I’ve had this thought in my mind for awhile.

okay, so you to are at a premier party for your latest movie debut. it’s nothing really that  crazy, just the cast and crew celebrating the movie’s opening. you’re sitting with the director, talking about potential collaborations in the future when you feel eyes on you. you slightly turn to the right to see harry shamelessly gawking at you and when you catch his gaze, he smiles even more the dimples just showing out. you could melt into a puddle right then and there.

you excuse yourself from the conversation and head over to the wide leather couch seated in the corner of the venue. you boldly sit on his lap, an amused smile paints his beautiful raspberry red lips and his emerald green eyes sparkle.

“you’re looking at me like you want to ruin me harry.” you whine not even caring that you’re around reputable people in the film industry. you’re saying your thanks and praises right now for the loud music and low lighting to shield you from prying eyes.

he smiles up at you sweetly, “of course love haven’t thought about anything else all night.” his lips pucker up to kiss along your neck.

that’s all i got rn lmaoo sorry!! this is unedited!

There is something beautiful
when two men kiss.
Old gods cry out in their glory
and remember their fallen men,
the heroes and their lovers,
who died for the passionate
hope of finding bliss.
You see them kiss,
and you are cleansed of worry,
you feel the power from above
that offers them the right
to be in love.

There is something beautiful
when two women kiss.
Flowers bloom and muses sing
the songs Sappho wrote
that made her lovers swoon –
and, when they left,
songs of the lovers she would miss.
You see them kiss
and you feel their shining light
you see them awaken spring,
and you feel the serenity
their kiss brings.

So why should you hate a kiss?
How dare you be disgusted by
something so beautiful and powerful –
a love you cannot deny?
How can you feel that rage,
that anger you refuse to hide away
when confronted with a love like this?
You can hide behind your Lord
and your precious holy books,
but hear the gods cry out and muses sing!
They do not care about your proper looks
or the nightmares you wish to bring.

You, of all the people, cannot break us,
for we are standing strong and proud
with ancient forces who support us
who paint us a rainbow
above your dark clouds
For that, you can be certain
that we will praise them loud –
since your god will never love us.

—  Ancient Forces, E. K. Rose

Oh dear, I’m not good at designing offsprings etc, but I’ll try.

I’ve never really thought about this, but I think a tank girl would be pretty cool. I dunno, maybe she’s kind of a dick (since her parents are both assholes), with Bee’s unhealthly confidence and Blitzwing’s rage and condescending nature, who tends to get pissed kinda quickly, who is still very bashful when getting praise. A bit loud, wants to be the center of attention, but rarely is, and when she does get attention, she doesn’t know what to do with it. She’s also convinced that she’s way cooler than Bee and instead of just playing along, Bee takes it very seriously and they try to outmatch each other, even though they’re both average.

I had her with a red paintjob first and I did like that better, but she looked a lot like Cliffjumper then (because of the horns). So there ya go, Lovely Anon!

And I don’t know what faction she’d belong to. I am guessing Autobots, but I honestly don’t know. Maybe she wants to be something special and wants to be her own team, but she’s so bad at everything that she keeps coming back?

Contain Yourself, Oh Sehun! - Sehun x Reader (smut)

You went to a fashion show with Sehun but catch him stare after one of the models.
He has to prove that he only loves u.

(not requested)

Originally posted by laygion

You had dressed up as pretty as you could for the Fashion Show.

But yet you could never compete with your boyfriend, Oh Sehun, who looks too perfect in his deep black suit, but already his handsome face was enough.

“You ready, babe?”, he asked you and planted a sweet kiss on your cheek before you got out of the limousine. 

You nodded and checked your make up the last time. 

“You look beautiful, don’t worry”, he told you and you couldn’t help but smile at him. 

“I love you”, you said back and stole a kiss from him. 

You got out of the car before he could react. 

An explosion of camera lights greeted you and it got worse when the paparazzi saw Sehun, the actually star of the evening.

EXO and a lot of other celebrities were invited to a fashion show and Sehun had asked you to accompany him, promising you that it would be a nice evening. 

You had never attended one before so you did your best to look as good as possible, taking out your best dress. But as soon as you see the other girls who were also there, you felt like you were going down in the crowd. 

Sehun seemed to know what you were thinking and quickly leaned down to give you a kiss on your hair. The flashlights were going crazy by now. 

“You look beautiful, Y/N. Don’t forget that. And I love you”, he whispered to you. 

You nodded once again but a glance to the other girls was enough to make you forget his words instantly. 

“Come on, we have to get in”, he told you and took your hand, leading you down the red carpet. 

Inside, you were greeted by the other EXO members, who looked handsome, too but compared to Sehun… 

“Sehun told me, that you were coming so I managed to reserve a sit for you next to him”, Suho told you with a cheeky wink.

“Thank you”, you said and smiled in gratitude.

“EXO? Please follow me. I’m leading you to your seats”, a worker at the show said to you and you obeyed.

The hall were the show was held was huge and the stage was so large that EXO could all fit on it, even when they were standing next to each other in a line. 

“Are you excited?”, your boyfriend asked you and placed a hand on your thigh.

“Yes, I can’t wait for the show to start”, you answered. 

He flashed you like a proud smile before turning to the stage.

Slowly, the lights went off and soon enough, the first model came out, wearing a breathtaking dress, that you know you could never afford.

“She looks beautiful”, you muttered to yourself. 

The next model came out, looking even better than the one before and the more models appeared, the more you were self-concious of how ordinary you actually looked. Even today, where you felt the prettiest ever. 

You admired the girls for their perfect proportions and their pretty hair, pretty make-up and their flawless, shining skin. They just looked perfect

Suddenly, you felt how Sehun shifted next to you and his hand left your thigh. 

When you looked over, you caught him looking after one of the models and even worse, he licked his lips when he looked her up and down.

Clearly, he was checking out her ass most and his eyes only flickered quickly up to her face before returning to the south again. 

“She’s pretty”, he whispered to Suho, loud enough for you to hear it. 

Great, the whole evening, that was supposed to be “nice” was now the worst you ever had.

You just wanted to get out of here and go home, leaving Sehun alone since he enjoyed these girls much more than you.

His words, “I love you”, “You look beautiful”, suddenly lost all their meanings and felt empty to you. You might be overdramatic right now, but you lost all your self-confidence the second you saw Sehun looking after that girl.

To you relief, the show ended right there and everyone praised the evening with loud clapping, which you joined out of politeness.

“I want to go home, Sehun”, you said quietly. 

Your boyfriend looked over to you. “Why? There’s still the after-party, Y/N.”

“I don’t feel like going anymore”, you answered and avoided his eyes to hide your annoyance from him. You didn’t want to ruin his evening.

“What’s wrong?”, he asked and honest concern was in his voice.

“Nothing… I just.. I don’t want to be here anymore, okay? You could stay if you want to, but… “, most of the people were leaving the hall by now, “I don’t.”

With that, you walked out with the crowds and left a surprised Sehun back. 

You were already outside, waiting for a cab, when he caught up with you. 

“Y/N, tell me. What’s wrong? Why are you leaving already? Did something happen?”, he asked you breathlessly.

You tried not to roll your eyes at his words. He should know exactly what wrong, why you were leaving and that something had happened.

“Let’s talk about it later, when you come home, okay? Enjoy the evening.” Just on time, your cab came and you were about to get in when Sehun grabbed your wrist, stopping you. 

“No, we talk about it now. Come with me”, he demanded and pulled you away from the car.

He didn’t let you go until you were inside again and not even then, until you had found an empty room where you could talk.

There was only a couch, that looked like it hadn’t been touched since millennials otherwise the room was very dessert.

“Y/N, talk to me”, he said you when he sat down next to you.

“Don’t act like you don’t know anything”, you replied, slowly losing your patience.

“I truly don’t know what’s up”, he said like a desperate puppy.

You shot up from the couch, surprising him once again. 

“I saw how you looked at her! How you looked at that model! Especially her so-perfect behind!” Your words exploded out of your mouth and you couldn’t stop them. You could call yourself jealous right now, maybe even over-protective but you felt hurt the most. Since he had promised you it would be a “enjoyable” evening, that you had been really looking forward to.

“Sehun, you don’t have to lie to me about my appearance to make me feel better. If I don’t look good enough for you, then just tell me already instead of lying to me and then looking after these girls”, you accused him. 

By now, Sehun had stood up as well, trying to calm you down. “Y/N, what nonsense are you saying? You know I would never ever lie to you, especially not when it’s about how beautiful you are. And the model I looked after? I admit, I did look at her-”

You interrupted him with a disgusted laughter. “At least you are saying the truth now.”

“BUT I felt nothing. No matter how “So-perfect” her behind might be, nothing on her would ever make me feel anything, no kind of emotion. Not even the slightest”, he continued.

When there was no answer from you, he moved on.

“But you, Y/N, whenever I look at you…”, he paused, trying to sort the flood of words that were about to break the dam. “Whenever I look at you, I feel things that I would never exchange for anything in this world. Only you can make me happy, Y/N, and I’m not talking only about your body, with which no model could ever catch up with anyway -  no, I’m talking about you, you as a person. How only a smile of you could make my day, how a laughter of you sounds like music in my ears.”

He was slowly approaching you, and you were too caught in his words to move away from him. They had caught you in their unescapable spell.

“If you aren’t around, I would rather go blind instead of looking at other girls. Believe me, Y/N, when I’m saying this. When I’m saying that you are everything I need. I would still only look at you in a crowd of billions of models.”

His hands reached out to cup your face and no matter how mad you were at him, you would always crave his touch. They were warm, welcoming, supporting and make you realize that everything he had said, you would have said too to him. 

“I love you and I meant it. I told you not to forget that, Y/N. Never.” With his puppy eyes, he looked into yours and being a cocky guy, he totally ignored your anger towards him and leaned into your lips to steal a kiss. 

Without hesitation, he moved his lips against yours and caressed your soft flesh, occasionally lightly biting down. 

You had lost the control over yourself at some point during the kiss and your lips parted unintentionally, giving him the opportunity to slip in his tongue. You let it explore your wet cavern, taste you and dominating your tongue. 

Even after his speech, you still had questions. Why he was yet looking at her, even when he just said that he would only look at you. If he might got bored of your appearance, even when he just called you beautiful. If he would leave you, when you didn’t look like you were right now, when you got wrinkles and grey hair. 

But his lips that were captivating yours didn’t let you a chance to speak out your thoughts. To catch your breaths, Sehun broke the kiss and opened his eyes. 

“Say something, Y/N. Say, that you forgive me”, he begged. You shook you head in disappointment, shocking him for a split second.

“You have to earn my forgiveness”, you whispered. You knew that you just had the opportunity to say what was on your mind, but you decided against it for some reason. Guess, your heart had taken control over your brain by now.

“Believe me, I will”, he growled lowly and started to devour your lips again. He immediately forced his tongue in you and pushed your whole body against his, while his hands were roaming your body. 

“I will make you never forget how much I love you. How I admire your body. How good you make me feel”, he said and gripped your butt, making you squeak in surprise. 

Moving to your thighs, he lifted you up and instinctively, you wrapped your legs around his waist. 

“Sehun, I’m heavy and my thighs are too big”, you said and he quickly shut you up. 

“They look hella sexy, Y/N”, he replied. “Especially when they are bruised blue and purple.”

He carried you to the couch and threw you on it, making you land on your back with a dull ‘oomph’.

His hands slid up your dress and revealed your soft skin that were hidden underneath it. Wasting no time, he got down on you and started to cover every inch of it with loving kisses, starting from your ankles up to your thighs. 

The nearer he got to the top of your legs, the more you were squirming underneath him, wanting and waiting for him at a certain spot.

Your heart begun to race when you felt how his lips had read your inner thighs, sucking on them sharply to form colorful hickies. Sehun was a sucker for hickies. 

“Sehun, my legs got enough attention”, you said, basically telling him to finally get to the point.

Giving your skin one last soft kiss, he raised his head and met your eyes. “These babies”, his fingers traced over the bruises on your thighs, “will remind you everyday of how much you mean to me. And if they vanish, please tell me.” He ended his sentence with a wink and smirked at you before he kissed you once again.

“I will make sure, when you step out of this room, you will feel the prettiest among these girls, even when you already are”, he told you.

Your dress was occupying him from covering your whole body with hungry kisses, so he moved directly to your weakest spot.

Taking off your panties with only one hand, while the other was caressing your face - your lips, cheeks, leaving no inch out -, he started to rub your clit, slowly and slightly, before accelerating his movements and his thumb was replaced with his whole palm that sent pleasure through your whole body at once. 

“My outfit is sitting too nice right now to take it off. I think, for starters, fingers should be enough”, he said before pushing in two digits, stretching you out too fast. 

“Sehun!”, you gasped and threw your head back, arching your spine, until your front was fully pressed against Sehun’s chest. 


funhaus laughs:

adam: his laugh makes your heart smile because he is sunshine personified. quickly becomes a wheezing giggle-laugh and grasping at the person closest to him

james: head back, loud howling and clapping. a big “HA HA HA” and such a pure smile. always makes the joke funnier by trying to get out more words but cant stop the laughter

bruce: loud laughter that gives angels wings tbh. he just seems to laugh for forever and it sounds so genuine that you cant help but smile because this man is so happy it makes you happy. maybe described as a guffaw???? SO MUCH WHEEZE

lawrence: a low sarcastic sounding chuckle that builds up into full blown laughter. his eyes always crinkle in the cutest way and his big smile is!!!!! perfect!!!!!!! 

joel: bursts into laughter that just gets louder, launching back and clapping. yes pls make my sweet baby laugh for he is the purest wine mom at the country club

spoole: awkward giggling, trying to stifle is laughter. he always sounds so embarrassed????? but in the most adorable way. or hes snickering at one of his own jokes with a cheeky lil smile and covering his mouth like some naughty school boy

matt: hearing matt laugh is a blessing tbh because it happens so rarely but its such a cute quiet chuckle and a perfect half smile. spoole gets proud when he makes peake laugh its like a little achievement (but to me its like the heavens opened and smiled down on me praise him)

elyse: loud giggling. her laughter makes me laugh because she sounds so confident and self assured in herself and is just having such a good time that you gotta join in!!!!!!!!!

Father’s Favorite says:
How could you do this to Father.
Father’s Favorite doesn’t say:
How could you do this to me? / Why- why would you do this to me? You. You have sunk your gelid frost fingers into the structures beneath my skin / pressing your way into my - what, what do those silly humans call it? into my rib cage - into my would be heart / and yet it inflamed me / I felt I contained all of Father’s love in myself and sparked it with fly away flares / brilliance to the dark places Father made and forgot to finish / now you are twisting and your nails are scraping along my bones as you yank and yank / I’m being gutted, choking as a fish on shore my breath being torn out over and over.

Light Bringer says:
How could Father do this to me? / They ran effulgent light streams of love down my cheek / with the same hand that casts me away / I have thrusted obedience at Their  feet / while  They kicked in the cheek that spoke of devotion / They  said I spit out an ugly pitch / now I cannot breath through the blood that is filling the spaces between my teeth.
Light Bringer doesn’t say:
Ask me why I would do it to you. Please.

Father’s Favorite says:
They’re so proud of you and you don’t even know. You should see the way They sighs softly into the star air waiting for you to fly home.
Fathers favorite doesn’t say:
I watched as you molded out of Their hold / wings dripping light / the wax of candles should burn half as much as you to shed true radiance. / I love you more than I have been taught to love humanity / sometimes I  stand on the Earth before it begins to sing, watching you bring wonder in lucent pinpricks of light / myself parted in awe / I would sing your praises twice as loud as the morning bird with a raw bruised voice / if you didn’t do this / if you just wouldn’t leave me.

Light Bringer says:
That is not home. / the incandescence enveloping us all has turned cold in it’s ruthlessness / Their slick steel claws dig into cracks and seek to root me out / there is a cavity in me where They scraped out the broken fragments of a soft flesh / They  leans close, pressing Their ear to lips that do not beg but demand while I cry out pleads of release / why do They hold me except to stop the circulation of my punching heart / Home!  They  have given me a prison / the bars burning my hand and leaving lines of welted regret.
Light Bringer doesn’t say:
And you? Do I make you proud?

Father’s Favorite says: What then? You will abandon us?
Father’s Favorite doesn’t say: You should see the planes of your skin / You should see the way you watch earth as it awakens. You should see the way I watch you. /  Is this how the story will always go? /  I watched you watch Cain kill Abel / I watched you rush to Father’s creations, holding Cain’s head in your hands /  I watched you do that funny thing humans do - I watched you cry - I watched the way you scrabble about in the blood / and grasp clutch him together and scream for help / how the blood stained your wings, your would be hands / how it sunk into your lines and crevices with that awful ugly color / Is that what you will do to me too? Is that what we will keep doing to each other? For a father’s pride? / All the great songs will be sung of us. over and over, how I reached for you in trust and-

Light Bringer says:
Abandon?  You are holding a flaming sword to the stretch of my throat /  and blackening the skin until I run as a frightened animal with wide cut eyes.  / Abandon? I am scrabbling for a purchase in the scintillating kingdom / They  made for every creature but one /  I have already been abandoned. / every time They needle rays of love into the lust / or softness into the bitter snarls of humanity only to pressure my discolored mottles.
Light Bringer doesn’t say:
Not you.

Father’s Favorite says:
Then you are not the brother I thought you.
Father’s Favorite doesn’t say:
But I need you.


On Earth As It Is In Heaven | L.B 

From @discardedtwigs prompt: write a story or poem about mythology without using the words: tragedy, ichor, god, divine, holy, hubris, altar