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5 Things from the TDB Rewatch: Showmance

1. Oh, this is why Finchel came to hold people’s hearts. Look how sweet they are.

I have lots of disjointed thoughts about their dynamic in this episode:

  • When Rachel noticed Finn freaking out about the social suicide of performing Schue’s song, I looked at her and thought, is it possible that she’s thinking of something beyond herself? So much of Rachel’s story is about learning to see herself as more than her talent, but along the way she also slowly becomes “a real girl” by letting others inside,  starting to understand that they are real. I think it starts here.
  • In their conversation in the hallway, Lea’s approach is just so spot on. The little almost imperceptible shake in her voice when Rachel invites Finn to practice with her is just such an aching reminder of adolescence; I can just feel that wanting. And Cory matches her beat for beat. The way he just glows when she praises Finn as a singer. You can see all the tension this boy carries around just fall away. 
  • That picnic on the stage is Rachel’s version of Kurt’s harem room. She knows what she’s doing; this is a seduction. And it’s so ridiculously over-the-top.
  • I think these actors have chemistry, but boy, are these kids plagued by miscommunication (which, after all, is a tried and true way to tell such a story). We know what’s happening with Finn; his problems with premature ejaculation and his shame about that have been shown to the audience, but NOT to Rachel. So she interprets his shame as being about her.

2. “Pretty fly for a white guy.” So when Mercedes says this, Mr. Schue assumes she’s talking about him, right? But she’s talking about Artie. Like, she’s looking at Artie as they sing, not Schue. This tiny moment = Schue’s on his own journey , and is as self-involved as any teen because in reality he IS one, and he still needs to grow up. AND–these 3? Maybe 4, including Kurt? remain invisible to him.

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anonymous asked:

lottie, i need your help. i need more queer ancient greece or rome, or anything ancient literature in my life. i reread the song of achilles lately and now i'm undone again. can you help?


  • Fire From Heaven (book #1 of the Alexander the Great series) is (a) queer and (b) ancient, and I have actually read all of it, and it was GOOD
  • The Last of the Wine I haven’t read, but am planning on reading, and it’s usually the book people mention first when talking about Good Ol’ Mary and Her Gay Greeks
  • The Praise Singer and
  • The King Must Die - as well as its sequel The Bull from the Sea - have all been shelved as either ‘lgbt’ or ‘gay’ on goodreads, but judging from the synopses they’re probably less Central Queer Romance (a la Fire From Heaven and The Last of the Wine) and more It’s Ancient Greece, Of Course It’s A Lil’ Gay
  • leaving Mary behind, Eromenos by Melanie J. MacDonald is a pretty good read about Antinous and Hadrian 
  • The Red Tent by Anita Diamant isn’t queer, but is a book that thoroughly touched me when I fought my way through it as a bébé (literally at least 10 years ago now) and is about Dinah in the Bible so… ancient?

the next period of history I have anything shelved for is the English Civil War, which is a few hundred years too recent. and… ok, I am about to throw you a curveball. are you ready. 

PERCY JACKSON AND THE GODS OF OLYMPUS, HEROES OF OLYMPUS AND THE TRIALS OF APOLLO BY RICK RIORDAN! ancient? no, technically not, they are set in the 21st century. but Greek things? YES. Roman things? YES. QUEER? YES!!! just some fun, easy reads that are educating kids about Greek and Roman gods, engaging adult readers, ripping some fucking yarns and HIGH KEY GROUND BREAKING CHILDREN’S LITERATURE. contains: the greatest (? only???) coming out narrative in a mainstream kids’ series! multiple (!!!) queer characters (kids AND gods)! bisexual god demoted to teenage boy protagonist who won’t shut the fuck up about his ex boyfriend!!! genderfluid trans [crosses every single finger] love interest*!!! 

*ok tbh this series isn’t Greek or Roman and I don’t know how Up Your Alley vikings and shit are or whether they qualify as ‘ancient’, but MAGNUS CHASE AND THE GODS OF ASGARD is fucking LIT. 

so, yes: 6 books and a bunch of kids’ stuff you didn’t ask for. but if we add up the books + this kids’ stuff you didn’t ask for + all possible sequels, I have TECHNICALLY recced you TWENTY-TWO books! HA! 


You’ll never forget this red-suited Christian man singing a praise song in a New Jersey McDonald’s (For a related video, click here


Robb will rule, you will serve. Men will call you a crow. Singers will praise every little thing he does, while your greatest deeds all go unsung. // I keep hearing stories about you, bastard. The way people in the North talk about you, you’re the greatest swordsman who ever walked.


Francis Albert Sinatra was much more than a singer or actor. Very rarely are singers praised for so long since many singers end up being swept under the rug by newer, more hip artists. Sinatra stands out from this crowd because he put every aspect of himself into his music and movies, but that’s not all he did. No. In comparison to the compassion and kindness that he spread throughout his life, his talent is almost minute. His charitable spirit towards children was a large part of that compassion, along with the love he had for his fans and his close friends especially. He brought style and class everywhere he went, even when tabloids and gossips columns tried to tear down his image. He was a fighter of segregation and racism, a man who refused to play in any outlet that treated anyone else different. He was hurt a lot too, the losses he suffered in love was enough to drive him close to the end, and with every loss of his close friends he carried that sorrow forever. I find my life parelleling with his sometimes, so I look up to him with great respect and compassion. So Happy 101st B-Day Frank, I know you’re having a swinging time.


            It’s been four years since Frank Ocean’s debut album channel orange was released, loved & critically acclaimed world wide in July 2012. On Saturday, August 20 Frank Ocean surprised millions with his follow up sophomore release Blonde. Less than twenty four hours later another version of the album is released alonside a 365 page Magazine titled Boys Don’t Cry.

            While anyone can purchase the album digitally via Apple music select fans can purchase the album physically with a copy of the Boys don’t cry zine. In the Magazine fans will find photography captured by Frank Ocean, horoscopes, interviews featuring Frank’s mother and bay area rapper Lil B, poems and raps by Frank Ocean and fellow artist & art phenomenon Kanye West and a physical copy of the newest album: Blonde. The Magazine as of now is only available for purchase through surprise pop-up shops located in Los Angeles, Chicago, New York and London.

          When Frank Ocean first took to Tumblr to announce the album it was stated the release would be within the month of July 2015. As time passed and no music was released fans around the world were excited as ever. Following July 2015 Frank Ocean would stay silent creating while every digital outlet possible would release fabricated dates claiming them as official album release days. Dates  such as August 07, September 11, October 09, December 11, January 2016, March 25, June 03 and July 2016 were all supposedly “promising” dates from theses sites and outlets But again, all days would come and go with no new music from the highly praised Grammy award winning singer.

          Aside from guest appearances on albums such as Magna Carta Holy Grail by Jay-Z, Paradise Valley by John Mayer, BEYONCÉ by Beyoncé, The Life of Pablo by Kanye West and Wolf by longtime friend Tyler, The Creator the world had no new music to connect to; at least until the release of Endless. Friday August 19th Frank Ocean released a visual album titled Endless featuring 45 minutes of music (12 songs and interludes) over a black-and-white film of Frank himself building furniture in a warehouse. The Film shot by Francisco Soriano, (the same director behind the video of Frank Ocean’s Lost, a previous record from Channel Orange) would go on to be highly praised and loved by fans and newcomers alike.

          With The release of Endless fans flocked to social media to share the film and rejoice in new music. Within the next 48 hours Frank Ocean would again shock fans and digital outlets with the release of two more albums Blond & and the release of Boys Don’t cry Magazine. With his newest projects Frank embarks on a more stripped down, minimalistic soulful sound. The album feels completely stripped down, featuring little to no drums, waves of guitars, pianos, and slight glitches flourished with his voice in command at the forefront of every track. Though listed on Apple as a “pop” record, Blonde is truly a boundary pushing album showcasing diversity, lyricism, and a sound that’s possibly knocking on the door of a new genre all together. Lyrically Frank stays true to himself and doesn’t waste a breath; every song is as meaningful & poetic as it is melodic; touching on topics of love, racism, equality. Frank’s talent of providing vivid scenes of imagery is once again laced through every track, just as it was on Channel Orange.

        With the performance Frank provides on both Endless and Blonde with contributing artists such as Beyoncé, Pharrell, Kendrick Lamar, Andre 3000, The Beatles, James Blake, Rick Rubin, and Tyler, the creator this album screams longevity in a generation of recyclable music playlists.

Say My Name | Requested JiHope Smut

I didn’t check this for any mistakes because it is getting late and I swore I would post it today. I’m sorry. This is my first smut and it’s kind of obvious that I normally write angst yik es. But anyway, here is some of my otp for anonymous. :3

Word Count: 1509

Description: Jimin can’t hide this crush anymore.


Jimin loved the way his name sounded sliding off of Hoseok’s tongue. The singer wasn’t quite sure when his infatuation with his hyung had begun. He assumed that it had probably been in the practice room; the way that Hoseok moved so fluidly had struck him. Since then, Jimin thought about his hyung constantly. His hope, his angel, he knew that when Hoseok said those things they were meant for the Army but, God, did Jimin wish they were about him.


His head snapped up from where he had been staring into his lap. Their leader, Namjoon, glaring down at him from above.

“What’s gotten to you?“Joonie asked, Jimin could hear the genuine concern beneath his harsh tone. “It’s eleven pm; you need sleep, kid.”

“Sorry, Hyung,” Jimin responded, his voice cracking and Namjoon chuckled. Namjoon could be intimidating, Jimin being the smallest in the group with Namjoon the tallest, but Jimin loved him. Seokjin and Namjoon were the parents of the group, and they still denied anything and called themselves heterosexual even though all of the other members knew what was happening when they were in the office together.

Jimin waited for some time in the practice room after the leader had left. He stared at his reflection in mirrors. He wasn’t confident in himself. He was aware that most people thought that Jungkook was the best vocalist, Jin the visual, V’s voice was incredibly unique, Hobi danced, and Jimin couldn’t rap to save his life. He thought that he could be replaced any moment and the Bangtan Boys would function just as usual. He wasn’t going to let himself get too upset over it all, though. There was one thing that he adored about himself: Hoseok thought he was the cutest thing. Jimin wasn’t sure that Hoseok was romantically or sexually attracted to him or if he was even gay at all, but he definitely knew that he was Hobi’s favorite and that caused butterflies in his stomach.

Jimin got up to leave, Joonie was right about him needing sleep. As he was getting his things together, he heard the door to the practice room open. He turned to face it, expecting Rap Monster to had come back to remind him to go again. Instead, he found Hoseok standing there, small strands of hair sticking with sweat to his forehead and his chest clearly visible through his shirt.

“Jiminnie,” Hoseok said, trying to show his excitement through his exhaustion. “I just got back from the gym, I left something here.”

Jimin looked around the room for something he may have forgotten. One of Hobi’s shirts was laying in the ground across the room. As Hoseok got to it, he took off the shirt he was already wearing to change into his clean one. Jimin’s breath caught in his throat. Fuck. Jimin was trying to restrain himself. The discomfort in his joggers increasing every second he look at the perfect lines of Hoseok’s back. He attempted to clear his throat but a high-pitched, airy squeak was the only sound he could make. That sound alone caught Hoseok’s attention.

“Jimin?” Hoseok asked, turning to face the younger. “Are you sick?” Jimin loved how he cared enough to ask though the sound he made was hardly a cough.

“I’m fine. Thank you, hyung,” his voice sounded small. He put his everything into to not moving his thighs and creating friction.

“Let me see you,” Hoseok walked towards him, worry written all over his face. Jimin tried to turn from his hyung before he grabbed him by the shoulders. Hoseok look over him before placing a hand on his head.

“Oh, Jiminnie, you’re burning up.” Hobi pulled Jimin in for a tight hug. Jimin tried to keep the distance between their hips but couldn’t. Hoseok pulled away quickly. “I-I,” he stuttered. “Is that from me?”

“Fuck,” Jimin didn’t bother to just say it to himself this time. If Hoseok hadn’t known about Jimin’s adoration of him he knew now. “Hyung,” he said, obviously embarrassed. He buried his face in his small hands, tempted to tear his hair out. “Hyung I’m sorry.” He was shaking.

He flinched at the contact on his shoulder. He looked up as Hoseok’s eyes met him. Their faces were close now, foreheads almost touching. “I gave you that, didn’t I, Park Jimin,” Hoseok’s tone had changed from concern to lust. Jimin nodded in response. He didn’t have time to react when his hyung forced their bodies together. Hoseok nipped at Jimin’s neck and he moaned loudly. The beautiful sound echoed off of the mirrored walls. “You like that?” Hoseok asked. His heart shaped lips sucked a small bruise into the younger’s skin. Jimin pulled back, the pressure of his member against his underwear was too uncomfortable now. As he removed his bottoms Hoseok say down in front of one of the mirrors and removed his own pants. Jimin got on top of, straddling his waist with his legs. Their kissing was hot and passionate but also rough; Hoseok left small raised bites on Jimin’s plump lips. They had both still had their underwear on but Hoseok was just as hard as Jimin now. The younger had no experience in any sort of gay relationship, perhaps it was the practice he had in dance but he knew exactly how to move his hips into his hyung’s and get fantastic sounds from him.

“Ah fuck,” Hoseok would say between sharp breaths. “How long were you going to wait to tell me about this?”

“I didn’t think you would feel the same,” Jimin stopped his movements to answer.

“Fuck Jimin, I’ve wanted to be inside of you since the day I met you.” Hoseok began taking off his shirt and Jimin did the same.

The thin cloths between them were wet with precum. Jimin was still on top of Hoseok but had stopped grinding. He tried to seem confident but was terrified of sex with another man.

“You haven’t done this before, Jiminnie. I can tell,” Hobi finally spoke. “Don’t worry, baby, let me do the work this time.”

Hoseok ran his finger nails down Jimin’s defined chest and stomach. He was always impressed by how Jimin was so muscular for his small size. As he ran his fingers down the younger’s v-line, he felt Jimin tense beneath him. “Jimin, we can stop if you aren’t ready, okay?”

“No, hyung, keep going,” Jimin pushed himself onto Hoseok’s crotch and he gasped.

Hoseok wrapped his long fingers around the elastic of Jimin’s underwear. He slip them down his thigh and was surprised. Jimin was particularly long, but Christ was he thick. A few strokes from Hobi had Jimin’s eyes tightly shut and his nails digging into Hoseok’s shoulders.

“We’re going to start, okay, baby?” Hobi only wanted for Jimin to be comfortable for this. “If I hurt you please tell me, please.” Hoseok wanted more than anything to be inside of Jimin, but at the same time, he praised the young singer and would hate himself if he injured him.

The lack of lube was a slight problem. Hoseok moistened his index finger with Jimin’s precum and ran it along the younger’s entrance. Jimin tensed, the feeling was new, but pleasant. As he relaxed Hoseok continued to slide inside.

Jimin struggled to say something but could only manage moans and gasps as Hoseok pumped his finger in and out. It was initially uncomfortable but now was only euphoric. Hoseok added a second, there was a burning sensation this time, but that again faded to pleasure.

Jimin lifted himself off of his hyung, hovering over him as Hoseok removed his own underwear. His member sprung up, touching his stomach. “Ready?” Jimin nodded. Hoseok had both hands on Jimin’s waist and slowly pushed into him.

“Hyung, hyung, it hurts,” Jimin said, burying his face into Hoseok’s chest.

Hoseok froze. He struggled to hold back tears. “We’ll stop.” He wasn’t sure how to pull out without hurting him further.

“No, keep going. I trust, hyung. You won’t hurt me bad.”

Hoseok made eye contact as he pushed in more. Seeing Jimin cringe was terrible for him, but he was overwhelmed with happiness when Jimin relaxed and returned to moaning. He moved in and out, at first slowly with Jimin holding him against his chest, then much faster. The room was perfectly made to amplify to skin slapping and their desperate groans and gasps.

Jimin had never felt this before. He had had sex with woman before, but this feeling was entirely new. It wasn’t limited to his dick only but to his stomach and back as well. It stuck nerves he didn’t know he had. He felt himself getting close. “Hyung, I’m close.”

“Me too baby boy.” Hoseok began thrusting faster as he came into Jimin. Jimin followed shortly after. They sat panting for what seemed like hours before Jimin rose off of him.

“Hyung,” Jimin said.

“Jimin?” Hoseok was still in heaven from his orgasm.

“I love when you say my name.”


Oh boy if you made it this far bless your soul. I don’t have any new things to work on so request away!

John Winchester wasn’t the “father of the year” material. He dumped a lot on a very young Dean, treated Dean as a soldier, kept a lot of secrets from his sons, and generally, by today’ standards, could have been called abusive.

Yet, he sold his soul for Dean, he was the only one who sacrificed himself for Dean in any capacity, while fully knowing that he would rot in hell forever. Yeah, you could argue that he was selfish in doing this, or he dumped Sam’s fate on Dean. Then, again, you could also argue how John’s parenting methods, however controversial, became necessary only because Mary made a demonic deal in the first place.

Bobby handled Sam with kid-gloves, he gave Dean a lot of “tough-love” talks all the while proclaiming Dean his favorite. He called Dean a “whiny princess” for daring to express hurt over getting strangled by Sam, yet, he held Sam responsible for soulless Sam’s actions (attempted murder of Bobby) in S6. When Dean(And Sam) were fighting a war against Heaven and Hell in S5, Bobby was very much drowning in self-pity. He got angry with Dean for the S3 deal, yet he went and made a deal with Crowley for selfish reasons and then later blamed Winchesters for not helping him.

In fact, just follow the pattern of how Bobby treated Dean v/s how Bobby treated Sam over the years, inspect the “tell” part or read the scripts and tell me if he wasn’t a writer insert or Sam fanboy. In his last appearance (S10, inside man) he practically gave Sam the “you are the best-est of best my boy” speech via a letter.

Yet, the fandom generally loves to praise Bobby Singer to death(omg, he’s their surrogate father), while villainizing John Winchester beyond belief. Part of this is agenda driven(There is a lot of “meta” on how John beat the “gay” out of Dean, yeah), but some of these are not. I’m not a John fan, and I know that the man had lots of flaws(I could write a book on that), but the degree to which the truths get distorted is, frankly, amazing.

Harry Styles addresses his sexuality: 'Everyone should just be who they want to be'

Harry Styles may be one of the most eligible men in pop music but the singer refuses to be drawn on his sexuality. It comes after the 23-year-old appeared to admit using his previous romance with Taylor Swift as inspiration for songs on his self-titled debut album.

In a candid interview with The Sun, the One Direction singer praises pop stars like Miley Cyrus for transcending labels and being open about her pansexuality. Styles said: “Being in a creative field, it’s important to be ­progressive. People doing stuff like that is great. It’s weird for me – everyone should just be who they want to be. It’s tough to justify somebody having to answer to someone else about stuff like that.”

When asked if he has labelled his own sexuality, Styles stated: “No, I’ve never felt the need to really. I don’t feel like it’s something I’ve ever felt like I have to explain about myself.”

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Perhaps keen to focus on his successful solo career, Styles also revealed he is not using dating app Tinder.The British singer has been linked to several high-profile women over the last seven years, including Caroline Flack and Kendall Jenner. More recently has been said to be dating food blogger Tess Ward.

Reflecting on the public interest in his personal life, Styles said: “You just learn. It’s part of growing up. When we started I was 16. I’ve kind of learnt what makes me feel uncomfortable. That stuff to me doesn’t feel like ­anything I’ve had to explain.”

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Since the release of his eponymous album on 12 May, fans have played detective to determine whether the tracks Ever Since New York and Two Ghosts are indeed written about his former girlfriend Swift, whom he dated briefly in 2012. Suggestive lyrics on Two Ghosts include: “Same lips red, same eyes blue/ Same white shirt, couple more tattoos/But it’s not you, and it’s not me.”

Most popular: Harry Styles reveals regret over former One Direction bandmate Zayn Malik’s eating disorder

Appearing to confirm Swift as his muse for the song, Styles told Radio 1 Breakfast Show host Nick Grimshaw: “I think it’s pretty self-explanatory. I think, you know, it’s about sometimes things change and you can be, you know, do all the same things, and sometimes it’s just different. You know?”

Harry Styles’ solo album also features the songs Sign Of The Times and Carolina, and is expected to be a contender for the new number one in the UK.

Listen to Harry Styles’ Two Ghosts:

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“Hello, I’m a GOT7 fan who came to this year’s MAMA. Other fans have praised the singers’ stages quite a lot so I’m gonna do it to. I was standing in front of Jimin during BTS’ intro stage. Jungkook came out at the center? stage but I couldn’t see him well, so I just looked ahead. Suddenly two people came out in front of me. One was wearing a blindfold while the other grabbed his hands and led him to his position. He cupped the blindfolded one’s face, said something and then went to the other position, standing there waiting. Turns out it was Jimin and J-hope. At that time, I could feel that this group really trust and count on each other a lot.”

(this was posted on GOT7′s Chinese fancafe, possibly from a Baidu Bar)



A lord’s one thing, a king’s another. They will garb your brother Robb in silks, satins, and velvets of a hundred different colors, while you live and die in black ringmail. He will wed some beautiful princess and father sons on her. You’ll have no wife, nor will you ever hold a child of your own blood in your arms. Robb will rule, you will serve. Men will call you a crow. Him they’ll call `Your Grace’. Singers will praise every little thing he does, while your greatest deeds all go unsung. Tell me that none of this troubles you, Jon… and I’ll name you a liar, and know I have the truth of it.

> Seungkwan got casted through a video on the internet of him singing.  (And if any of you have tried to record yourselves singing, you’d know that unless you use prof. equipment, certain notes get lost/aren’t able to be heard. That’s how good he is at singing.) 

> Was given offers by multiple companies. Not only that, he’s one of the youngest members and at the time he received these offers he was extremely young. Again, that’s how good he is at singing.

> Seungkwan is always the one to go and try to cheer other members up

> Seungkwan is soft and warm. This isn’t a verified fact but I’m telling you he is.

> often tells his coworkers he loves them, he’s proud of them, etc. Is very affectionate. 

> Sometimes certain things are said/done to the Chinese members, especially Minghao. Usually these things are subtle (Micro aggressions)
If Seungkwan catches on early enough, he tries to stop it and reassure them in small ways that they’re doing great.

> literally remembers every member’s birthday 

> Seungkwan once went camping with the rest of the members. During that time, Dino couldn’t go to his own school’s vacation, so Seungkwan + the other members chose this time to make it feel like a good vacation for him. By the end of the trip, they were all closer.

> #rapgod Boo Seungkwan 

> Once, he kept fighting with the other members. He realized he was just sensitive from stress, and felt so bad he went and did all the laundry. 

> Even though he’s one of the youngest members, he doesn’t really view himself as one? He often looks at Dino + Vernon with concern and care because they’re young even though…he’s just as young as them… 

> Is always worried about his dancing, wants to become better at dancing so that he can choreograph something too. Feels bad about it. 

> LOVES HIS MOTHER SO MUCH. Has a lot of respect and admiration for his mother, despite the fact that some fans make fun of him for it. 

> Seems to have a lot of respect and admiration for adults/parents in general. Cried when meeting Dino’s dad, praises older singers, is one of the first to bow, etc. 

> Works very hard to learn other languages, even though he could probably get by only knowing one

> Was teaching himself/taught? himself how to play the piano so he could have  a duet with Woozi

> His weight is a sensitive topic that keeps getting brought back up. Both fans and occasionally other members/MCs make fun of his weight. It’s obvious he’s insecure about it, is always frantic to show others he lost weight, gets this sad look on his face when he is made fun of, etc. Even when older friends and family members tell him he’s fine, he’s still stressed out about it. 

> loves the rain

> Has a lot of pride in who he is and where he’s from. It’d be very easy for him to make fun of his home to try and fit in and gain favor, instead he praises Jeju island and its people as much as he can. 

> Wants to be good at everything. Doesn’t see himself as charismatic or as good at singing as Hoshi and Woozi, despite being on their level. 

> wants to be as generous as he can and loves helping others

> is afraid of not getting attention like 

> just 

> know 

> Boo Seungkwan is just trying his best all the time please love him

guess i’ll go sit with drum boy, at least he’ll know how to hit

au by me and kanginfucker

the characterizations are super weird this time sorry :/

rating: pg-16
word count: 3000
pairing: yoonseok, side minjoon
warnings: a couple slurs, mentions of drinking, mentions of sex

hoseok is a drummer in a shitty band and yoongi likes him anyways

yoongi is definitely drunk when he mumbles, “who’s the hottie on the drums.” he would never use the term ‘hottie’ sober. the drummer has been going for a solid seven minutes straight, and the other two members look a little confused, bouncing weakly to the beat waiting for him to finish. yoongi assumes it’s another unplanned drum solo. there have been four since he got his first shot.

“you can buy him a beer,” the bartender offers. someone - a regular - three stools away comments that it happens all the time. another guy at the counter adds, in a tone that yoongi immediately decides he hates, that usually the band member will come and give you a special thanks.

he doesn’t want that, but he impulsively agrees and buys the drummer both a beer and a shot, since yoongi can’t know his preferences. making decisions drunk is never a good idea, and he only regrets it more when the set ends and someone takes the purchased drinks up to their recipient. the guy follows the bartender’s finger, pointing to yoongi, and waves towards him with the beer in hand, wearing the biggest, cutest, goddamn smile yoongi has ever seen.

he pays his tab and leaves before the drummer can get off stage.

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Today, I fucked up... by praising Satan outside McDonalds

So I had to do some shopping and went out and did just that. On my way home, I was really craving one of those sausage and egg mcmuffin things, so I stopped by McDonalds. The drive through was packed and there were few people inside, so I just got down. Placed my order and waited while I drank about half a large cup’s worth of Dr. Pepper. This is where my fuck up began. The server called out my order and I picked it up, refilled my drink and walked out. Remember the half cup’s worth of Dr. Pepper? Well all that carbonation was coming up for a huge burp. I was getting ready to let it out, when for some reason I thought it would be really amusing to do my best black metal band impersonation and say “Praise Satan” while having a loud nasty burp. As soon as i finished my praising of our dark lord and savior I kinda grinned to myself for a job well done and noticed a happy little family staring at me with looks of disbelief and the wife clutching a rosary to her chest. I live in a predominantly Hispanic and Catholic area so I was not surprised, but still. I felt like a dick.

TL:DR drank lots of soda, had to burp, wanted to sound like a metal singer, burped “Praise Satan”, scared poor mexican family.

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I few weeks back I talked about this idea for a jasico fic and despite my better judgement I actually wrote quite a bit about it. It also falls into the weeklypjoprompts so now I’m completely enabled to post it.

Nico left Jason’s things beside the bed as he settled down. He was turning to go to his own cot when a cold hand grabbed his wrist.

“Nico? Could you— stay?”

He felt his heart jump. “You want me to…?”

“Can we? Like when we were kids?”

Nico blinked, trying to erase the image of how the moonlight had traced Jason’s figure in the windowsill, how the heavy and embroidered coat fell over his shoulders. “Yes, yes of course”

He removed his jacket, his shoes and lay beside him, tugging at the covers. Thanks to the light filtering from the window he could see Jason’s eyes, the slight tremble of his lips.

“Are you okay?”

“Ye–Yes, it’s just—”, he shook his head and Nico noticed a glint around his ear. “It’s feel surreal, I mean— I guess I was starting to lose hope”

“I’m so sorry, I should have reached you long ago”

Jason smiled, his eyebrows twisted. “It’s not your fault, Nico. I don’t think I will have enough lifetimes to thank you, really”

He felt his chest constricting. “You don’t have to. Even if Bianca hadn’t asked me I wouldn’t have stayed still until we found you”

The lines on his forehead disappeared somewhat. “Thank you”

They fell silent, Nico trying not to be too obvious about his constant glances to his face. He had been dumbstruck when he saw him before during the day and having him so close made him notice more details, more clues of whatever had happened during his capture. His face and arms where more tanned, the contrast with his blond hair even more apparent. His locks were almost white, like the reflection of the sun in the sand. He was contemplating how long it was when he looked at his ears again. Gold and zaffre.

“Are you wearing earrings?”

Jason immediately covered his ear with his hand. “Yes, they– they were persistent into convincing me to adopt some traditions”

Nico wondered if he was blushing, he was gonna miss how easy it was to tell when Jason had paler cheeks.

“It’s okay, they– they look nice”, they looked foreign on Jason, at least for their standard, but the gold and lapis lazuli complimented his eyes, Nico wouldn’t dispute that.

“Thanks”, Jason glanced down and he could see his eyelashes, silver in the moonlight. Nico swallowed, his throat feeling like sandpaper.

He looked different, an apparition from another world, his beauty completely exposed. Celebrated, polished, like a crown jewel. Jason hadn’t been like that at court, he had a different kind of grace, a subtle whisper of beauty that you could sometimes see a glimpse of in the way his arms moved, how his lips curved in a genuine smile.

Nico wasn’t prepared for it. Even though his limbs had tightened in rage when he saw him being forced to parade his talents, seen only as an entertainment, he had been speechless, in awe of how much he had transformed into something out of a fairy tale. He pressed his lips into a harsh line. Didn’t that make him the same as the patrons, as the man that had bought him?


He looked up, finding uncertain sky blue eyes. “… yes?”

Jason worried his lips. “How is Thalia?”

“Thalia is well. She’s obsessed in finding you and she’s trying get her hands on the most amount of national affairs she can”, Nico smiled. “She’s just as sharp and as stubborn as when you last saw her, and Reyna has been helping her”

The lost prince blinked and finally his features smoothed out, smile soft and tender on his face. Nico felt his heart jump to his throat.

“That’s great, I’m glad”, Jason’s eyes followed the lines of his face and Nico thanked that he had inherited the calm mask of his father. “How are your sisters? Is Hazel still painting?”

“They’re fine, Hazel has already filled at least half a wing of the palace with her work. She’s visiting the East to learn new techniques”, he smiled, unable to keep his adoration from leaking into his words. “Bianca is trying to convince Father that she’s perfectly capable of ruling without having to marry”

Jason chuckled. “That sounds like Bianca”, he pressed his cheek to the pillow. “Thalia is probably going to do the same”

“I think she was the one who encouraged it”

He rolled his eyes. “Of course”

They remained silent for a few heartbeats, their exchange so domestic and familiar they finally seemed to be able to see past the traces of time. Jason scooted closer, his hair falling a bit over his eyes.

“I’m so glad it was you who found me, Nico”, he parted his lips, took a breath. “It was so unreal I started panicking about how I would explain myself if someone actually came to take me back, how would they react when they saw me”

Nico searched for his hand and gripped it tightly. “You did what you needed to survive”, his words were solid and fervent and they made Jason inhale sharply. “You kept your integrity during this whole thing, you were smart about it. You are still you, Jason”

Jason felt like someone had finally opened the cage that was his chest and had to squeeze his eyes shut. “Thank you, Nico”

He gulped, overwhelmed by how Jason was trying to keep it all in. “Plus, it’s not something you hadn’t done before, right? You always sang for the Queen and the court”

He chuckled, a bit broken. “Yes. Yes, I guess so”

“Did they– did they try to–”, but he caught himself, cursing his curiosity. Jason opened his eyes but looked at their joined hands, tracing lazy circles over his skin.

“Never”, and there was only certainty and honesty in his tone and Nico felt like he could breathe again. “He knew who I was from the very beginning, he was perfectly civil, sharp but always polite. He made sure I was comfortable and dissuaded anyone who could have any other motives besides hearing me sing”

Jason shook his head, frowning. “He was always a step ahead of me, I tried to search for any kind of chink in the armor but I couldn’t find anything. He was careful to control with whom I interacted and how much information I received”, he pressed his lips into a tight line. “I couldn’t get out on my own”

“Hey”, he tugged him closer, forcing him to meet his gaze. “You are not weak, or less brilliant because you couldn’t solve this on your own, okay? You kept yourself together”, he licked his lips, and tried for softer. “You were very brave”

Jason’s eyes searched his face, his eyebrows still knitted together and when he found no lie his shoulders relaxed, suddenly pliable under Nico’s hands.

“Thank you”

He clenched down the impulse to hug him tight. “Come one, let’s go to sleep. We have a long journey tomorrow”   

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Niall’s Image

Niall’s unique brand of being underappreciated and misunderstood stems from being ignored.  He’s the type people don’t even realize they’re passing over because the mindset is so pervasive and subtle.  

The willingness to casually dismiss and misrepresent Niall in the fandom can be seen through many seemingly insignificant behaviors.  Please think twice before you:

Make Jokes

  • Make Niall the butt of unflattering or offensive jokes.
  • Make jokes where Niall is portrayed with negative or passive traits.
  • Reblog the above jokes.

Feed Stereotypes

  • Feature Niall’s stereotyped traits without giving equal attention to his other traits.
  • Twist context in order to make a situation fit stereotypes about Niall.
  • Decide to use a flat, one dimensional characterization for Niall when writing fanfiction.

Do Analysis

  • Post assumptions about Niall without doing research and observing him first.
  • Summarily dismiss the opinions of those who regularly pay attention to Niall.
  • Make assumptions about how the press has historically reported about Niall without checking past patterns.
  • Post anything negative about Niall without first making sure your opinion is backed up by facts.
  • Think that rather than being subject to the entertainment industry fuckery just like any other celebrity, things involving Niall happen because that’s just how Niall is.


  • Discount Niall when considering the big picture around the band.
  • Talk or think about Niall only in relation to one of the other members.
  • Pay attention to Niall only when it has to do with another member or when he’s involved in a scandal.
  • Disregard Niall’s talent as a vocalist and musician.
  • Minimize any part of Niall that isn’t convenient to the story around one or more of the other members.
  • Perpetuate the idea that he’s drama-free, having no issues of his own.


  • Automatically believe what the press writes about Niall.
  • Believe rumors you can’t verify for yourself about Niall.
  • Decide Niall is straight while preaching that you can’t assume people’s sexualities.
  • Claim Niall is private as a way to explain why you didn’t know things about him. 
  • Assume Niall is always the one using his social media while pointing out the times when another member’s social media is managed.

If you need specific examples of these things or want to know more about why so many fewer can see past his simplified stereotype than can see past for the other boys, read on.

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